Top 50+ Cricket Quotes Captions for Instagram

Top 50+ Cricket Quotes Captions for Instagram

What is your favorite cricketer? Cricket is the game of the young and also youngsters like to follow their favorite cricket stars. So if you’re a cricket enthusiast and always have an idea to quote or say something related to cricket, then you can use the following sweet quotes about cricket for Instagram captions.

Whatever you call, it’s a test of your skills. Through cricket, some people have become legends, and some became a failure. Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, it is the most popular game in India, and every spectator wants to watch it live. Cricket is not only a game but also a religion which is famous in many countries and nations. If you are one of those cricket-crazy fellows then it is for sure that you will love these Cricket Quotes Captions for Instagram.

Cricket is the greatest game ever played. This sport has passion, class, and pride in winning. There are some quotations related to cricket that can be used as Instagram captions too. So whatever you do, just keep your head held high because Cricket is not just a game but a way of life and it will stay like that forever.

  1. Just a couple of months ago, I watched a cricket game with my father. That game made me fall in love with the sport and I started playing it myself. #LikeFatherLikeSon
  2. Cricket is not just a sport, cricket is not just a religion in India, but it’s a way of life. – Amitabh Bachchan
  3. It’s not cricket——trust us. Because we reached one in a billion to bring you a shorter, squarer version of the sport. Watch live on ♻️ ESPN+
  4. Cricket is the biggest sport in India. With a howling scream of ‘lelo’, Indian batsmen run down the pitch and hit the ball with full force. Some of them go for sixes and get electric applause from the fans.
  5. If you want to hit the ball, there is nothing which will give you greater help than to watch cricket.
  6. The resilience of the Afghan national cricket team inspires us to be relentless in our pursuit of this vision: to create a world where youth have the opportunities they need to succeed.
  7. ️Keep this going! #ICCWorldCup
  8. Cricket is the game national sport, and patriotism in this country. It brings people together, and millions of Indians keep up with international games on TV or radio. And even though the major part of India doesn’t have the opportunity to play this beautiful
  9. Afternoon baseball game with some buds ☀ #cricket #CricketQuotes
  10. Go out there and get em🦌
  11. “All I really want is the freedom to do what the heck I want.” ― Nina Simone #cricketquotes
  12. Swinging into your mentions with a picture of the coolest insect that’ll be in your bucket list. #cricket #insect
  13. Why hike to the peak when you can sit back and enjoy the view? Congratulations to all the winners from our #CricketHappens contest!
  14. Beach weather is a must. And all I want in life is to live at the beach and listen to this song on repeat 🌊
  15. 🐛 – ‘🎯See you later alligator, after these bugs are gone.🍷’
  16. I don’t usually like to play in the deepwater but I’ll take a dive for you. – Cricket Avery #cricketquotes
  17. Bless your life as you do. 🦐 ❤️
  18. Get into some cricket with the 2018 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup on @xxxxx.
  19. Bringing home the bacon since 1877. Head to your local Cricket store for low prices on all your summer BBQ essentials, especially the Bacon.
  20. As long as you’re back in the game, it’s always a good day. -Ricky Ponting 🏏
  21. Be like a kid again. Have fun, play hard, and enjoy being outside. Enjoy the crisp air as you watch your leggies go for one final run before winter. #BringItOn#
  22. Moments captured on the cricket field. 🏏📷 #cricket #astralblue
  23. Here’s a little look at what we were up to this weekend sporting some of our favorite Capsules styles 🌊 🏆 #capsules #cricketstyle
  24. Never-ending love for the game. Enjoying 4 days of cricket with @vvvv! #TheLionsRoar #CricketKiBaatChupaye
  25. Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed by billions of people across the world. People who are passionate about cricket want to discover new formats, rules, and updates with regard to this game. Different matches are extremely competitive in nature because the cricketers
  26. Cheers to one of the most fun times of the year. Happy Holi! 👱
  27. A very happy Sunday filled with sunshine, family, and a lot of laughs. #myfam
  28. Going out on a limb and taking a leap of faith, all in the name of love. 💛
  29. As a song of the Beatles, it’s all easy if you know the notes. #CricketQuotes_WK3
  30. Roll out the barrel… it’s time for some cricket! Cheers 🍻
  31. Swinging with my buds and capturing those precious moments with the camera 📷🐟😎 #cricketlove
  32. Always watch for crickets crossing the road, even during winter. Keep up with that cricket schedule and you won’t miss a match this summer*
  33. Nothing beats a day spent learning the rules of a new sport! Some of our Cricket Ambassadors put these skills to use recently at the MCC All Stars Cricket event in Derbyshire. #MondayMotivation
  34. There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore.
  35. One life; it soon will pass. Make something of it to last. – John Wooden #cricketquotes
  36. “I’m not the player I used to be. But I’ll still play like that for my fans and my country.” – Sourav Ganguly #cricket_quotes
  37. ♪♫ Aah… the sound of summer will soon be gone, but cricket season is right around the corner and a great way to mark your calendars.
  38. Fall has arrived, and that means a few of my favorite things–apple cider, hoodies, cozy quilts, and cricket games!
  39. Good morning! It’s officially the season to start sipping hot cocoa, snuggling in your cozy sweaters, and writing thank-you notes to all those loyal customers. Here’s to an autumn full of cricket chirp.
  40. It’s not over ’til it’s out! #cricket #happyholidays
  41. Making memories with the ones you love.
  42. The hottest team in the country. Get your 🦁 on now.
  43. We’ve all got friends who are like, “I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” But then there are other people who will say, “What were you thinking just sitting around?” And we’ve all got friends who are like,
  44. Fast. Affordable. And with great data like buy one get one on all domestic long-distance calling plans. Cricket is the best choice for anyone looking to get more for their money. With Cricket Wireless, There’s a Better Way!
  45. So much has happened in my life, sometimes I need to take a moment and look back with gratitude and a smile. #cricket
  46. Brought to you by a mix of summer heat, sweat-tear-sipping, damn near perfect cricket from both teams, and the return of an England spinner who could be a world-beater. A maverick who bowls with no
  47. An epic moment for India. A broken field but a new batsman…Rohit Sharma walks in, while the crowd goes wild! #INDvPAK
  48. The best cricketer is the one who does not care whether he wins or loses.
  49. Cricket is a peaceful game and you should enjoy it with the same peace of mind.
  50. One of the most traditional sporting games. Cricket is the game every person worth his salt should have played at least once in their life.Cricket Quotes Captions for Instagram
  51. And the award for best cricket player of the week goes to you, just for scoring a century in #cricket. Congratulations!
  52. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s play 🏏 the most entertaining game on ™️ earth.
  53. Birds fly, the sun shines, and crickets chirp…Just thought I’d remind you of this little thing called nature with this old-timey photo.
  54. Let’s curl up with a good book on a rainy day. ☔📚 #cricketbrunch
  55. We all have that dream we are waiting on. That one moment of greatness makes its mark and changes everything. That’s cricket…
  56. Check out the top 5 moments from the second Test match between Australia and England, starting with a shock top-order collapse from England. ✌#Ashes2019
  57. I’ve played this game since I can remember, but I’ll always take the time out to spread joy. #CricketMeriJaan
  58. When it comes to cricket, “Top-notch” has a new meaning. Come experience all the action at a cricket ground near you…✔ 🏏
  59. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates
  60. It’s the little things that count – like a hot chocolate bun 🍪 after a good game of cricket ✌️ #cricket ##
  61. Staying in the covers on a lazy Sunday morning 😴 :p #photography #capturethemoment
  62. Girls just wanna have fun but sometimes they also want some cricket.
  63. Cricket is my life and I play it like every ball is my last.– Zakir Khan
  64. They deserve a deal in exchange for such service to the economy. #cricketquotes
  65. Here at Cricket Wireless, we keep our phones close and our prices low ☺ #GetIn The Game
  66. Cricket is a mobile entertainment app that allows fans to watch their favorite games live as they’re happening.
  67. At the end of the day, if you’re not having fun with cricket, I think you’re in the wrong game.
  68. Playing cricket when you’re young gets you to get fit and at the top of your game.
  69. The new Cricket Wireless network is giving the ultimate in freedom, while never rooting you to one place or one-size-fits-all data plans. 🔥 🌰 #cricketwireless #nextgensmartphones #d
  70. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ” -Napoleon #quotes
  71. To the men that create history move, teams inspire nations to change their eras write their own scripts rewrite history records are made by those who break them #india #england #cricket #instacricket
  72. As you know, Cricket is a famous sport almost all over the world. The fans of Cricket are increasing day by day. Cricket is not only limited to one country. It has created its footstep almost in all parts of the world.
  73. The perfect bedroom is one that celebrates who you are and the life you’ve lived. From @XXXX. #CrateStories
  74. Sometimes, you have to make mistakes to learn the right way.🔥 #quotes#cricketquotes
  75. Wishing everyone a Happy Holi☀️❤🤲 #holifestival #hrdoesnotstophere #cricketlife
  76. You gotta play it to know it. All-access cricket takes you into the heart of the game this summer! Be there with #CricketOnFox.
  77. Rocky the Cricket once said, “Nothing beats a good breakfast. Unless it’s a great lunch. Or a great dinner.” Nothing beats achieving your dreams, especially when they include pizza 🍕 and ice cream 😋
  78. 🏏 Life is a gamble at best. We either make it or lose it… Frame it!
  79. Let me run wild. Let me run free. I’ll still be there for you. Just whistle, I’m coming home to you.~Rudyard Kipling
  80. May your summer be filled with good food, good friends & amazing cricket matches. 🙌 #LoveForTheGame
  81. Fall is officially here, and with it arrives one of the most loved parts of the season. College football! We know how much you love watching this sport
  82. Celebrating the world’s most dramatic sport #CricketQuotes  #WordOnTheStreet
  83. Heading to the cricket stadium for a night of fun with family and friends. #cricketislife
  84. CHILLAX – It’s cricket season! Let the games begin!
  85. Are you a cricket fan? Have you ever watched cricket live? If yes, these top Instagram captions for Cricket will surely help you to share the most adorable moments during matches with your loved ones.
  86. Cricket is a religion in India and every time you play, it’s a prayer.  — Sachin Tendulkar #AUSvIND
  87. Asks her why she loves the game so much… Her answer- “It’s simple. You hit a ball and run.”
  88. That’s how we do it! Enjoy the freshest cricket on the market, made with Hulu chickens.  That’s HI-larious for all of you out there 😉
  89. No crickets here! The world’s leading cricket company is all set for the next big thing in cricket
  90. The wonders of a summer day are upon us. #cricketmatch #atcricketworldcup
  91. “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over
  92. 🐠 Cricket is a religion in India and Pakistan 🇮🇳 Pakistan and Bangladesh 🇧🇩 You can call it the bat and ball equivalent to hockey 🏒 Cricket is a religion in Australia 🇦
  93. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no—it’s a spider! 🕷💜 #cricketquotes #crickets #wisewords
  94. Let us tell you how our cricket team is dominating.
  95. “You can’t make a thirteen run in T20. I’ve tried. You just don’t get the time” – Virat Kohli, Cricketer
  96. Don’t sweat the small stuff! #cricketquotes
  97. So many ups and downs but the end of a test match is always sweet 🍒
  98. Happy 20th Cricket World Cup! Let the games begin and let the cricket fever rule. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss a single update.
  99. Remember, Cricket is for everyone no matter their race or gender. With a game that is so universally loved, we dare to extend our love and welcome all players 🏏
  100. Cricket is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly sport there is,’ says Mr. Yousuf.

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