50+ Top Fishing Captions for Instagram

50+ Top Fishing Captions for Instagram

Taking a fishing trip is the best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It helps you relax and take a trip back to your childhood where doing nothing was something you enjoyed. When you combine these two things — fishing and relaxation — you have several of the key elements for some great Instagram captions!

Fishing is a hobby and a sport that people from around the globe love to play with. There are so many beautiful places available for fishing that you can go visit. Fishing is an activity that teaches you patience. The activity has been known to promote family bonding and even allow one to unwind on weekends or holidays.

Fishing has become a very renowned hobby in the world today. People like fishing for many reasons and one of such is because they can relax on the shore. Although fishing might seem to be boring to a lot of people, there are those who find it interesting and even humorous. Fishing captions are also created with this in mind. These captions are not only meant to share with your friends or family but also to make them laugh and enjoy some good times with you.

Fishing captions for Instagram are not difficult to find. They’re readily available on sites like ours and contribute to the self-indulgent narcissism of those early enough to adopt the platform. But with a few simple edits, you can turn even these trite clichés into brilliant Instagram captions, turning mundane photos into something much more indicative of your personality.

As a fisherman, you really don’t want to go long periods without catching anything. But when you do catch that big one, you’ll ask yourself “Is it worth it?” Sometimes they are and sometimes, they aren’t.

  1. My grandfather once told me to never walk past a fence post or a fence row without taking time to look and listen for fish. That advice has helped me catch my share of them.—Will Rodgers.
  2. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, it’s time to get out and catch some fish! #bassfishing
  3. Throw a fly rod in the truck, a set of waders on your feet, and get to find that perfect spot where the fish are biting—and you’re catching them.
  4. We have a saying on the docks, that if you’ve caught one fish, you’re a beginner. If you’ve caught more than that, then there’s something wrong with your life.
  5. Fishing ain’t about fishin’, it’s about living. ~Butch Cassidy
  6. Grab your rod and reel and get ready to hit the water because the fishing season is kicking off 🎣🐟🎣
  7. Sometimes all you need are good friends, a cold beer, and an endless stream of fishing opportunities. #catchandrelease
  8. A successful trip starts with the right bait.  #BeKindToFish
  9. Here’s to fishing with my dad! #throwbackthursday (get it?)
  10. There are no bad days fishing, just more fish to be caught.
  11. Life is good when you are fishing.
  12. We partner with fishing companies to promote their brand and build a fan base.
  13. ‘Tis the season for #mullet fishing! Okay, we get it. Mullets look and sound funny, so why even bother with them? They’re a lot like chumming–they attract fish who are chasing baitfish
  14. We need a new hobby… and this one looks like fun 😉 #howfishal
  15. A Colorado sunset is the best backdrop for a #catch & release weekend.
  16. Fishing is all about the fish. So enjoy this great weather while it lasts- and maybe squeeze in a little time to get out on the water with your friends. Welcome to spring!
  17. Cooler weather and perfect fishing conditions are here! 👌 #🎣😎
  18. Fishing gives me a reason and a purpose, and I love how it teaches us to appreciate the small things in life. It’s what drives me every day to be better than yesterday. #LiveLikeyouMeanIt
  19. Wake up out of your fish-shaped sleep and get ready for a sick weekend charter with us. We’re going deep 🐟🍮
  20. It’s been called one of the top fishing spots on the east coast by #chowdahmagazine. See for yourself why people crave the #BlackSeabass every weekend on the Cape.
  21. When fishing is your favorite spectator sport 🎣
  22. Fishing is a lot like Zen, there’s a moment when nothing seems to be happening, and then—all at once—everything comes together.
  23. We fish because we’re all looking for something. We fish to feel it, we fish to forget it.
  24. It’s great to have a catch on the dock, but there’s nothing like putting your feet up and enjoying the company of friends and family after a day on the water. [center_timthumb]
  25. I miss fishing. The last time I’m skipping a day of fishing, I’ll regret it because tomorrow will never come back again.
  26. Official rules state; No sleeping on the job. But how are we supposed to catch “everything” if we can’t sleep through the workday? 🌊 #CarpeDiem
  27. From our first trip together as official out-of-towners to a lazy summer getaway, these are the days spending time with family is all about. #FamilyTime
  28. When ocean meets land and man meets fish, it’s a good day #topfishingcaption
  29. If this fishing thing doesn’t work out, I could be a model.
  30. We are much better together than we are apart. I hope #National Fishing and Boating Week is your chance to get out with a buddy and discover new adventures, even if you’ve never been fishing before. 🌊
  31. When ocean meets land and man meets fish, it’s a good day #topfishingcaption
  32. Perfect #TBT to that time Annette caught a stingray and accidentally slapped me in the face with it. 😭
  33. We are much better together than we are apart. I hope #National Fishing and Boating Week is your chance to get out with a buddy and discover new adventures, even if you’ve never been fishing before. 🌊
  34. They say a girl’s first time should be memorable, but I can’t really remember it… All I remember is waking up with this guy cradling me like a baby 🏆🌊
  35. 🐟🐠🐡Life is short so enjoy every moment❤️ #lifequote
  36. Every day is a good day when you’re fishing. #summervibe
  37. It’s officially fall, which means the majority of fish are done spawning and will be headed back into deeper water. This is also known as the windy season on all lakes and reservoirs throughout the country. As a recreational fisherman, you very well
  38. I’m on a boat and I’m really excited about it. #fishingfeelings
  39. When you say “I’m bored” always remember there is a lot to do on a boat. Take my hand and I will lead the way. #fishing
  40. Working hard or hardly working? Find time to relax on the water this Memorial Day weekend ✓ #NoFilter
  41. Get out there and #FishYourDreams 🐟☀️
  42. Living the good life with my girl, Sage. Fall fishing in the mountains of Montana is a beautiful thing. It’s been a while since our last #tbt photo and we thought this one was just too good to keep in the vault.
  43. Dredging for dinner at sunset 🎣 #
  44. Making memories that will last a lifetime. Get your poles ready, the season is coming! 😎
  45. A fishing expedition with your buddies is the experience of a lifetime. But let’s be honest, it pretty much always ends up being the time of your life no matter what kind of fish you catch on the dock that night with the fireflies
  46. Jig fishing, deep-sea fishing, ice fishing – it doesn’t matter. Fish delight both humans and dogs alike.
  47. There is nothing better than spending time on the water, catching fish, and just enjoying nature.
  48. When your fish makes a jump you say to yourself NOW I have my hands full #TheFightOfMyLife.
  49. Monday morning fishing trips with the @iloveflyfishing crew on the Lower Sac. Spotty action but it was fun to get out and enjoy a beautiful day.
  50. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the most amazing fish you’ve ever seen! 🐟Top Fishing Captions for Instagram
  51. Let’s get some of this “easy” fishin’ done… #easyfishin 🎣
  52. Lucky you, fishing is fun with friends on a sunny day ☀
  53. Lonely people fish alone. The secret is to listen to the reel, look at the line and watch the tip. You’re not alone when you’re fishing.
  54. These are the moments that make life worthwhile. #fishing
  55. I’m one with the sun & now a part of the sea. For generations, the fish have journeyed to Tahoe to spawn during summer. As they prepare to return from their oceanic odyssey, I am grateful for this moment in nature
  56. Been to the Great Barrier Reef and snorkeled with the sharks. #mygetaway #coconutbeach #myislandhome
  57. Every fisherwoman knows that the best trophy isn’t about the biggest fish you’ve caught but how many gals you’re bringing in on the boat.
  58. Love fishing. It is, hands-down, the most relaxing thing to do while waiting for that fish to bite 😁 #
  59. Celebrating the best fishing and local communities in America.
  60. Now is the best time to hit the water! Be sure to check out tips on how to catch this species, and we’ll be sure to follow you and share your #catchoftheday with our followers. Happy angling!
  61. What a day on the water! I wonder if there are other fishermen out there with their own gear who love fishing as much as I do.
  62. When the weather heats up, the fish can sense it. That’s why they like to feed in the early mornings and into the evenings. So do us anglers. Here is some advice for your next fishing trip: >>>
  63. The greatest conversations happen over a cold drink at your favorite fishing hole 🐟🍷☕️❤️
  64. Cheering you up and making you feel like you can win the world: the first weekend of fishing!
  65. Go big or go home. Out of the boat and into the rod! 🎣🎣 👍 I hope these fishing captions are helpful for you! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.
  66. Start your day with a smile. Start your day with a fish breakfast sandwich 😉 #tbt
  67. There is no such thing as too many fishing rods #dangerous #fishing #capture
  68. Anytime is a great time for a fishing montage. #FindYourGreatness
  69. Fishing is not just a hobby for me—it’s a lifestyle. From dawn to dusk, I am on the water every chance I get during fishing season. It is my passion.
  70. Striving for the catch of a lifetime, we spared no expense on this state-of-the-art boat.
  71. Hook, line, and sinker. We’re sold. 🎣🐟
  72. An unexpected day of fishing always beats an expected day of work.
  73. Even when it doesn’t catch a fish, it’s still the best float I‘ve ever been on #fishingforlikes
  74. The fish you caught doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty of our lakes. #keepitclean , #nature
  75. Good fishing is about patience, persistence and preparation. This weekend, all you gotta do is show up. Cheers to dads who embrace the great outdoors with their families 💙
  76. Stories are the lifeblood of fishing. They are like shared experiences and memories, which can be passed on from generation to generation along with the love of the great outdoors.
  77. There’s nothing like the quiet of a morning on the water to make your day. ☀ 🐟
  78. Going fishing with your best fishing partner is the best way to spend a day.
  79. Let’s talk life goals, fishing goals, and how you can achieve them both together. 🎣💰☠️❤️
  80. To fish is human — as well as a source of extraordinary pleasure and relaxation. To catch a big one brings satisfaction that nothing else in life can give.
  81. I got the fever, and the only prescription is more fishing 🎣 #topfishingcaptions
  82. “The sea is never calm.”
  83. Let’s go fishing! Let us take you away with a perfect day on the water! 🐟-🌴🌞🌅
  84. “The best way to keep a fish from biting is to keep it well fed”. Brought to you by the self proclaimed fishermen with a fishing problem.
  85. The earliest memory I have of fishing was with my dad in Oklahoma when I was 4 years old. We’d cast out on the lake, wait for a tug on the line, and set the hook. I got a bite a few times
  86. So much mystery in this lively ocean. Particularly for those who haven’t been on a deep-sea fishing adventure yet. 😮😎 #lifetimecollectedadventures #marlininmotion #oceanemotions
  87. Fishing just makes me feel good. Life moves at such a fast pace most days that:
  88. 🐟Fish are great, I recommend them to anyone, you can have all my fish.
  89. Working like a water bug in the middle of summer… to give you fish all year long.
  90. Freakin savage moment from the hook. ## Fishing is the best thing in life, fishing makes you laughing, it shows you life through a different perspective. For an angler fishing brings the thoughts of bright futures, dreams coming true and happiness only.
  91. Get on the water with @XXXX and learn about how to connect with nature and make every fish count.
  92. When you’re staring up at the skies, you’re facing the same direction as everyone else…Once you’ve decided where to look, you’re alone 👀 #fishing #fishinglife
  93. The key to great fishing is preparation, patience, and persistence. Wait for the strike.
  94. Beach: The only thing better than one fish story is a good fish story. – Don West
  95. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure—and it all starts with a simple click of the mouse.
  96. Get out there and fish. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being on the water, surrounded by wildlife, and catching your limit every time you go fishing.
  97. Fishing is a pastime that’s often recognized as a relaxing hobby for some. Whenever you’re having a bad day, take it easy and go fishing by the lake or rivers. It is a sport that makes nature be part
  98. The more I fish, the more tired I become. But to chase this empty feeling, I just keep on fishing.
  99. One of the best ways to catch the fish is to not fight the fish. Just let it happen!
  100. When you need a quick and easy meal, nothing beats seafood. Chefs agree: fresh is best for storing at home, and you’re going to love the variety of flavors they bring to the table.

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