Top 50+ Winter Pick up Lines for Instagram

Top 50+ Winter Pick up Lines for Instagram

As we approach the fall transition from daylight savings time to standard time, the weather becomes colder, the days become shorter, and days with little or no daylight become longer. Although the snow may not be much around, yet, in December, the season has already arrived.

At this point in your life, are you still single? He’s single with no girlfriend? His girlfriend is his own; isn’t she great? Don’t go any further. For Instagram-made beauty it’s sake, we have the perfect Winter Pick Up Lines for Instagram for you here! These lines are really persuasive and they can be used to get a date with someone who’s open to being persuaded. All looks and works like magic! Maybe not in the way you would expect, but close enough. [Pickup lines such as these] don’t usually work with people in your sphere of social contact, but if you haven’t, it could be fun.

The worst part of winter is that you’re not alone in experiencing it. It seems from the most recent count that about 44% of the US population is single, meaning that there are 134.8 million (or more) adults who are not married. There are a lot of people out there who need to be inspired, and I would certainly have an opportunity to help that by using a memorable and fun pickup line.

While we have not had snow yet, the holiday has arrived and is approaching quickly. This means you should train on some new pick-up lines for Instagram if you want to be a regular on there.

Have you noticed that after you started using Instagram, you have been the kind of person who takes photos on their phone more often? Though these pickup lines for Instagram may be supposed to be amusing, they’ll have the desired effect of getting your dates to notice you and even bringing in some ladies.

Always remember that you can use pickup Instagram for other users, even if you are not one of them. While these pick-up lines should help you pick up women and get you a few dates, they should be equally effective if you are male or female.


  1. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this guy in a sweater vest and scarf? #winterpickuplines
  2. It’s getting hot in here, thanks to @coldzzz. 😎
  3. ❄️❄️ I’ll be your hot cocoa for the night! 🍫
  4. So, tonight’s a night for sledding…and snuggling up in front of the TV. #WinterIsHere
  5. It’s cold outside, frosty is my drink of choice. 🍦 Do you want to catch a curl?
  6. I wish you were a scarf so I could wrap you around me.
  7. Halloween is here, and it’s the holiday when you can dress up in your favorite costume and say whatever comes to mind—which means we have an excuse to come up with the weirdest pick-up lines yet. Check out these hilarious,
  8. Darling, I’ll hold your hand if you wear a bikini. ☀🌴
  9. Posting a picture with the caption “Winter weather makes me want to stay in bed all day…with you” will get tons of likes. Put an object in your hand and distract the viewer from seeing the caption.
  10. It’s cold outside … would you like to warm me up?
  11. Bae: I’m in town for the weekend! Wanna go out tonight? Me: Yeah, just let me know when you get in.
  12. Don’t even get me started on your hair, the most beautiful snowflakes I have ever seen.
  13. Hey girl, can I borrow some of your winter clothes since mine are made for warmer weather?
  14. I stole the Hallmark card from my mom but still don’t have a good Valentine’s Day pickup line… can I borrow yours?
  15. I’m looking for someone to cuddle up with this winter. Are you that someone? 🦄
  16. Attention, holiday shoppers. Make way for someone who’s only here for one thing: That baby. 🎄
  17. Hey babe, what’s up? Wanna go snowboarding?
  18. Ok girl, today’s forecast calls for a lot of heavy breathing 💨 #moodforwinter
  19. Saying this is the Christmas I’ve been waiting for my whole life. ❄️ ❤️ 🎅 🎁
  20. A long winter is around the corner. Here are some pickup lines for you to try! #winterpickuplinesforinstagram
  21. Let’s cuddle up and watch all the wintery snow melts turn into a spring #winterpickuplines #pickupline.
  22. Hey, you must be single. Because I’m about to break all the rules and try to steal your heart. #Hiya #LuckyMe #SwipeRight #LoveAtFirstSight
  23. I’d like to toast to all those warm fuzzy moments we will spend together. 🍂 #winterpickuplines #fallrewind #instastorytag
  24. Life is better when you spend it outside’ but not so much when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Luckily, Starbucks has your back – even when snowflakes are falling (and in some places, accumulating like snowdrifts).
  25. A taste of fall with a hint of holiday cheer. ⛄️☕️
  26. ✨Tonight, let’s go where we’re snowed in and the only thing we can see is a cozy fire waiting for us. 🔥🍻
  27. Happy Holidays! Wishing you a season full of joy, love, and all the fuzzy feelings. Here’s to spreading warmth to everyone around you. 🎄🎅🏼
  28. Hey, the snow outside is looking pretty crazy. Wanna come over and warm me up?  😉
  29. Let’s spend winter together.
  30. Getting warm for winter in leopard and velvet. ☃️ #winterpickuplines
  31. All I want for Christmas is you. #OyWithThePickupLines
  32. I’d love to keep you warm tonight 🔥 #pickuplines
  33. There’s no need to be a victim of circumstance. Be proactive and tell winter: Not today!
  34. You know it’s the most wonderful time of year when you find a hot apple 🍎 ahead of you in the supermarket.
  35. Do I know you? No. Are you hot in here? Yes. We could make it a little longer until we know each other well. 😉
  36. What’s your favorite season? Mine is winter.
  37. I’ve got you under my skin. I’m so glad I found you. Won’t you hold me tight, and won’t you hold me, dear? While we stand together here.
  38. I stumbled in a puddle of melted ice and my knee is now wet. Is there a towel or bench around?” ☃️
  39. You’ve made it through a long, cold winter. Now you’re ready for a change! It’s time to try something new. Springtime means fresh starts, especially in wardrobe. Try these springtimes pick up lines — the fresh change of season
  40. ❄️Winter is the season of haters, not lovers. But that could change if we meet under our blankets. Wanna cuddle?
  41. “Baby, it’s cold outside. 🥶 #happythanksgiving”
  42. Are you warm yet? 🔥 It’s cold out here. #lol
  43. What’s your favorite winter activity? Curling. No, I mean it. Get it? Because of the rock. 😑
  44. Sipping on apple cider in front of an open fire, or cuddling up with a hot chocolate on a cold morning—I don’t care how you go about it, as long as the only thing between you and the snow is each other
  45. Hey, I’ve got you 💗.
  46. Hey, it’s cold outside. What are you doing Thursday night?
  47. Aww, is it cold out? Buy me some coffee to warm me up #theriskiestpickuplinesever
  48. Stay warm in my heart ❤️
  49. Baby, it’s cold outside… not here though because if you go out on a date with me, I’m gonna keep your hands nice and toasty 😎 (made for a coffee company and barista)
  50. Bundle up, then Unbundle me. #winteriscomingWinter Pick up Lines for Instagram
  51. When it’s cold, you bundle up. When it is hot, you “let it all hang out”…but what should you wear when you’re stuck somewhere in between?
  52. It’s getting cold out there. . . But I still have the energy to burn.
  53. I’d let you be my little snowflake any day. ☃
  54. I’m hot chocolate and you’re cream. Together, we make a killer duo. Let me take you on an adventure this winter #winterpickuplines
  55. It is too cold outside for snowflakes, but there are cute girls in it.
  56. I used to be snow. Cold. And frozen. Till I met you and melted all over you.
  57. Will you be my blanket for the winter and keep me warm all through?
  58. I’ve got my scarf on, guess it is time to meet my match.
  59. As the first snowflakes float down, you look at me and say come back to bed. Oh, what’s that? It’s just snow? Pshhh, no it isn’t. #winterpickuplines
  60. Me: I’m so cold, I need someone to keep me warm
  61. Hello, gorgeous. The Winter Fashion Sale is now open. Let’s get you bundled up in all the best your closet has to offer. 💜 #WinterWishes
  62. Ooh, you’re like hot chocolate on a cold winter day ☃️‼️
  63. For when winter finally comes, and it’s cold outside.
  64. 😁No need to freeze up, we’ve got hot cocoa. 🍫☕
  65. If you were a winter hat, you’d be warm and toasty #winterpickuplines
  66. All I want for Christmas is you. 🎄🎅
  67. We’ve been over here missing you…so as a pick-me-up, here are some tips on how to rock whatever winter throws your way.  😎
  68. You: Yummy coffee that warms my heart ⚡️
  69. Hey girl, it’s freezing outside…
  70. You: The cutest snowflake I’ve ever seen
  71. Just in case you’re still looking for a reason to go outside…
  72. Happy #holidayseason to my favorite elf, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. You might catch me under the mistletoe if you think Santa will mind!
  73. Do you have any snow for me?
  74. Iced over, indeed. #WinterPickUpLines #LetsDrinkToThat
  75. Long boring winter 😑 and you’re looking particularly tasty. #winterpickuplines
  76. Hello, snowflake! The season may be cold, but you’re still just as precious. 😍
  77. I knew snow was coming but didn’t expect it to be this cute #ImColdOutside
  78. When a jacket isn’t enough yet you don’t want to put on any more layers, we’re partial to throwing on a scarf and pairing it with our favorite winter accessories.
  79. Let me warm you up with my smile ☃😍
  80. Hey girl, I know what you’re up to… And I like it. Let me buy you a coffee ☕☃
  81. What is your name? Because I want to know if you feel like this too when you think of me… Yes ❄️ yes, just yes.
  82. ❄️ As smooth as my hot chocolate, baby
  83. Make sure you always have a piece of toast when you see me #yeahhookup
  84. Hi, mean mug, I’m one of those girls who will ask you to leave a review on yelp, but it’s not because I don’t like you. It’s because I do like you & want other people to know about it
  85. Why, hello there. If you don’t have plans this Friday, I’d love to hear your opinion on the latest Kardashian family scandal.
  86. Love is like snow, it’s beautiful but it’s cold.
  87. If you were a handle, I’d have my mug right next to you. ❤️ #Cheesy but true
  88. Christmas is getting closer. And you might see some crazy people wearing weird red clothes and eating frosty beverages.
  89. Hey snow, I’m here for you when things aren’t going as well as I would like. I’m ready to do what you do best. 🌨
  90. Hey there, sweetie. Wanted to wish you a wintery good morning. 🎄❄️☕️
  91. It’s cold out there but I’m warm just thinking about you.
  92. Hello, Gorgeous ♥ Hope, you’re having an amazing rest of your day.
  93. I think I’ve lost my scarf, can you help me find it? 😉
  94. If you were a winter Olympic event, you’d be slalom. Cuz you’re adventurous and so much fun—I’m feeling all kinds of yearnings. 🥶
  95. All you want for Christmas is a kiss under the mistletoe, so can I have yours? #winterpickuplines
  96. Ladies, when it’s freezing outside and he still wants to take you for a walk, that’s cute. #feelingthewintervibes #winterromance
  97. Let’s cuddle up this winter with these toasty beverages—and each other. ☀ ❄️
  98. April showers bring May flowers…but not for your beard. Make sure it’s healthy and ready for all the adventures that summer has to offer. #beardseason #beardbrands #groomingcontest
  99. I haven’t seen you in ages, would it be okay if I gave you a Christmas kiss?🎄
  100. Ooh! You must be made of snow because temperature-wise you’re cool enough to stay. 🍁🍂😎

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