Cute 50+ 22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself

Cute 50+ 22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself

It’s hard to believe it has been 22 years since you were born and became the youngest person in your family. Today, you are a respectable adult, who respects the rules and responsibilities of society. You’re no longer that rowdy little child who terrorized your neighborhood with toilet paper and garbage bags.  As you reflect on the time that has passed, it is wonderful to note that you have overcome some of your challenges and have learned some important life lessons.

Hitting 22 is a moment to be celebrated. It means you’re officially an adult! This is a big milestone and should probably be commemorated. You’ve made it this far! All of your hard work has paid off and you made it to 22 years old! WOW, what a blessing you have given your parents. To celebrate this prestigious moment, here are some hilarious pictures for your “22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself”.

22nd Birthday is the day you arrive in the top half of the adult age bracket. If you have an eye for beauty and a watch on your health, you’re all set to get busy and do something with your life. You might be wondering what captions could best fit this day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered or you can continue reading for some cute captions.

  1. Today I turn 22. Thank you for making me feel like a star everywhere I go.
  2. Today we celebrate the 22 years that you were born into this beautiful world. Hope you have a happy birthday.
  3. To all my friends who came to this party, we love you. Thank you for coming out. We’re celebrating the best way we know how: bringing youth to a park in Newark in a time when most people are sitting on the internet
  4. Thank you for sharing my special day with me. I hope I can be as wonderful and happy as you have always been in your life #22
  5. We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re in the prime of our lives. 🥂
  6. Happy birthday to me! It’s time to celebrate the best year of my life. I feel #blessed for all the opportunities and friendships that have accompanied my first two decades on this earth. My heart is bursting, and I am
  7. Happy Birthday to me! I’m so old!
  8. I’m older than I was yesterday, yet younger than I will be tomorrow. Happy birthday to me! 🎂
  9. To celebrate my 22nd birthday on a trip with friends in Canada ☀✈️ #dd22 #birthdayvibes
  10. Happy 22nd birthday to me, myself, and who can’t stop buying a basketball hoop to hang in my bedroom.
  11. Life is getting sweeter each year—and this one is my best yet. #22 #birthdaygirl #bday
  12. Birthdays are about celebrating the fact that you’ve made it this far and that you have a lot of years ahead of you—and plenty more to come.
  13. Happy birthday to me. 🎉 Wishing you the happiest year ahead! I’ll treat it as a big present and open it up nice and slow. #funnybirthdayquote
  14. Happy 22nd Birthday to me! Let’s drink a classic. Feels good to be 22. May this year be as cool as those who see the future with wide eyes and endless wonder. Here’s to 22 years of being able to get drinks
  15. Happy Birthday to the longest 22 years of my life. I’ve laughed, cried, and grown so much as a person this past year. And I can’t wait to have many more!
  16. Happy 22nd to me! What an epic year it’s been, and it’s just getting better. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me grow throughout this journey. Appreciate you all so much, here’s to a great
  17. I’m 22 and I feel like I’m just now becoming the person that I want to be.
  18. Happy Birthday to me! I’m officially a year older and wiser 😃 (and also, I guess, more legal)
  19. This is a prime number; I can’t wait to party.😃 #birthday A number that relates to how old you are that celebrates your birth #happybirthday
  20. When I was 22, all I wanted for my birthday was a 22. But life had different plans. It took me years to realize that it is through these years that I became, ME. Keep growing and learning and trying to be better every day!
  21. Happy birthday. We are excited to see all that you have to offer in the years to come. ✌ ☀ #22YearsYoung
  22. Being 22 is one of those years that you will never forget for as long as you live. It’s a milestone, and of course, it’s a year filled with memories that you, your parents, and everyone who knows you would later look
  23. Happy birthday to the most amazing 22-year old I know.
  24. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Chuck, Happy Birthday To Me. 22 candles to blow and I’m blowing them all for myself.
  25. Happy birthday to the greatest me I could ever be. 22 has been so good- I love you #merylstreep #girlsnightout #hbd
  26. Happy Birthday to me! 22 is going to be a good year.
  27. Friends are like bras: close to your heart, supportive, always there for you, and free of charge. Happy 22nd birthday!
  28. Amelia says happy birthday to me for the 22nd year in a row. This is my favorite one yet. 😊 Love you so much, Mommy! 🥰 #22yearsold #iloveyoumommy
  29. Happy 22nd birthday to the best man we know—to our son Lewis.
  30. To be 22, in love, & so excited about the future 💕
  31. 22 isn’t just a number. It’s the beginning of my forever year. Happy birthday to me!
  32. To my 22 years, I’m going to be a great one.
  33. This birthday, I’m going to work on the best version of myself. 🎈 #22
  34. Bravo, me. I have friends who are the same age as me who still live at home with their parents and I’ve already accomplished so much in my life. And all of you celebrating my birthday with me helped me accomplish a lot too! Thank you.
  35. Happy Birthday to my amazing older sister, who’s done more for me than anyone else on this planet! Love you!! 🙂
  36. Happy 22nd Birthday to my favorite person in the whole world!!! 🎉
  37. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!”
  38. Still as weird and awkward today as I was at 16. Hopefully, a little less broke too hahaha #22yearsold
  39. You’re absolutely right. You’ll never look back on your 21s with regret because, in them, you gave your 20s everything you had.
  40. Life is too short to worry about what other people think while you celebrate the most amazing year of your life.
  41. Happy 22nd birthday to me. Time flies when you’re having fun! 🎉
  42. It’s hard to believe my sweet boy is 22 today. Time sure flies 🚀
  43. Happy birthday to me! I hope my next 22 years are as good as the first … or better!
  44. Time is flying, can’t believe I’m 22. Feeling grateful and blessed for another year of life experience! 🎂🎉
  45. Happy Birthday to my one and only baby. I never could have imagined what growing up together would look like. But it’s been better than anything I could have ever imagined. #happybirthdaytome #22ndbirthday
  46. Today I have turned 22 years old. What a time to be alive! And I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many great people.
  47. Happy 22nd birthday to me! 🎂 Since it’s my birthday today, that means I can stay out past curfew and binge-watch my favorite shows all day.
  48. There’re 22 years of memories behind me and 22 years ahead of me. I wonder what’ll happen. #22yearslater
  49. It’s been 22 years since my parents brought me into this world and gave me a life worth living. Here’s to another 22 years of laughter, tears, joy, and love. I love you mom and dad and thank you for this gift of
  50. Happy early 22nd bday to me 🎈 I’m going to be a year older this year than last 😂22nd Birthday Captions for Yourself
  51. OMG, I can’t believe I’m 22 today! Where did the time go? Hooray! 🎉
  52. Think of all that time you’ve wasted in the last 22 years? All those moments that could have been a little bit better, a little bit more fun. If you aren’t doing it now, things are about to change.
  53. Today I started my 22nd year of life without doctors 🎉🎉 Happy birthday to me 😎
  54. It’s great to be 22, if only for a moment and if only in your dreams.
  55. Happy freaking birthday to me! I’m turning 22 and celebrating how awesome it is to love myself, be proud of who I’ve become, and excited for everything my future holds. It’s time to accept my awesomeness.
  56. To 22 years of friendship, fun, and adventure. You know you don’t have to remind us of your greatness. We already know! 😁
  57. Happy Birthday to my best friend, you embody all of my values – for that and so much more, I love you.
  58. Cheers to accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves at this age. #22yearsofsuccess
  59. Hello, world! Let’s do this. I’m turning 22 today and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. Here’s to my 22 years, I hope they are as exciting as they almost were.
  60. Life doesn’t begin at twenty-two, but it sure seems to start getting interesting around here. Happy 22nd birthday to me! 🤩
  61. You’ve been counting down the days until you can kick start this #adult life, and now that you’re 22, it’s time to celebrate 🎉 How will you celebrate getting older?
  62. Happy Birthday to me. Time for cake and (the forever) best gift of all: the grown-up version of myself.
  63. I’m wishing I was a little bit taller, I’m wishing I was a baller… #HappyBirthdayToMe 👸🏽
  64. Happy 22nd birthday, to me. I’ve been waiting for this day since…so three years ago! Can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun. Anyway my point is that turning 22 is a big deal
  65. Hey, it’s me. I’m 22 and I’m so excited to be alive and to see what the future holds for me.
  66. Been 22 for 15 minutes and I feel like I’m on top of the world!
  67. Every moment spent with you is a beautiful memory that I’ll cherish forever. #HappyBirthdayToMe
  68. Happy Birthday to one of the best, most loving humans I know! You’re 22!! Shoutout to your parents.
  69. I’m 22 and i still act like i’m 10. Last day of my 20s was the best day of my life. I have never been more myself than i am today🤘🏼
  70. Can’t believe it’s been 22 years since my last birthday. Hullaballo!
  71. Its my birthday and I’ll give myself a caption if I want to. #captions #happybirthday
  72. Uh-oh… if you’re reading this then it’s probably your birthday or you have a friend’s birthday coming up. I love to give cards and gifts, but sometimes I just want to say congratulations on your moment.
  73. Happy birthday to me. I hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself. Cheers!
  74. Today I celebrate the 22nd Birthday of me. And since there is no party to go to, I’ll just dance through this evening in my head. Here’s a list of 22 things I wish for myself on this special day
  75. Here’s to 22 years filled with love, laughter, and the overwhelming joy that only your best friends can bring. May these next four decades be just as eventful. Happy Birthday!
  76. Your 22nd year of life is one to be celebrated. 22 wishes that only you can grant, because no one knows better than you
  77. I decided to give myself the gift of turning 22. And I’m deciding that means it’s my time to shine bright and live an awesome life.
  78. Happiest of Birthdays to my favorite human on Earth: ME!
  79. Enjoying the last stretch of my 22nd year—maybe just a little more than the rest ☀️❤️✨
  80. This year just gets better and better. Looking forward to everything that’s ahead, especially #22!
  81. I’ve loved every minute of being 22. Looking forward to and sharing in more love, laughter, and memories with those I cherish most!
  82. Happy 22nd birthday to the girl who has taken me for this long. 😊 I love you more than you’ll ever know 🖤🍔
  83. It’s been 22 years full of moments I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, kind and funny self from myself.
  84. Happy 22nd Birthday to me, and every other person that just feels like they turned 22. 🎂👰☮️
  85. Today I’m celebrating my 22nd birthday. Could you believe my whole life just started to go up and down? I feel like I have a lot of skills but I’m pretty sure that the skill that is most developed in me
  86. Being 22 has got me feeling all nostalgic about my twenties. I cannot wait for what this year has in store ✈️🌍
  87. Sweet 22!  Here’s to you, big boy. So much living yet to do…
  88. Happy Birthday to my best friend and most loyal sidekick! I look forward to more chapters of our life. Cheers to the next 22 (but who’s counting, really) 👑
  89. Life is short. Make the most out of every moment. Happy 22nd birthday to me! #selfbirthday
  90. Today I’m celebrating my 22nd year of being awesome.
  91. Happy 22nd to me! 🤟👀😍 I hope you’re enjoying the day as much as I am, I can’t wait for all the adventures that are going to come in this next year and beyond.
  92. Happy 22nd Birthday. You’ve done it (almost)! It’s your birthday, but it’s also a huge milestone because you’ve made it this far in growing into who you are supposed to be… and there’s so much more to come!
  93. Happy 22nd to my best friend, I’ve never been more proud of you than I am right now, as you embark on this journey into adulthood 🙂
  94. The best birthday present you can give yourself on your 22nd birthday is celebration.
  95. It’s the final night of the year that you were born (hopefully). Maybe reminisce with a drink from your favorite bar, or a movie from one of your favorite childhood films. Just make tonight extra special.
  96. On the 22nd day of February, my life became complete and I no longer had to read numberless lists on the internet to find 22nd birthday captions.
  97. My 22 years on this earth have been incredible. I learned and learned a lot. I did and did a lot too. But most importantly, I loved and I loved…
  98. __Today is your day, you deserve it. You deserve to enjoy everything that falls in your path and celebrate with all your heart. Happy birthday my friend- you are always going to be young at heart, staying young forever.
  99. Happy Birthday, Dearest. You’re 22 and you look great! You deserve a lot of happiness in your life!
  100. Happy 22nd birthday to me. Thanks everyone for always being here with me, you all mean so much 😊

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