50 Best Dog Captions for Instagram

50 Best Dog Captions for Instagram

Best Dog Captions for Instagram

A dog portrait tends to be a great marketing tool for many types of businesses ranging from photographers or businesses that sell products targeting dog lovers. Learning how to take a great dog photo can be quite technical and difficult, especially under pressure when the model is not cooperating. Using the right Instagram captions for dogs, you can get far better results when posting your pictures online. Some people might think that there isn’t much difference between using a regular caption and an Instagram caption, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

We all love showing off our dogs on social media and social networks, and now more than ever there are some great platforms for doing just that. Instagram does a great job at providing you with the tools to create cool dog captions for any photo you post of your dog.

Dog lovers have all the fun. We get to run around with our dogs, take photos, and post them on Instagram. But picking out a caption to go with these photos can be tricky. There are so many awesome dog captions that are perfect for Instagram!

Once you get a dog, you’ll start to see the world through their cute little eyes. They have baby faces and big heads and they get stuck in all the wrong places. You’ll find yourself trying to capture these moments on camera when you’re out on walks or at home, which is why it’s a good idea to come up with.

Gramming your pictures of your dog is incredibly fun and surely, with the best dog captions, it can be more lovable. There is nothing bad in sharing happiness, joy, and love by uploading your dog’s pictures on Instagram telling stories about them. Here are over 50 best captions for dog photos on Instagram.


  1. If you don’t have a dog, adopt one! If you already have one, hug it! 🐶 #dogsofinstagram #dadsofinstagram
  2. Live for those late-night meetings in the office when your human brings you along… #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog
  3. My new dog has an Instagram account. I don’t know what to tell people about it because it’s just pictures of his food.
  4. Let us count the ways that dogs make our lives better.
  5. Letting us take your dog is like letting us borrow a piece of your soul. We and your dog will do our best to take good care of it. Keep on taking picture of that adorable little devil with our #Kodakpics tag
  6. #NationalHotDogDay is a thing. We’re really into it 😋
  7. The best dogs are the ones you can take absolutely anywhere. Dogs make our lives better 💗
  8. Fun fact: dogs don’t actually have collar bones. But they do have a cool little secret that helps them jump high and run faster. Learn more at chewy.com/dogbone ⠀⠀⠀⠀
  9. I’m so lucky I get to call you my puppy 🐾
  10. Our dog has one ear he loves to show off, but then the other ear is his #privateear 😉
  11. These are all the pics I have of my dog. 😂
  12. When you are in a relationship with a dog for more than 3 years #spoilt#dogs #dogstagram #igers#instapuppy
  13. Three simple rules: 1. Be Kind – Always be kind to your dog and others around you. 2. Treat Your Dog – Give your dog a treat every time they do something right or whenever they deserve one! 3. Have Fun – Spend your time wisely.
  14. Anyone else out there loves when your puppy has a bath, so you can play with it afterward and they get all soapy? #puppylove
  15. What do you feed a dog that brings you your slippers? Someone who steals your heart. 😍 #dogsofinstagram
  16. I feel so lucky to be spending the day with you. #nationaldogsittingday
  17. I love summer, but I’m ready for the beach to start smelling like a wet dog instead of sunscreen.‭ ‬#dogsofinstagram‬ ‭#loveyourbestfriend #ilovemydog‬
  18. Keep calm and pet me. _(^^)/ * * #dog #love #instagram #photooftheday #pup #animals
  19. There’s nothing more refreshing than a Pit Bull on a hot day.
  20. Dogs don’t need complex introductions. Their one-liners speak for themselves. #NationalPuppyDay
  21. Let your dog have its day––🐶, not you. I mean, if they want to walk around town in a costume, let ‘em! 😮😆
  22. That moment when you realize that your dog is the longest pup in your pack. #dachshundsofinstagram
  23. Taking every step as if it’s your first time. #happydog #smilingdog
  24. There is nothing like the feeling of opening your front door to an excited puppy greeting you with unbridled joy 🐶 #dogsofinstagram
  25. Pouring out a little extra love today for all of our furry friends. #NationalDogDay
  26. A photo of a good dog caption can have a significant impact on the general public as well as the immediate community.
  27. Alright, alright. We get it. You’re cute. But be warned: pets are always watching you. ⚠️ #dog #pup #pet #animal #cutestdogintheworld
  28. Treat a dog, Or lose a friend. #dogsofinstagram
  29. This is my happy place: hanging out with my pups and a good book. But, you can’t take just one cat picture anywhere!
  30. What summer has taught us so far: that we all need a good nap and some floppy ears to hug at the end of the day. Happy #NationalDogDay 🐶
  31. We love all the dogs in our lives, big and small. Sniff, sniff. Happy National Dog Day!
  32. Bringing the dog out in me 🐶 #dogsofinstagram
  33. There are few moments in this world lovelier than looking into the eyes of a dog. #dog #doglife
  34. My dog. My best year yet. #HappyNewYear
  35. Show us how you unwind after a long day with your pups, we’d love to see you.
  36. I’ve been posting so many photos of you in your cute sweater, but I know it’s not as cute as your naturally fluffy self. #instadog #instagramdog
  37. I’m not a person, I’m a dog person. ☺️
  38. A dog can bring so much happiness and laughter into your world. They are perfect always.
  39. If my dog can’t go, I’m not going either.
  40. You’re a good dog. And you’ll always be a good boy, yeah, yeah, yeah!#dog #jazz
  41. There is nothing like the simple joy of a dog 🐶!
  42. Happy 10th birthday to my best dog in the world 🐶. Now back to your 2-year nap schedule #doglife
  43. This is the face my dog makes when he thinks I’ve been ignoring him 😪 🐶 #doggy #face #instadog
  44. Ever wonder what your dog is searching for when he looks down at your phone? #ftp
  45. Wearing my dog.
  46. Happy dogs are the best kind of dogs #sunnyday
  47. “Did you know dogs are more accepting of humans than humans care of themselves?”
  48. My dogs are my furry babies.
  49. C’mon dog, let’s go to the dog park – that’s the funniest place on Earth.
  50. Getting my puppy fix at the dog park.
  51. Let the puppy dog eyes begin! 🐶
  52. Bolstering is the best and most adorable way to hold a puppy.
  53. Whoever said it’s puppy dog eyes, obviously has never seen the human version😍
  54. Let sleeping dogs lie 🐶 .
  55. I like to run at the park when I’m happy to see you #cutedog #dog #adventure #friendship
  56. It’s #NationalDogDay, so we want to recognize the dudes and dudettes who make life better 🐕
  57. This is us getting ready to board our flight to the Sunshine State. 🤘
  58. 🐶 The only thing better than a walk is a walk with you. #DogsRule
  59. My favorite part of any dog photo is the tiny paw.
  60. It’s always a good day when you get to spend it with your best friend 🐶
  61. Your best friend is your access pass to all sorts of adventures and experiences you don’t have without them.
  62. What could be better than a #doglife? A #doglifestyle! Let’s be honest: we all want to be the dog.
  63. 🐕Dog is man’s best friend.
  64. A dog is a bundle of love wrapped in fur.
  65. Dog training is a fun lesson in attention, kindness, and patience.
  66. Don’t overthink your dog’s behavior; trained properly are the best.
  67. Saying this all summer had us saying, “woof.” This #HumpDay is dedicated to dogs. 🤗
  68. Lover of all things dogs
  69. Been trying to get her to stop all day ☹️ #goofball
  70. Only real dogs appreciate seeing their own reflection in the mirror 🐶 #dogstagram
  71. We wouldn’t be us without you, so thank you! A series of pics where their customers are featured with their best dog.
  72. _(pet name) went trick or treating last night but I don’t know where he brought all the candy 🎃 #dogsofinstagram
  73. I’m so glad we got to meet you today! Happy #NationalDogDay ! @nationaldogday
  74. This is the part of the day when I have to wrap you up in this blanket but then you knock it off and want to play. #chillpup
  75. It’s not about where the road takes you so much as about who you’re with when you’re on it. . . . #theroadismyhome #dogsofinstagram
  76. My life empty without you in it. #DogsAreLife
  77. Happy #NationalDogDay! Big Mama says, “let’s celebrate this glorious day by snuggling on the couch and watching some TV. 😊🐶😍
  78. A good boy is waiting for you at home. #dogsofinstagram #goodboy #dogstagram #cutedog #puppy ## puppy
  79. Puppy footprints imprinted in the sand. 🐕 #morningwalk #instapet #dogoftheday
  80. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. And it’s not just dogs that are doing the eating.
  81. I don’t always lead a dog’s life, but when I do, my dog goes with me.
  82. These are some of the most amazing dogs in the world. And I’m not just biased because they’re my kids. This is a fact. #bffs
  83. “Dogs make us better humans. They don’t care if we are rich or poor, smart or dull…They don’t care about racism or feminism, or our disabilities, religion, or politics. If we decide to show
  84. Petting dogs is scientifically proven to promote relaxation and I’m all about that 🐶💤
  85. The dog is my copilot. A dog is my best friend. Dog gives me unconditional love and loyalty that I give back to him with gratefulness and joy.
  86. To me, you are perfect. To someone else, you are a star. To everyone you meet, you are a reminder that we need to be our best selves every day.
  87. When you wake up from your nap and realize that it’s still dark out, go crawl in bed with your humans.–The Dogist
  88. 🐶💙Happy birthday to my fur baby!!! She’s such a good girl and she has the best personality. I’m so thankful that I have her as my dog. I just love her so much and if I could
  89. A furry friend who loves playing fetch as much as this guy does…Doggo, got anything to throw?
  90. “I would climb mountains, swim oceans, and fight bears to spend just one more day with my Sweet Pea. I’m so glad you came into my life 🐶.”
  91. It’s never a bad day when you’ve got your best bark buddy by your side ☝🏼 #frenchie #frenchbulldog
  92. Show your dog a good time by shooting some hoops 🏀
  93. Your puppy will always be a puppy if you don’t teach it how to be a dog. #always #dogtraining
  94. You can always ask some dogs to do tricks, but you can’t ask them to be quiet.
  95. He walks, he talks, he plays ball. He’s the perfect dog for Instagram pictures. #instagramdog
  96. My dog has no idea that she’s a dog. #dog #petsofinstagram #lookoftheday #cutedog #cutepet ##
  97. When the day is long, but you’re still having fun 🐶#fido #instagram #dogsofinstagram #doglover ##puppies ##dogs ##petstagram
  98. Our doggie loves splashing in the water, just like these cuties 🐾 #dogdaysofsummer
  99. Summer is almost over, but these dogs sure know how to make the most of it 🐶. . . #dogsofinstagram #dachshundoftheday #doxiepics #weirddogsofinst
  100. You can’t buy happiness… but you can buy a dog, and that’s kind of the same thing.

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