Best 90 Football Captions for Instagram

The Football Season is here, and from now until February 6, the only thing that’s going to matter will be football. Football is a contact sport where players are always looking for an edge to get an advantage over the opponent. Captains are vital to good sports teams. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can become a football caption.


Football Captions


1. You shouldn’t miss out on the fun because you can’t see the game. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch your favorite matchups on any screen, including your phone, tablet, laptop, and smart TV.

2. It’s weird being on the west coast and not watching football games that start at 1 pm. It feels like all the good ones are starting when I’m going to sleep. #noflagsfootball

3. Sitting here at Wembley Stadium in London ✨ , enjoying the calm before the storm. NFL regular-season game day is upon us.

4. Whether it’s the big game or a family night in, we have all the team spirit you need. (link)

5. Playing in the #NFL is an honor and a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Celebrating it

6. Your commitment to sport and style is a sight for sore eyes. Score with some fresh threads

7. The Road to the Super Bowl” runs through #Dallas, TX. Be there at the opening weekend of NFL football on Thursday, September 6! Enter to win tickets to the Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys game by

8. You never lose the game – if you are on the winning side. Have a great season ahead.

9. When the best team wins, it’s not the sweat but the swagger.

10. Hello, Sunday. It’s going to be a great week. 🍁 #footballseason

11. Nothing like the smell of a fresh football field in the fall weather.

12. Here’s to the NFL teams who made it to the Super Bowl, and here’s to the teams who will be there next year.

13. Wilson has you covered with all the essentials for your game day.

14. Recruit of the week: Celebrate fall and win football tickets while supporting the Los Angeles Rams. Shop NFL PrimeTime, NFL Kickoff Week, NFL Score, and more.

15. Fall has arrived, complete with college football and tailgating 😎. Bundle up and get ready for a great season!

16. Week 4 of the NFL season is here! Which teams will come out on top?

17. Some ideas for feel-good football captions

18. Shoutout to Sundays. The best day of the week. And this fully loaded apple pie, the best food of the week. @ _unicornvomit_ #nfl #football

19. Celebrating a major @xxxxxxx with my favorite hometown @xxxxxxxx fans at Ford Field last night,” says the @x

20. Want a tight end? Nxxxxxxxxx  problem. We’re here. Proud to partner with the @xxx to support communities where we live and work. Building stronger teams are more than wins and losses; it’s about giving back—to our community and our country 🇺🇸 #morethanaw

21. We’re bringing the real-time highlights from every game straight to your timeline. Be right back; gotta catch the end of the 👏 👏game.

22. It’s game day. Let the weekend begin.

23. Proceed to next season. #SBLIII

24. It’s game day, be ready to roll #GoLions. 🦁

25. Inspired by the Super Bowl, captions for Mark’s Athletic gear

26. Glad to see you are a football fan. Enjoy the game tonight!

27. Time to hit the gridiron! Go Pats, Go!

28. Where it’s ok to eat pizza and watch football at the same time 🍕 #football #footballsunday #sundayfunday #nfl #afc #nfc ##nationalfootballleague

29. Watching football is about more than sitting on the couch with a six-pack and a bag of chips. It’s about the company you keep, the food you eat, the beverages you drink, the vibe you give off. Was there

30. TOUCHDOWN! No caption is needed for this one.

31. It’s game day. Win or lose, let’s always do our best. And have the best snacks.

32. Because this season deserves to be celebrated with an NFL party on Sunday, have a great tailgate!

33. Playing our hardest in the fall so you can enjoy our best in the spring.

34. The first game of the season is finally here! We’re going to need a few extra hands to win this baby. Who’s in?

35. April is the cruelest month when football fever takes a break. But we have just what you need to spread the joy of football all year long* and make your home a place where everyone wants to be — even Mondays.

36. Hey NFL, we will never love any football team the way we love you.

37. When you’re so excited about football starting that you do a touchdown dance in the middle of the store. 😂

38. Get hyped for the #SuperBowl, February 3 on NBC! @xxxx

39. This is the season of joy. The playoffs. The championship. And most importantly, your fantasy football team #fantasyfootball

40. Super Bowl LI is calling. # UpForWhatever

41. Two game-winning drives, and the Falcons get to 2-0. Let’s finish strong @xxxxxxxx #GoFalcons 🦅

42. The best moments aren’t planned—so make every day game day.

43. Off to the national championship game #GoHornets

44. Fall is officially here. This is the time of year for cheering on your favorite team, eating stadium food, and of course, tailgating. ☂️🍊

45. We’re proud to offer Fantasy football in Canada. Be a part of the #1 fantasy football game in the world on your platform of choice—desktop, app, or tablet 😉 #FantasyFootball


Football Captions


46. Smaller, faster, stronger. It’s football season, and we’re ready to tackle anything that comes our way. #SundayMorning ⚽️ Football season is around the corner, and these legendary season moments make it one of the best times to be a sports fan.

47. I can’t wait until the fall, and my favorite team starts playing again. It’s football season!

48. 🗣️Alright, let’s get to it—time to play some football.

49. Now that’s the way you run the rock. Go @x #playxxxxxxxxxx offs

50. Once a Philadelphia Eagles fan, always a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I bleed green.

51. That moment when you’re enjoying an afternoon at TD Place, and someone from the opposing team hands you a drumstick. 🦃🍗

52. Tailgating is a favorite pastime during football season, and here’s where the new Fan Deck can come in handy. It holds up to 80 cards and has a spot to hold your beer too! And don’t

53. For most of my life, I hated football. Now, it’s all I want to watch.

54. Are you ready? Football is back.

55. We’re not just in the business of selling football. We’re in the business of selling hope. for a better America 🇺🇸 #NFL

56. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 62nd Annual Football Spectacular

57. Looking forward to the Super Bowl with my @xxxxxxxxx friends! Who did you get? 😏

58. I’m pumped for another amazing season in Seattle! Thank you, fans. #GoHawks rise and grind #goalpost #football #😎

59. Game Day. Here we go. *clap clap-clap-clap*

60. Like a battering ram, he’s come crashing through the line towards NFL greatness.

61. Seeing red, and blue, and green. The energy, the beats, the highs, and lows, it’s game day. Buckle up. It’s gonna be a ride.

62. Fuller, faster, stronger. Welcome to the # Seahawks’ most refined team yet. Schmeckt’s! 🎥 #HereWeGo

63. It’s the little details that matter. Here at Nike, we try and see things differently to make them better. Check out our story to learn more about how we’re designing the future of football.

64. This autumnal air is the perfect time for a little football.

65. Let the games begin! #NFLFootball

66. Do your thing, score some touchdowns, and sport this fall essential.

67. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Let’s play ball.

68. No matter the sidelines, we’re all team on the team—six-pack or twelve-pack. Let’s get it.

69. WOW. That was an INTENSELY CRAZY game! I can’t wait to see what happens next #goals.

70. Everybody loves the Patriots. Especially when they’re winning, and they’ve won for a long time. To be a fan, you have to accept certain things. The tuck rule. The blown call in the Broncos game. That Broncos game last season

71. Hi Mom, I’m going to have a homecoming like never before. #Homequo

72. It’s game day; the biggest rivalry in college football is this Saturday #

73. All rise and shine early for Sunday football. #gameday

74. Whether you’re a fan of the pigskin or a fan of the panini, football season is that time of year when we all just want to sit back and watch a game. Here’s to the season that brings friends and

75. It’s the most wonderful time of the year; it’s the NFL season. Watch our fantasy league and root for your favorite team!

76. The noise, the color, the drama. Whether you’re in the stadium or in front of your TV, there’s no denying football season is upon us.

77. Super Bowl Champs! Another ring, another title, and probably a lot more confetti! Congratulations to the @xxxxxxxx on their epic comeback. 🏆 #SB51

78. A family of rebels 🖤 A League of Our Own.

79. Go hard or go home: @xxxxxxxxxxxxx 🏆 #HeismanTrophy “#IOWASTrong” – @xxxxxxxx

80. We are two minutes away from kickoff, and I am going to celebrate each of these last two minutes.

81. Oh, how we love you, football season. We would love to see you more than just once a year. #sadness

82. Getting ready for some football tonight

83. Simply the best. The 2018-2019 NFL season is here, and so are we. It’s Game Time.

84. The best part of Thanksgiving? You guessed it—sitting on the couch and watching football all day. Luckily we have family-sized holiday flavors to keep you fueled for the big game.

85. Ahead of the first game this year, we’re so proud to support our flag and anthem and all veterans who fought and died for it. God bless America ✊ #ProFootballHOF #SaluteToService #VeteransDay

86. We are the champions. The champions of the world!!!‍♂️🏆 #Champs #Superbowl

87. Are you a rooster? You wouldn’t be if you had one of these. Drink where the Roosters Play.

88. Running for miles and miles and never get tired, yeah, we love this life. One more touchdown to go!

89. Buzzzzz! Pre-game on.

90. Forever my favorite sport, the ocean 🏊 #dreambig #oceanracing

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