130 Funny Captions For Instagram With Girlfriend

Are you looking for funny captions for Instagram with your girlfriend? Or maybe you’re in search of romantic captions for her? It doesn’t matter what the occasion or relationship is. We have all the best captions that you can fit on post as well as put into a caption that will be edited to a photo of your own.


Trying to get likes on Instagram? You’ll get more likes on Instagram if you post funny pictures. Here are hilarious captions for Instagram with a girlfriend.


Funny Captions For Instagram With Girlfriend

1. My girlfriend is hilarious and always makes me laugh. I just had to show you guys a screengrab of this cute note she left on my computer. ♡. _ _ _ #friendshipgoals #coupleprobs

2. She’s been my best friend for 16 years and laugh adventure with me all the time

3. Girlfriends are the people you can eat breakfast with when breakfast is not really a thing anymore.

4. So many new things to discover together. #girlfriendgoals

5. Haven’t you ever noticed how some girls like to have their photos taken?

6. Hey girl, let’s getaway for the weekend

7. I can’t wait to cuddle my pups while binge-watching Friends on Netflix and eating a pint of ice cream. How was your weekend?

8. My friends call me #theugliest

9. We captured this beach sunset #justgirllikeit

10. So… is it bedtime yet?

11. A post was shared by @xxxx on Sep 1, 2018, at 2:23 pm UTC.

12. You’re the only one for me. Happy girlfriend day!

13. Best friends since the age of 12, my girlfriend and I have found a way to make our friendship work with distance.

14. I have a boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet. #DatingAdjacent

15. We may not have a lot of room for all the people we want to fit in our lives, but there’s always room to make more friends. #unSelfie.

16. All you need is love & donuts #atmarchtomeetyou

17. When you act like you’re single and do it by yourself.

18. There is no better feeling than getting new wayfarers, sunny weather, and your babe

19. Your man is feeling the fall vibes, too—pumpkin spice lattes for everyone!

20. I don’t know how you got here but I like it. #datenight

21. Treat yourself to a Starbucks latte and scroll through your feed for just one more pic of your girlfriend.

22. So my girlfriend recently got a dog… And it’s the most emotional thing I’ve ever seen

23. I have two questions about muffins – Do they ever go on sale? And is it legal to marry one? #girlfriendgoals.

24. I don’t need to be married to know that I found the one #yourewelcome #happybirthdayhoney #belatedweddinggifts

25. Treat yourself this October 30th to a chocolate-flavored Starbucks treat. #nationalchocolateday

26. On our one-year anniversary, my girlfriend took me to the place where we first met.

27. To all the pancakes out there! Chur Superbowl Sunday #

28. That’s cute. Post more pics like this

29. Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach didn’t know about these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

30. A couple of things are certain in this world: the sun comes up, the sun goes down, and my girlfriend has a Snapchat.”

31. Dinners out as friends in celebration of our anniversary of being Instagram official.

32. You’re my favorite bae. Happy Anniversary @xxxxx

33. When she says, “Did you miss me?”

34. My better half #couplegoals

35. Happy anniversary to someone who has been there every step of the way for me this year. Love you. #anniversary ##notevenjoking ##cheesy #irstanniversary

36. The best kind of guy is the kind who makes you laugh.

37. Diamonds are my best friend. Just kidding, coffee is!!!

38. Stop! Hammertime @xxxxx

39. I was late to Instagram this shot but I think I’m still gonna get a lot of likes

40. We can’t stop snacking on ostemeta hõbekukk but our favorite thing to do with the cookie is to share it with a friend. 😉 #fromjulywithlove

41. Girlfriends, we’ve all got them. They’re the people that know us best. We have fun with them and make memories together for years to come.

42. My boyfriend owns the world’s strangest antique shop. Half the items in there are basically useless, but I love it because all of the items make me laugh.

43. When your girlfriend knows too much about you. #blessed

44. So how do you like your eggs in the morning? #thestruggleisreal #iscreamingfromlaughing

45. My GF and I like to play a game where we pretend we’re not together …and it’s just the worst.

46. I’m the reason why your girlfriend dumped you.

47. What’s better than coffee?

48. Am I actually more romantic than my husband? I guess it’s a matter of interpretation.

49. Ain’t no party like a dessert party.

50. In life, there is nothing better than a spontaneous trip to the beach with your dog and girlfriend.

51. We can’t decide how we want to celebrate #nationalbestfriendday this year but we know one thing…we’ll always be friends and love you girls!

52. The best thing that happened to me was those 10 years we spent together. You’re my best friend and my better half

53. Sometimes the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Oh, and whiskey

54. If you’re happy and you know it, let’s get NAKED! #smilemakesmehappy

55. I woke up like this #WokeUpLikeThis

56. Savoring this time of year when the weather is still warm enough for sundresses, but the pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu. #FallForever

57. A guy with priorities! HINT: he isn’t really waiting for anything.

58. She’s always full of surprises

59. On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you feeling today?

60. Excited for tonight’s date night with my babe. #mygirlfriend #datenight

61. Is this a Netflix and chill invitation, or a ‘bring me a blanket and make me a snack’ request? —-

62. Life is about finding someone who loves you as much as these dogs love naps.

63. It’s official. Not only am I the world’s number one Dad, but I’m now also the world’s greatest dog dad.

64. *Sips her coffee* I love my boyfriend.

65. The countdown to Christmas is ON! One more day to get Secret Santa gifts. #DeckTheHalls

66. A post shared by on at PM PDT

67. Best thing about being single is…

68. #TBT to the summer when we first met

69. Hello Sunday #funnygirlfriend #wifegoals

70. When you girls make plans like this

71. I’ve never been the type to chase someone who doesn’t want me. I am a catch, but I’m not that great of a prize. _ #relationshipgoals

72. Well, someone is really lucky today. My only bae @xxxxxxx

73. I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you, which is why we had to break up. #sorrynotsorry

74. I can’t even @xxxxx

75. Did I tell you about my boyfriend? He’s beeeeeeeeautifulllll.

76. She said yes! @xxxxxxx

77. You may meet someone new today, but you will never forget who you’ve been with all this time.

78. Don’t mess with our squad—I mean, we’ll totally mess with yours. #myfriendsareallweirdos

79. I hate to wake her up but it’s go-time! Can’t wait to meet you little man (; girly crush on my bestie @xxxxx

80. I’m not a morning person but I do love my girlfriend.


Funny Captions For Instagram With Girlfriend


81. When you and your friend are having such a great time talking that you forgot to record a video together.

82. Every day is a new opportunity to add to your collection. #iwantoneofeverything #girlcollector

83. Ah, the eternal debate: dogs vs. cats. We just might finally have an answer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #BeTheWoofey

84. Let’s taco ’bout this place.

85. I want to hold your hand and never let go because your hands are the best hands. #FridayFeeling

86. To be at a football game with no mobile reception is now called going YOLO. #sorrynotsorry.

87. Adventures with my girlfriend #beachday #girlswholift

88. It was a lot easier meeting girlfriends when people weren’t so judgmental. #girlfriyendatabase

89. The best muscle I ever worked out is the one sitting next to me #Netflixandchill

90. Are you ready for some football? …the best cure for a terrible Monday…

91. Let us fix you a nice hot cup of humor.

92. I’ll make you a candle, but I won’t make you dinner. #iwillnevereverforget #neverforget #thegrudge #ihateyokurface

93. I told my girlfriend that it’s a leap year so today I am going to propose to her.

94. I personally love the idea of eating ice cream for breakfast. But feel free to eat it for dessert too. It’s all good, darling.

95. When you find someone who likes the same weird things as you.

96. Be the type of person you’d want to meet.

97. I found my other half. We’re one. I’ve never loved anything as much as you, not even french fries.

98. Talk about best girlfriends ever #selfless.

99. The closest I’ll ever come to having a pet goat. #canteven #sheeatsthroughahedge

100. You say it’s your birthday, I say it’s my birthday. You say it’s our birthday, I say we need a bigger cake!#persiancat

101. Out for a pregame, and we ran into the cutest couple at dinner.

102. Perfect weekend meant for catching up with that special someone

103. Happy anniversary to the girl who taught me how to love, and fights like there’s no tomorrow #anniversary #1year

104. No, the lottery hasn’t started, I’m just lucky enough to have you.

105. Back in the day when @xxxxxx and I were dating, we would always go on bike rides to avoid going shopping for her birthday! 🙂

106. You can never have too many slow songs. #cantstopthesighedance

107. My girlfriend is a social media influencer and these are some funny captions to make her laugh.

108. I love you and all but let’s not talk about how much money we spend on each other. #funny #bodygoals #cute

109. My girlfriend is not my camera. She’s my lover, partner, best friend, and superhero.

110. This is what I like to call the ultimate Sloth selfie. Throwback to a Monday well spent with bae #tbt

111. Life’s too short not to have a best friend.

112. When your boo is feeling it…

113. Okay, we can’t take our eyes off of you.

114. When you’re dating someone as beautiful and magical as my girlfriend… #madeinheaven # I mygf

115. Whether it’s the little things or big adventures, there’s no love like that of your bestie. Cheers to our friendship #bestfriends – –

116. Meant for each other. #couplegoals #bae #meanttobe

117. Amanda and I were trapped in a stranger’s house together. Also, side note: we crashed on the actual floor…

118. Part of me thinks doing couples costumes is corny The other part of me—the FUPA part of myself—thinks it’s so fun

119. Being woken up at 7:00 am by your beeping phone only to find a text from Taylor Swift asking you to be in her next music video is who I’m referring to as the ultimate *girl crush*.

120. Your man is a hero when he does laundry unless he puts your underwear on the radiator to dry.

121. Put the phone down Sorry girl you’re cute but I need to get this shot of these cozies on my feet! #musthave #kickstagram #waffleboots (girl kissing emoji)

122. *heart eyes emoji with a dozen red roses emoji.*

123. You and me 4ever. 16 years of pure joy, and now we’re official @xxxxxxx

124. That moment when someone accidentally calls you by your significant other’s name… #sorrybae #boyfriendproblems

125. I like my coffee like I like my women… hot, strong, and with me. #loveitsweet

126. I never thought you were capable of being this charming… if we didn’t live in different states.

127. My dog LOVES his new toy. He’s been howling like the wolf from Frozen ever since we started playing #TheFrozenWolf

128. He’s my person #fbf

129. Happy anniversary to our beautiful bride, baby mama, and wifey. You truly are the most

130. Amazing woman I’ve ever known and I couldn’t be luckier to have you in my life.

131. If you’re a girl on Instagram, this is just the right amount of R-rated. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming…

132. If my girlfriend were a bottle of wine, she would be a Malbec… quiet and deep, but I’d love to chat her up over a long dinner #date #funny

133. I and my girl @xxxxxx are on our way to the most exciting place on earth #couplesweekend

134. “Why are you so cute when you sleep?” ― Unknown Author

135. ♡ #myfavoritebarista

136. There is no better time to be in a relationship than right now . . . you know, unless you’re single and all.

137. You make my heart happy.

138. Me: “Babe, do you know anything about the ocean?

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