50 Captions for Family Selfie

50 Captions for Family Selfie

The family selfie is a photo of a family taken by a member of the family or by others showing the family together and posted to social media.  In the 21st century, the term is usually applied to self-portraits taken with a smartphone or tablet, typically of a parent with one or more of their children, but it is also applied to group photos taken by professional photographers.

Of course, the quality of the photo you post matters, but that’s not all: there are a few specific types of photos that get more attention than others.

A family selfie is an interesting concept: it is a photo that is made by a family, where the subjects of the photo are all family members. The term ‘family photo’ is also used, but ‘family selfie’ can be used to describe a photo where the family members are in a more casual setting.

You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to Instagram, it’s almost always true—and not just because you can caption your photos with a thousand words (if you so choose). Your photos are what get you more likes, more followers, and more views, so they’re worth a lot more than just a thousand words.

Taking a family selfie is something of a pastime for a lot of people. A time for them to smile, and laugh, and be goofy with those they care about most. It’s a yesteryear phenomenon that’s still going strong today. And it’s not just for the holiday season, either. It’s a great way to show our family what we’ve been up to (or, more often than not, what they’ve been up to without us) without having to spend a lot of time on what would otherwise be a lot of typing. So, whether you’re taking a selfie with your siblings, your parents, or your best friends, remember this: you’re not alone. It’s something worthy.

Here are hundred tips to help you out on Instagram Captions for Family Selfie:

  1. Family selfie 💖  You have so much to show for #loveyourselfie
  2. We had some trouble getting our act together for this photo. 😬 📸 #familyselfie
  3. Still smiling after this weekend’s family reunion ❤️❤️ #selfie
  4. Family is everything. Happy #worldfamilyday! #worldfamilyphotoawards2016 #winning 📷
  5. Selfie is life.
  6. Come and take a family selfie with us this summer.   #familyselfie
  7. Selfie time is family time, and those are the moments to remember. Happy Father’s Day! 😍 #familyselfie
  8. We’re a family of fun! Thanks to Mom for this fun selfie we did together. I love you #familyselfie 😍💗👫😘
  9. Looking good family #selfie
  10. This is it. Our life, in front of our eyes. And we can’t get enough. #familyselfie
  11. 💕📷 It’s selfie time ☺️🤳 #cookingwithfamily #familytime ##
  12. What a happy family photo it is!
  13. My family is my backbone. So thankful to have these beauties in my life. #myfamily #familyvalue
  14. Sharing this pic of my family while we wait for for👉Santa🎅. Happy holidays from our family of 4✨ #christmas #
  15. A family selfie, at the grocery store. Cause of the week 🤔😂 #selfiefamilyselfie#familyandselfie #family #beautiful #grocerystore
  16. When you take that perfect family selfie, but everyone is looking at the camera and smiling except for one person. #selfie #family #addme #cute
  17. That awkward moment when you realize that it’s time to take a family selfie. #fbf
  18. Crystal Cove, California. Family selfie time!☀ #nofilter ##
  19. Life is short, but it’s even shorter without a good selfie.
  20. Selfies are fine, but there’s no substitute for a great portrait. 📸
  21. Family selfie——–Hahahaha! Hope all mothers’ day is full of laughter with family!
  22. The last weekend of summer is here! What are your plans #FamilySelfieMoments 🌻
  23. Here’s a selfie that can only mean one thing…it’s family picture day. #FamilyPictureDay
  24. We are so glad this family selfie did not end with a severed foot.
  25. We think the garden is even more beautiful from this angle… #familyselfie #outdoors
  26. Families that withstood the test & joy. We made it through! #familyselfie
  27. Selfie ✔︎ Family ✔︎ Love ✔︎ for the best memories.
  28. The family that selfies sticks together stays together. 😉 #familyselfie
  29. We’re pretty sure we can take a family selfie that will last a lifetime. Happy Family Day from all of us to all of you. #FamilyDay2016
  30. Family selfie is the best photo op. Thanks for being so fun to hang out with 😘👪 #familyselfie
  31. Taking a selfie with the fam bam before grandma starts cooking. 😎👨‍👦🏻👱🏻‍♀️ #familyselfie
  32. I’ll take one for the team 📸 #familyselfie
  33. Family selfie.  Family of four, making memories on vacation before baby sister gets here 😊👶🏻
  34. Family selfie at the best place on earth may not be earth, but it’ll work.
  35. Headed to the cherry blossom festival with this adorable crew 🐝 #familyselfie #family #saturdaymorning
  36. Family’s are things you make, not things that make you 💕
  37. Loving this beautiful family of mine and the gift they bring to my life. #LoveMyFamily
  38. Everyone was so busy taking selfies that we forgot to take a family photo. lol #familyselfie #sugarsnapchat
  39. Perfect weather for a perfect family selfie.
  40. I’m taking over the family selfie today.
  41. My daughters make me smile every day with their silly laughs #momselfie.
  42. There’s not enough time in the day to love all my families. #foreverfamilies
  43. Friends don’t let friends miss a Family Selfie.
  44. Family selfie before the holiday. How do we look? 😎
  45. Maybe everyone is overreacting. We’re good kids who like to have fun. #familyselfie
  46. ✨☀️🌸💐 A little selfie (with a little help from my big kids!) for #NationalFamilySelfieDay.
  47. Get excited for family dinner with a selfie with Mom, Dad, baby, and everyone in the house. 😁🍿 #
  48. Remember when you took a family selfie together and thought to yourself, “this is the best day of my life”?
  49. Don’t tell me not to smile—I’m in a relationship with my camera. #sisterlove
  50. It’s fun to see the world through the eyes of our kids. They believe good things happen all the time, and we want to believe it too.☀️📸Captions for Family Selfie
  51. That last selfie we took was good, but you know what? This one is just a little better 😎👍 #HolidaysWithFamily.
  52. This is Us. We were made for good, and they were made for us. Stay beautiful.
  53. One where everyone is home and happy, snapping a pic.
  54. Now that the sun is finally here, I’m going to pull out all my summer clothes and wear them non-stop for the next 10 months. 😍
  55. Time to join the selfie fun! Share your #FAMILYselfie 📸
  56. Family matters. Selfie matters too.
  57. Here’s to summer sunsets, family adventures, and rediscovering our own backyard. 🌅🏖 #familyselfie
  58. Selfie game on point 👌❤️💕
  59. It wasn’t a great idea in the beginning but the end result was a beautiful family portrait _*☺♡☆.˜´¯
  60. Fun times with my family 💛
  61. The whole #blessed thing is getting out of hand, but we’ve got no complaints with our little family. 😊☀️
  62. Family selfie 💕 [ Dad ] “Family is our favorite thing to photograph. We love capturing precious moments like this!
  63. Family is where our story begins ❤️ #FamilySelfie
  64. Hello family, how’s it going? #familyselfie
  65. My favorite selfie of all time. #familyselfie #happyfamily #besttimeever
  66. Hanging out with them is always a blast, and is my favorite thing to do when I’m home. #FamilySelfie
  67. Happiest of holidays from our adventure family to yours, filled with love 💕🎁☀🎅🏿 #familyselfie #selfie
  68. Loved spending time in Santa Barbara celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary 🍰💕 #babyselfie
  69. Family is everything. It’s our tribe, our support system, our north star. I believe that when you surround yourself with the people you love most, it opens up the world to all of the opportunities and possibilities out there for you,
  70. Family selfie- it’s all about us. 😘 #familyselfie #selfiefamily #selfie #beautiful #photooftheday
  71. Family selfie, right in the kitchen. Let’s see those smiles! #family#selfie
  72. It’s a selfie stick! It’s a family! #familyselfie
  73. I don’t need a magazine when I have this family. This is my #SummerSelfie  📷 📸 #FamilySelfie
  74. My family and I, love you all. 😘 #familyselfie
  75. It’s hard to beat a good selfie with your loved ones. #instafamily
  76. Let’s have a family selfie today. Everyone looks at the camera and say Cheese!
  77. Family photos don’t have to be a big production. Keep it simple and enjoy your life together!
  78. Nothing like some quality time with my dad! ❤️️ #selfie
  79. Family of 5 ☘️ We are strong, we are proud, and we will make it through this thing called life.
  80. A sweet snapshot of our family at the beach this Christmas 🌄 #familyselfie #familyandselfie #beautifulselfie #familylikestoeatmacaroni
  81. Let’s take a selfie for a family tree, the family picture we took.
  82. Today’s Selfie with the clan.😍💞
  83. Our family selfie game is strong. 😉
  84. Love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.#love#family#selfie #cute #smile
  85. Another family selfie because we’re so cute. #almostgoodenoughforthis
  86. There are so many reasons to squeeze every last second with your family out here, but here’s one of them 👫👬💛💚 #selfiesunday #latergram #familyfun
  87. Thinking of you today and always. #FamilySelfie #SelfieForFamily
  88. I am surrounded by beautiful souls. 😍 #familyselfie
  89. We think pizza should be enjoyed with the people you love.  #familyselfie
  90. Family selfie time with the fam. (P.S. those are my real curls) 😉
  91. “Thankful for all the amazing faces I see and people who make them.” – #familyselfie
  92. I’ve got my ~*squad*~, it’s my family of 4. #MySquad #FamilySelfie
  93. Throwback to earlier this year when this little lady took her very first Selfie with the help of Grandma 😌📸 #memories
  94. Can’t wait for some quality time with the kiddos! ☀️ #selfie
  95. This one’s for you. For real, you’re the greatest 💛 #familyselfie
  96. I took a selfie and the whole family got in on it. #familyselfie
  97. Beautiful moment with my family #selfie
  98. The best kind of picture to take is when everyone is laughing 😉
  99. Family is everything. #familyselfie
  100. The family that selfie sticks together, stays together 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #familyselfie #selfieforfamily

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