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Golf captioned photos are intended to be humorous, to express the golfing experience better. Captions should be short as you have limited space. They should also include clever wordplay while using a fun font that goes along with the theme of the photos.

Golf captions will help you have a great day on the green. Knowing how to add captions to your golf pictures is a huge advantage if you want to impress your friends. If you caption your pictures correctly, then you can also make many more people like them and share them with their friends and family members.


Golf Captions

  1. You can have it all. More fairways, less rough. We’re aiming for more greens, less sand. The #1 place for golfers worldwide. Golf is better together with #GolfNow
  2. Welcome to the great, wide, golfing world.
  3. Golf is my therapy. It keeps me in harmony with my inner self and the greatest of all friends – myself.
  4. When your game is smooth and you’re hitting it solid, play the game you love to play. Strike it well. Enjoy the day. Swing freely. Set an example for kids to enjoy playing golf for years to come and keep our sport
  5. Everyone needs a good putter…
  6. Only Seven more holes to go and then you can sink your teeth into these taste bud tingling snacks 🥗 😋 #golf
  7. Walking up the 12th fairway and we’ve got a Par under par. 😎
  8. It’s a chipper day on the tee when you pair your favorite Grunge Pant with your Chase Plaid Shirt 🍂 #golftraining
  9. Ahh yes, this describes the feeling of a perfect drive on the links. 😎
  10. It’s in the hole! Nice shot. 🏌
  11. Does anyone else feel a little slice? 😅 Funny golf captions
  12. Ping! It’s a good day to golf. #golf
  13. Top of the morning to ya, golfers! Use our V1 Links ⛳️ golf balls to make the most of your round.
  14. Blast from the past … and straight into the future. This weekend, play 4 rounds in 24 hours at Planet Golf.
  15. You may be a good golfer, but I am a great putter.
  16. 🎳 Made a little room in my golf bag for one of these. No green fees are required. #golfweek
  17. Great weather for some golf tomorrow! Be sure to pack a light sweater for the morning tee times ☔
  18. Your golf game is like your home’s appearance: it may never win awards, but people will always notice the effort you put into improving it.
  19. Getting after it on the golf course today. #TeeTime
  20. It’s a good time to be alive if you like cake 🎂 and golf @caldermoor. #CakeGolf #SweetsForPar🍰
  21. Each shot a memory. Each hole, a story. Each round, a lifetime in the making.
  22. You’re only as good as your last putt…🏌️‍♂️
  23. 🎾 Love the game, love the look. Swing it. ✔
  24. Keep your head down. Keep your eye on the ball. And love every minute of the course.
  25. All golfers are relentlessly optimistic. They spend their golfing lives in a state of cheerful delusion. Things will always work out for use on the golf course.
  26. To get out of the house, into the great outdoors, and away from your desk, grab a few friends and hit the links. #golfcaptions
  27. Yes! Golf season is back and it’s time to start honing your swings for a better tee-off tomorrow. At #MVP, we’ve got you fully kitted out with the best golf wear, so get off.
  28. Mulligan’s Golf Club is located just minutes away from the University of Florida! Get in here and book your tee time for an amazing golf experience with one of our guest services representatives.
  29. When you have the right people with you, golf is a good walk spoiled.
  30. Live it up on the Links! The birthplace of legends, golf is a game that seems to break all rules yet is made by them. Get some inspiration from these pro athletes that you love.
  31. It’s a beautiful day to get out on the fairway! #golf #Mondaymotivation
  32. Poised to lower your handicap? Play like a pro with Titleist golf balls, irons, putters, and more at
  33. You know the feeling of a great tee shot: that certain swoosh, a smooth landing, and perfect contact. That’s the quiet control you need to play your best golf, every time.
  34. The perfect tee time is in our future. Who’s ready to #beltit?
  35. Life is a game of inches, but a championship is made with millimeters. You can miss the rose bushes and water hazards, but finish strong on all 18 holes.
  36. It’s time to go hit some tin! 🏌🏼‍♀️ #golf #golflife
  37. Swing thoughts #golf
  38. There’s no place like the first tee for some overdue inspiration–what are you waiting for? Let’s play! 🏌️‍♂️#teeitup #golf
  39. With the scent of freshly cut grass on the course, there is nothing quite like that feeling of walking in this lush green grass to a hole you have been dying to play. #golf
  40. At the end of my round in Bandon Dunes, I scored the ace on hole #16 😎 #golfstagram
  41. Pull out the rackets for summer golf. You can still have a good time without getting flustered. 😋
  42. Bring out your inner Ted, Tony, or Amy — swing by for a round of miniature golf.
  43. Playing around with friends is about more than the game. It’s a chance to laugh, talk and spend time together.
  44. What better time to try something new than late summer? Break out your clubs and tee up some fun at the Home of Golf.
  45. Happy Golf month everyone! So honored to have the opportunity to be a part of it! After an amazing day on the course with my good pal Junior, we are on our way to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day!!
  46. Golf: We know it’s not a morning person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Made with non-fat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup.
  47. What a time to be alive and live to play golf 🏌️‍♂️
  48. Starting your round off with a fairway drive never felt so right. 🌳🏌️‍♂️
  49. It’s a rough day on the golf course but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  50. Greatest day on the green. 9 holes in the 60s. The perfect end to a perfect day.
  51. Golf is a game of failure. It’s all in the execution and not in results.
  52. *lift a cup to a great day on the greens
  53. Where do you think you’ll swing this weekend? 🌅
  55. A #ROUNDOFGOLF is a perfect way to end the workweek. How will you spend your weekend?


golf captions


  1. Throwback to the days of screaming at my friends and opponents because I trusted my navy Puma hat more than I trusted myself. #golf
  2. Golf isn’t a game you play once or twice a year to stay out of the heat—you golf as often as possible 😎🏌️‍♀️
  3. Tee-time calls, and there’s never been a better time to #momentum. This is the most incredible time of the year at Arnold Palmer.
  4. Roses aren’t the only red thing, so are the #pines on the fairway at #TheGila 👌🏽☀#TournamentWeekend #PGATOUR
  5. Swing by the Doral in Cabo and take a swing on The Nicklaus Course. #sunset
  6. Par-tee!!! This weekend calls for some serious golfing…and cocktails 🍹 #golf #golfer
  7. Up for a #back9 at @LinksAtMbnaCGC with #GolfBrand ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️💥 #SeizeYourWeekend #thisischriswood #Golf
  8. Boom Goes the Birdie Today! #featuring @nikegolf
  9. Golf is in a word, a “relaxing sport” to those who are good at it. #linkinbio
  10. The best way to embrace fall is by getting outside, and there’s no better way to get outside than on the golf course. Weekends don’t get much better.
  11. When you need a little extra motivation to crush the course. #Golfchat #Golf Instagram #Golfing
  12. Playing the iconic holes, and drinking craft beer at this year’s @usopengolf ✔️😎 #usopen #usopengolf
  13. “Golf is played on a smooth turf; life on a rough one.” ― John Synge
  14. Sunday Funday’s got a new name…the Sunday on the course.
  15. Hitting the links can be a test of patience. Staking out your putt, reading the green, and getting to where you want the ball to finish all in one smooth stroke takes practice. And not to mention those pesky bunkers!
  16. Success looks good on him. We like it a lot 🏌️‍♂️
  17. Eighteen holes with no phone calls. 
  18. You don’t have to live somewhere near a golf course to play this weekend. Clubhouse Condos are now available for rent in Arizona. Grab a few friends and tee off on a green right in your backyard.
  19. Focus on every shot, because you never know who might be watching. Make sure you keep it together for 18 holes or more at your course this weekend.
  20. Let your friends know you’re only 1 putt away from an 18 hole in 🏌️⛳️ #golfing
  21. A dream round of golf is waiting for you, tee times are available.
  22. I was once asked what I would do if I had one year to live. I wrote down “play golf.” It was the only thing that made sense. “I’m addicted to it,” he said. That’s exactly how I feel
  23. Let’s go Hawkies! #GoHawks (golf tournament)
  24. The game is afoot – let’s go play! ☀☄️☀️😎-Tiger Woods.
  25. At the end of a great round, you’ll sit back, reflect on your day and say “Lucky”.- Bubba Watson #golf
  26. A day, a course, a swing, a chance. Play Now @ Pebble Beach Golf Links
  27. Bags packed. 🎉
  28. Golf, the language in which women and money are but one word.
  29. I remember my very first golf lesson with Mr. McSteamy. I had just begun to dress and act like a lady. He told me in that sexy deep voice of his that I could hit the ball further if I went put on some heels
  30. If you’re on the golf course today, remember to take a moment and thank our military. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are.
  31. Warm winds blowing, greens reaching as far as the eye can see. Can you feel it? #golf
  32. Ready to get out on the green for @drive4dfw’s Fall Tournament? Register by 11/3 and take advantage of the reduced fee!​ …
  33. Been thinking about the best tee time I’ve ever had or I just want to get out and play golf.
  34. Great to play a bit of golf outside…🏌️‍♂️
  35. Play in the sun as @theiplayoffs live stream this afternoon’s round at @theohiogolfclub ✅
  36. Nothing quite matches the thrill of a crisp fall day on the links — and that’s why we can’t wait to pack our bags.
  37. Golfing is a great way to have fun with your friends and enjoy one of the best summer days ☀️
  38. This week’s Forecast: the perfect ~club~ temperature #golfweather
  39. #goingforgold when you give it you’re all. #golf
  40. Golf is always better when you share it with a friend. Here are some tips for you.
  41. I’ve got three words for you: Long. Weekend. Golf. ✔️
  42. Gettin’ closer to that hole-in-one with this golf club from our store. 🏌️ ▪️
  43. Just like life, the game of golf is a series of ups and downs. Stay in the moment, have fun, and keep grinding. Pace yourself and enjoy the ride!
  44. With the perfect swing and a golf club, you can do anything. This story is all in the swing of things.
  45. A perfect tee time or a sunset walk on the golf course, all this week ahead! Which one are you most excited about?
  46. Today, grab your putter and head to a course that inspires you. Soak it in, feel the sun on your face, breathe the fresh air; let yourself stretch.
  47. Everything you need in one place. – Bob Hope #golf
  48. Who are you golfing with today? Meet you on the links! 
  49. With our latest fall fashions, the golf season is sure to be a successful one. Let us help you get your game on point.
  50. Life is better on the links. #golflife 🌍🏌️‍♀️
  51. This is a problem that we gladly have. It’s been a dream of ours since day one to make the World Golf Hall of Fame, and now you can get fitted for your cap and gown right here. If you play well enough this
  52. We’re a lot of alike golf balls. We roll along, we get dirty, and sometimes we get lost 🏌️
  53. This week we’re in the most magical place on earth, playing some of the best golf courses in America. Can’t wait to keep you posted! #addictiontogolf
  55. The more you learn to be still and listen…the more you can hear the game. –Jack Nicklaus #vintagesports
  56. A tribute to my #1 🏌 in my heart — Honey the mini 👅. Here’s to all the majors she’ll take this year. #hershey #shrinersgolfclassic


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