Valentines Day Captions For Babies With Quotes

These Valentine’s Day captions are just perfect for your baby! You can cheeky post them with some photos of your baby to make your Instagram followers laugh!

Are you looking for valentines day captions for babies? Look no further. As we have complied the best collections for you to use.


Valentines Day Captions For Babies

1. Captions for Valentines Day showing how to plan ahead, and showing a series of illustrations that go with the caption.

2. It’s never too early to start the celebration of love β€οΈπŸŽ‚ #valentinesday #babieshower #canonphotography #goupstate #newjersey ##

3. All I want is a cute little Valentine’s Day baby…could you stop growing for just a second?? πŸ₯° #babyvday

4. Thank you for being such a delight to those you love in every way. You make our hearts smile ✨   #valentinesday

5. Just like you, little girl #girl #babygirl #cutie #angel #girly #pink

6. Happy Valentine’s Day ‼️ ❀️

7. Grab your sweetheart and make a date night of it. Just you two on our cozy couches. And for under $10!

8. Absolutely loved you at first sight. Now I ask myself how did I ever survive without you?❀️ You’re my sunshine, my only one. You make everything better… you make my world so beautiful. πŸ’› Just watch

9. β€οΈŽπŸ‘ΆπŸ» We couldn’t be more excited to share 2 peas in a pod with you! β€οΈŽπŸ‘ΆπŸ»

10. What could be more beautiful than two hearts that beat as one? Congratulations to Mom and Dad!

11. We love celebrating Valentines Day with youβ€”our awesome customers!

12. What’s better than Valentine’s Day? A day that celebrates the best Valentine in my lifeβ€”my son.

13. Feeling all the love for you ❀️ #valentinesday

14. Every kiss begins with Kay πŸ’‹ ❀️ #ValentinesDay2018 #FBF

15. Snuggle in with your little one and some new arrivals. With so many beautiful new arrivals our little ones will love, we can’t choose just one!

16. πŸ’˜Forever and always, Valentine’s Day πŸ’˜ #valentinesday

17. Be my Valentine.

19. Today’s #MomentOfKindness: A Mother’s Love. Nurture the spark of kindness and compassion in your children by acknowledging their role in making you smile.

20. Happy #AmbassadorDay to our Ambassador of cuteness: Who doesn’t love a little pre-run snuggle with their pup? πŸΆπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

21. Sizzling, juicy love. 😍

22. To be honest, your heart is probably the cutest Valentine I’ve ever seen — maybe even more perfect than mine…it’s hard to remember your first time being born was just over 3 months ago 😍

23. No matter how you do it, show the ones you love how much they mean to you. πŸ’ž #valentinesday

24. You’ve got my…heart. You’ve also got my lungs, kidneys, and pancreas. #whosaysthesedaysshouldbelongtogether #valentinesday

25. it’s our karma to be loving and kind, it only feels right to give love out to those who you do adore, choose love today #valentinesday

26. Snuggling with a baby should feel as comfy as this cozy one-piece. – We love you to the moon and back #ZutanoBabies #Baby ❀️

27. Be mine πŸŽ‰πŸ’. Happy Valentine’s Day from #OperationBeMine!

28. Be mine, Valentine? πŸ’•πŸ˜‰

29. Whenever you’re apart, keep a little light on in your heart. May the love you share this Valentine’s Day shine as brightly as the stars above. #KeepALightOn #FallinLove

30. So soft. So snuggly. So little.

31. Baby-proofing the house is important now. Before you know it, people you didn’t even invite will be all over your home.

32. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about chocolates, roses, or teddy bears. It can also be about you and your baby…

33. Tap for the best baby Valentine’s Day memes, pictures, and gifs. Get ready to share lots of heart-eye emojis! #valentinesday

34. There’s no denying that a baby is the sweetest Valentine baby you can get πŸ’—

35. No matter our age, we all like to feel a little extra special on Valentine’s Day. Surprise someone you love with something small but thoughtful. #Valentinesday

36. All systems go for the most romantic day of the year. 😍 #ValentinesDay2017 #LOVE

37. Love is in the air. And if you’re expecting, it’s in your milk too! Print this free printable to spread the love this #ValentinesDay!

38. Happy Valentines Day to all you love birds out there! #vday2019

39. Mom’s touch is her magic. πŸ’• #babyblanket #momandme

40. These hearts have way too much love to be contained by one shoot. #besties

41. Fall in love with these little ones. We were made to be silly together. πŸ’™πŸ˜Š #embraceyourquirk #buildtheflock

42. Happy Valentine’s Day! Speaking of, have we told you lately that we love your smile? πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ #dearbaby

43. I love you more than all the stars in the sky and fish in the sea. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. πŸ’™

44. When the little ones are away, settle in for a romantic night at home and experiment cooking for just two!

45. Celebrating the most romantic day of the year (of course!)

46. Love is in the air.❀️

47. When you find that someone who gets you like nobody else does. πŸ’œβ™₯️🌻

48. Hello, my little love. πŸ’›

49. Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ’—πŸ° #valentinesday #babies

50. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love, laughter, and lots of great baby snuggles. πŸ’›

51. It’s never too early to start shopping for the people you love Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Get your boo on and shop our PINK Valentine’s merchandise now in stores and online

52. There’s no love quite like that of a mother for her child. Happy Valentine’s Day!

53. So much love for Valentine’s Day, that most fabulous party of the year. Happy V Day crew!

54. Is it Valentine’s Day yet? I can’t wait to celebrate with you. ❀️ πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜

55. Holy Toledo, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

56. Every cute baby is a valentine. Have a happy day! #valentinesday

57. What makes you feel like a valentine? We’d love to find out! Tag us in your sweetest, most valentine-y pictures on Instagram for a chance to be featured and win an exclusive gift.

58. May you experience a love as steady and strong as your child’s heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy. 😘

59. πŸ’• A sleepy Sunday is one of my favorite kinds of days. And these two must be the cutest cuddle buddies ever. Love you, mister and missus! #couplestattoo #valentinestattoo

60. Fall in love with new #BabyBjorns of your friends or loved ones #ootd


Valentines Day Captions For Babies


61. So our baby might not remember the ruffle…maybe…. but we will !!! xoxoxo #babylove

62. Chocolate or Champagne? We can’t choose either, so we decided to have both! πŸ˜› #ValentinesDay

63. So much love for this baby.

64. Getting ready for a sweet day of cuddling in a onesie.

65. Can’t wait to kiss you #cutenessoverload

66. Obsessed with our new #LilGadgets Wraps! Great for protecting fragile skin from diaper rash and preventing kids from squirming out of car seats. Planning a #ValentinesDay baby dedication? Check out our blog for details on

67. Little Love Bug, you’re my Valentine. My heart swells with love for you. This year I’m more in love than last year. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. You are the first face I see when

68. Be my valentine! πŸ’“

69. Here lies our love made in Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

70. Turning two feels like the most magical thing. You’re getting so big! Lovingly crafted for a nursery, these were made to inspire love and discovery in babies.

71. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to celebrate baby’s first kiss.

72. Ready for Valentine’s Day? The countdown begins now! 🌹

73. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a cute photograph of you at 6 months old. Hope you have a lovely day! 😘

74. This Valentine’s Day, love yourselves first. Treat your kids to a play date at *insert name of your business*. #myvalentinesday

75. What a cute baby!” “I know, right? I can’t believe how fast it grew up!”.

76. The best part of waking up… is coffee for your baby. πŸ˜‰ @xxxxxxx

77. Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you to the moon and back!

78. Wishing you a sweet Valentine’s Day. Spend it with the ones you love. πŸ’ž

79. Babies are a gift from God on this day that celebrates love πŸ’—#JOY #🍰

80. Hey there, little one. I know you think that this world is a big, scary place with fast traffic and loud noises, but your daddy and I are here to tell you that’s wrong.

81. Because a big hug makes everything better. Happy Valentine’s Day. #β€ŽFathersDayCaptionsForBabies

82. Two hearts are better than one! Celebrate #Valentine’sDay with baby-doll hearts painted on your sweet little one’s cheeks πŸ’ .

83. Don’t be jealous of our Valentine; we love you too and are oh so proud of you. Happy #NationalPuppyDay. #ValentinesDay

84. Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day πŸ’— #Sugarsnapshots #SBbyJessicaBrow

85. Master class: when to bring your kids into the kitchen? When it smells like this #cookforvalentine’sday

86. Stop and smell the rosesβ€”in this case, a really cute little baby.

87. On this day of love, our hearts are full. Thank you for being a part of our family. #happyvalentinesday

88. Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­. You’re the best gift I’ve ever received.

89. Be mine, Valentine. πŸ’›

90. Happy Valentine’s day to you!

91. Baby, we didn’t get to spend valentine’s day together this year…but you were on my mind the whole day. I’m looking forward to spending months and years using thousands of hours raising a happy, healthy, and smart child with you.

92. β™₯ Thank you, little one, for serving as the model in our Valentine’s Day photo shoot. All of us at

93. Sassy Development are crazy about you! You’re so adorable and sweet.

94. Wishing you Happy Valentines Day from babies to bellies. ❀️

95. Happy valentines day to the love of my life, my boyfriend Dan. I love you! πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€

96. Even though we spend so much time together, maybe it’s best if I never see you again. Happy Valentine from me to you. #ValentinesDay

97. It’s Valentine’s Day. Use our sweet tooth guide to make it your special day. πŸ’—

98. Just for you 😍 Baby girl wanted a cake to celebrate her 2nd bday! So cuteπŸ˜„

99. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love πŸ’—

100. That moment when you realize your kid is cute and funny and has no idea what’s about to hit her πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ #HersheyKids

101. πŸ₯° Darling, you are my sweetheart πŸ’ Beautiful, beautiful you πŸ’• I’m so lucky and I know it πŸ₯° You make me feel like the luckiest man on earth ❀️❀

102. There’s nothing like a warm embrace from your favorite mama. So snuggle up 🍼 #ValentinesDay “.

103. So many friends, so little time! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the sweet little babes out there πŸ’— #valentinebabes

104. Love these heartwarming moms and dads, but getting a little extra love this time of year never hurts.”

105. Cuddling with my favorite baby because life is better that way. Bonus points if you match your nail polish to her chubby little cheeks 😍 #loveher

106. To my Valentineβ€”you’re the prettiest little pumpkin in the patch. I love you more than

107. Your tiny hands and warm hugs will keep my heart this winter. 😍πŸ₯°

108. Time to make a date with your little one. 😊

109. Linking up with Jess for Valentine’s Day ❀️ #valentinesday

110. Let’s celebrate your cuteness, beardless baby. Love you. ❀️ #β€Žsoinlove πŸ™‚

111. Mmmm pumpkin pie with whipped cream. βœ”

112. So cute I could (bow) tie. Happy Valentine’s Day #valentinesday #baby

113. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ First valentine’s Day! Let’s celebrate with the love of our lives – our babies. Keep the photo going by tagging @xxxx

114. Make someone’s heart smile this Valentine’s Day with an adorable baby otter 🐼

115. Baby, you and me–nothing is sweeter than that. Happy Valentine’s Day β˜€πŸ’— 🀞

116. It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away. #HappyValentinesDay πŸ’

117. Hope your day is as cute as you are!

118. Have a blessed Valentine’s Day ❀️ #blessing

119. As soft as the fluff on a baby bunny’s ear. 😍

120. Love is when your puppy licks your face ✌🏽️

121. Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day. -Husband

122. Feeling heart eyes emojis for this sweet, cuddly couple πŸ’˜, ☺ #valentinesday2018

123. The sweetest Valentine’s Day is just hours away. We πŸ’“ you! #valentinesday #happyvalentinesday

124. Be my valentine #tbt to a lovely evening with the kids on Valentine’s Day. “Enjoy this beautiful night together!” We said. And we did. ❀️

125. Can’t wait to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. Love you, @xxxxx 😍 #HappyValentinesDay!’

126. A day of love deserves a full day of cuddles. #bestvalentineever

127. Got #Love? Spread it with our sweet treats _ πŸ“ #NationalPuppyDay

128. Today is the day to say “I love you” to that someone special in your life! Whether it be a friend, family member, or even yourself, tell someone special you love them.

129. Just in case anyone on your special list is running a little behind this year, here’s a little reminder that the BEES 🐝 have already been hard at work making sure there are lots of delivery options for you on February 14.

130. Time for some cuddles and kisses, cuesto? We love youπŸ’•

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