Funny Dog Pictures With Captions And Quotes

One of the best ways to bring your account to attention is with pictures. Do you know what pictures work well? Funny pictures. So why not combine the two and get more traffic? We’ve collected a great list of funny dog pictures without captions about dogs. These will give you plenty of ideas for posting on social media and adding to posts and articles.


Funny Dog Pictures With Captions And Quotes

1. Quick, cute, and full of fluff. We love all kinds of puppies. They’re so adorable!

2. We may be biased, but it seems like there’s no better way to spend a day than with your pet!

3. Don’t play! The dog days aren’t over yet.

4. When you try to get in your boyfriend’s good graces but he keeps telling you to stop. Paws off!

5. If you think tail wagging is just a happy dance, you’re wrong. Dogs’ tails actually steer, or yaw, on course to their destination.

6. Let sleeping dogs lie.

7. No big deal. Just me doing what I do best. That’s right, I got you a T-Rex to match your dino dog costume.

8. Look at this face

9. *bark bark*

10. I’m glad you can follow my thoughts from my face. Boy, that is an accomplishment!

11. A photo of a dog wearing a hat and sunglasses.

12. Hike, swim, paddle, run, play fetch—this dog will keep up with you no matter what your summer afternoon holds. #instafun #treatyourdog ##

13. Our furry friends have a funny way of taking joy in the little things, just like we humans do. Whether they’re embracing joy in the form of a belly rub or a squeaky toy, dogs are known for their ability to put a smile on

14. Dogs are the best, sometimes they are magical too #puppylove

15. I’ve never been a dog person…but I might be ready to change my mind.

16. My big brother is a handful, but we do so much good together. –A Blue Heeler Mix with a Chihuahua, Colorado Springs Colorado

17. When you’ve got a pet as cute as ours, your boss will understand if you need to take an extra hour lunch break to go play.

18. If you don’t know how to swim, just pretend like you do and flail around like you think you should. #dogs #cute #funnydogpictures

19. Have you ever seen a dog smile like this before? 1-800-PetMeds

20. I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye #dogsofinstagram #dog_features

21. This is my life now. If you have a dog, tag us in your dog photos. #beardladen

22. Canine commando! It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and your pup isn’t going to take it lying down. Luckily, he’s got your back, coming to your aid with a well

23. Feliz cachorros

24. Every morning I wake up and have a great big smile on my face because I know I’m going to another pet store.

25. When you try to tell your puppy that he has plenty of time to play outside. #dogs

26. Happy Dogtober! A-waiting for your fall social media posts with the most, here are 10 puppy pics that will put you in the mood.

27. What have you done?!? #smartdog #dognation

28. Ruby the wonder dog is here to remind you that dogs are capable of ANYTHING if they put their minds to it.

29. Enter a dog’s mind and you better be ready to sit in a surreal world.

30. A dog is a perfect mate – eager to please, loyal, and true. Orhan Pamuk

31. “Painting” with paws

32. If you see something, say something. If you see a suspect package in a public place, give us a

33. shout to keep our community safe.

34. wanna go on a walk?

35. The Dog’s Life. Now Streaming on Netflix. #netflix #rottweiler #dog #dogs What do you think of these captions? Let’s have a discussion in the comments. You can also check out my Instagram

36. This #nationalhumpday is a great reminder that these #dogsofinstagram are never too busy for a good boop on the nose ″

37. A dog’s life at the office. #work #fun

38. When you are driving on holidays…’ smile, smile, give a #doglift, take the lead. It’s all about experiencing life to its fullest.”

39. We’ve done a lot in our 12 years, but we never thought we would be in a dog park with a rocket launcher. #throwback

40. The fluffy little snorer curled up beside me is ever so cute, but infinitely more annoying than anything…. time for a little ear trimming.

41. Believe it or not, we use our human mouths for more than eating! We also talk to each other. Here’s proof.

42. Alex, can he come back to work?

43. There is no way I can be more chill by that lake today. I’m going for a swim #relax #relaxation

44. This is an example of a funny dog picture caption. It will go over to the funny dog pictures page if you want to see funny dog pictures without funny captions.

45. You can’t be a real dog without a real dog insta. #BeaDog

46. *insert funny dog picture*

47. I’ve got 99 problems, but my dog ain’t one.

48. We’re fueling your holiday meals with 10 delicious, Happy Howlidays dog treats. Find them near you at #holidaybaking

49. Following someone who’s funny and creative on Instagram is the best way to get the right caption ideas. However, you can always rely on Caption Ideas for inspiration!

50. Happy #NationalDogDay

51. funny talking dog pictures

52. “The key to successful dog ownership is restraint.” – Doggie Dan

53. Dogs think they are people.

54. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Pups are here to remind us that happiness is always just around the corner. #HappySaturday #NYCdogs #dogsofinstagram

55. This one for the #dogor #catpeople out there

56. When your Dad says to put your sweater on but you have a better idea @ricky_cox21 #animaladdicts

57. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

58. Goofy little pups who are here for your likes, comments, and shares

59. Funny puppies Good morning.

60. And the award for Cutest Pup goes to… #dog #dogs #beagle

61. His disguise did not fool us one bit. Have a dog, will travel.

62. Let us introduce you to the newest members of the St. Louis family. #‎RealTruckSongs #‎ManCrushes #‎SleepyChihuahua

63. That face you make when you wish you had opposable thumbs so you could give humans a high-five for all of the treats we give you. ‍

64. When you look at your dog and see yourself #dogs

65. What we wish we could say when we’re mid-yawn and our pup is staring at us like this.

66. Like mama, like a pup. We are usually pretty chill at this age…

67. Don’t just cuddle with me, give me belly rubs too #corgi #corgisofinstagram

68. You’ve seen the videos, you’ve laughed at the memes.

69. This is Walter. He always wants to dress up for Halloween. He does not care what his costume looks like, as long as it’s a costume!

70. That moment when you realize you look like the #Dalmatian version of #Chewbacca.

71. I don’t understand why there should be a leash law. You’re free, Wing. It’s just a jacket.

72. I’m a photographer and a creative director. I have a lot of things to photograph. One day a flower just flower up near where I was going to take a photo, so I took a photo of that flower

73. What do you mean I can’t have both? #funnydog #funnypictures

74. Like if you agree that dogs are the most loyal friends ever!

75. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen a dog in PJs. #adventurecat

76. If only every old person had a dog. Then they would be awesome.

77. Lucky dog. (Woof!) #dogsofinstagram

78. It’s no longer called puppy love. It’s official. This is us, and we’re cute together. #nottheaplacetohideapug

79. A post shared by (@xxxxxxxx) on May 7, 2018, at 7:08 am PDT

80. When the dog park is like a new season of Friends


Funny Dog Pictures With Captions And Quotes


81. My coat has no pockets so I carry my poop in a plastic bag, but it looks like you’ve bought a purse!

82. Mom? I got my nose in a snow cone. #dog #dog_meme #funny_dog_pictures

83. Good dogs all over the world

84. Hey dog lovers! Just sitting here, enjoying the ride…

85. If you’re not following me, I’m not following you. #TeamDog”

86. When you want to go out for a cup of coffee but your dog wants to stay home and have a snooze.

87. Treat #DogLoversDay to a #NationalDogDay

88. Puppy Parenting Tips: “Be patient. I’ll get this.”

89. My human is my best friend.

90. Puppy power

91. Any dog can bark; a great dog deserves a great caption!

92. I “get” you. You “get” me. We’re a team. #dog #adventure #adventures #adventurous #travel #cute #sweet ##

93. Your basic dog

94. Being a dog means never having to say you’re sorry. Thanks for all the fun, friend!

95. Beware of Dog. And Bacon.

96. We are the champions. Our treats are, too.

97. Our eyes are looking forward to summer (while our legs wiggle like crazy). How do you feel

98. about the seasons? #beard #beards #hiking #leashes

99. My pup is so pretty she gets compliments when she walks #justsayin

100. Are dogs smiling? Nah, they’re actually laughing….at us.

101. Every dog has its day… But why spoil the surprise?! Just buy it already!

102. This dog is not the biggest fan of this thick and juicy bone.

103. What are the things your dog does that make you want to throw your phone at them? #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram

104. If you can make a dog laugh, you can make anyone laugh

105. Thinking about eating the ice cream in the refrigerator…while I’m eating the ice cream in the refrigerator. #thatswhatdogsdo

106. What? You thought I didn’t know how to use a dog door #funnydogpictures

107. We’d describe this as the biggest dog you’ve ever seen—in personality. Meet Bruno, a Great Dane pup who hopes he inspires people to love big dogs

108. My name is Elliott, and I’m a german-shepherd-terrier heartthrob.

109. Treat your pup this valentines day with Custom made treats from @xxxxxxxx!

110. Anyone who says that dogs and cats don’t get along has never met our Milo and Emma. Not best friends, but they tolerate each other for my sake.

111. My owners are always saying “I need to live my best life.” I think they forgot I’m a dog, not them.

112. Happiness is a warm puppy.

113. Being a dog is hard, but being a pretty good dog is easy.

114. Every day IS EARTH DAY WITH A German Shepherd! #doglovers

115. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a dog… and that is kind of the same thing. #dogsofinstagram

116. Hey customer service dog, please help me sign up for interspecies banking so I can get funds transferred to my fluffy account.

117. This boat has sailed. #dogsofinstagram

118. Watch the #dogsofinstagram as they try to explain why they think it’s a good idea to wear pants.

119. Yup, I put my own hat on…and boots! #DogsInJauntee #InstaDog

120. What happens when you take away my best toy…like really gimme it back #idontmissit

121. When you see your crush and they look at you

122. Woof and I are out. Gotta get to the ocean! #beachbum

123. What’s your favorite dog? We like Arthur, too! *Arthur is a dog on Instagram with over 7.5

124. million followers.

125. My owner is on Instagram, but I’m pretty sure she just takes photos of me every day because she likes to stare at me.

126. I’m a good boy. I’m a good dog

127. We’re all about dogs over here because they’re the best. The very best. What’s not to love? We could go on for nine lifetimes talking about how great dogs are. And then some. On

128. Good morning! #happydog #funnydog

129. Your dog’s too cute to miss out. Follow @xxxxxx.

130. Some of us just do everything on our phones now. That or we’re just taking pictures of the dogs.

131. They say laughter is the best medicine, which means I should be curing cancer right now. #dogfails

132. How fall #dogs #puppies #cutepetclub

133. Dog days are the best days #RuffHausOfficial #RuffHouse

134. Casey is clearly having a better day than you are. ​

135. Yes, we can see your duck face. We sure can. Your dog is so sweet and silly!

136. Your dog’s a hit in this town! Dogs look at you with love in their eyes, but they don’t know what love is. Dogs feel neither the love you have for them nor the pain.

137. If you’re tired of the same old #dogspicstales, here’s a fresh look at some tails to tell.

138. Sending you all our love for #nationalhugaday smooches to all the wonderful dog parents in our lives

139. It’s #NationalPuppyDay, which means it’s time to celebrate the most popular pet in the US: the pupper.

140. So many hot dogs and so little time

141. This is my Halloween costume. It’s a Tron costume for dogs!

142. That look when you’ve finally figured out who stole the last of the duck jerky.

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