50 Art Captions for Instagram

Art captions for Instagram are always better with a little bit of humor.  They can also be a lot of fun to try and come up with, especially if you like to write.  The most popular way to add some humor to your captions is to use puns.  Puns are a fun way to make a bad situation.

Below are the best Art captions for Instagram…


Art Captions for Instagram


1. We are always searching for art that has a deeper meaning or offers insights into our thoughts. Sometimes, art is just pure Self-expression. It’s surprising to see how this simple idea can express complex thoughts.

2. Inspired by nature, we try to create a piece of art for you on the face. 🌊

3. Art is made to be seen.

4. If only pieces of our childhood memories could stay with us forever!

5. Art is a recreation of nature.

6. Art is the human expression of the highest ideals in man.

7. Blurb illustration of a serene and peaceful forested scene done in graphite pencils. This illustration is a great addition to your home decor.

8. There are these moments when I’m totally overwhelmed by the beauty and uncertainty of it all. I’m overwhelmed with awe for the universe, the complexity of life, and my existence in it. These moments become a part of me, my art

9. I took this photo in Iceland, a cold but beautiful country. – @xxxxxxx

10. Art captions for Instagram: Move your heart and not your feet.

11. Lately, I have been more using art captions on Instagram. Here are some I created:

12. As a method to finding yourself through finding your creativity, Art is an uplifting journey . . . it’s the creation of a positive space where you can be and do what you want. Art is when ideas are made physical.

13. Art is an integral part of life. We look at art for pleasure, inspiration, and deeper understanding. Whether you call it fine art, visual art, or just art, it offers an experience that is uniquely human. You connect with the artist’s

14. Art is fun! We’re getting better at it, every day. Let’s keep going.

15. Art makes us feel things. Things that live in us and move us to do, make, and be. From the rooms of our homes to the streets of our cities, art surrounds us in so many ways. We are grateful that you stop

16. I Made this painting for Anne because my love is a hopeless romantic and I wanted to make her feel cherished.

17. Art Makes Me Happy on this rainy day ☔️ 🎨 #artmakesmehappy

18. Art doesn’t always have to be fancy. It can be anything that is beautiful.

19. Art is emotion. It is a feeling. It’s just a way to understand and explain aspects of human experience.

20. A captivating photo is a combination of a balanced composition, exposure, appropriate camera settings and lens choice. Strive to produce images that draw the viewer into your photo’s scene or subject.

21. A picture can hold a thousand words, and yet the right caption can make it speak volumes more.

22. Art is the moment where we find ourselves alive in the very breath and passing.

23. Art is a way of taking life by the horns. – Leo Tolstoy –

24. Beautiful picture, right? You can see art in the sketches, graphs, and charts you see every day. Come take a look at how art plays out in data—and find your own masterpiece to tell your brand story.

25. I think the great thing is that my art and my dancing are just the same things. They’re one and the same, really. –Jessica Wilson

26. Tomorrow morning, you are going to wake up and it will be Thursday.” is a quote from the artist Roy Lichtenstein. This painting was meant to represent the high expectations and excitement one has for something coming in the near future.

27. Cooler weather invites us to slow down and appreciate the little things-the warm colors, cozy fabrics, and rich textures of a classic fall wardrobe.

28. What a beautiful moment between the water and the sky…

29. Art is a language we all understand and it brings us together.

30. A captivating canvas of breathtaking figuratively and metaphorically rich works of art.

31. Each of these carefully curated images tells its own story through the grace of distinctive art.

32. Shout out to all the artists in our community. You know who you are. 🙂 First Place winner of the Inaugural BEACH PRO Art Contest, Tiana Cruz!

33. We’ll show you some art. Whether you’re visiting a museum or viewing it on Instagram, it doesn’t have to be a somber experience.

34. The last blue of the night sky over a weathered wood dock in the center of Old Town Alexandria, VA The post is for the Fine Art America website.

35. We focus on images that evoke a sense of awe, beauty, or even laughter from the viewer. We are awestruck by the work of talented artists and graphic designers from all over Instagram, but our favorite thing to see is their captions.

36. Monochrome canvas. Like a window to the world of art in front of your eyes.

37. Looking forward to the start of this week! #OraOrnamentalSeason

38. Using only black and white for good art captions can be TOO easy. ​With our limited color palette, we are forced to really dig deep and let the art do all the talking.

39. every day is a good day for Art. 🙌 #artspiration

40. Art can bring us joy, inspire us to create, or remind us to value what we have. You are that priceless gift. Thanks for always being you and reminding me to do the same.

41. Art goes great with coffee. A good piece of art can spark creativity and imagination in others.

42. Beautiful art! Get your fall flavors on with this colorful treat. 🍂🍁 #Starbucks #coffee

43. Some days she paints clouds and some days she just goes outside. __☁🌑 #ART

44. I’m going to a place where nobody knows me, and nobody cares about what I’ve done. #sunset_woman #art_life #artphoto

45. A photo is a moment captured, but a painting is a moment imagined. Thank you for the beautiful paintings and moments @xxxxxxx #art #dontstopkeepsketching #artshelpingusfeelbetteraboutour


Art Captions for Instagram


46. Captions are often positioned in the middle of a feed, but make sure there’s enough space before and after your photo so that your image doesn’t seem cluttered with too much text.

47. The best part about art is that it’s alive and always changing, so no matter how much you study it, there is much more to learn.

48. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little selfie action? 🤳 #art #insta_art #art #InstaArt」

49. I am dying here!!! I really love this piece by @xxxxx! His work is absolutely incredible!! #art #artwork #instaartist

50. We believe art is always in the details, so we turned to art itself for some inspiration. Here’s our take on two masterpieces…

51. Art makes a home. Art makes someone’s day. Art celebrates friends and loves ones. Art enriches the mind, body, and soul. Art is powerful and persistent. When you see it, your view of the world will shift and transform

52. Life is finite. Art is infinite. Squeeze both into your day. #art#makes#life#better##

53. We truly believe that there is harmony in a life filled with art. So…

54. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. Edgar Degas

55. Artists – what amazing new service from @support_artists_worldwide A must-have for all.

56. Without art, life would be a mistake” – Nietzsche We’re taking your wall 🎨 into our world this Wednesday. Get a taste of the @ny_contemporary crowd. #NYCxH&M is arriving. And there

57. Art helps us transcend the ordinary.

58. Be rough with the beautiful 😱 and this is what you get 👀 with Art

59. Inspiring men to follow in the footsteps of great artists and capture their world with a camera.

60. “You’re the reason why this work always reminds me of home” #art #artist #contemporary

61. The art of photography is only limited by your imagination.

62. Here are more captions for Instagram that have been proven to work:

63. Where the art gets made. #artistsoninstagram #instaartist

64. Art is all around you—inside as well as outside. It’s not always the things you see that have special value, it could be something as simple as a moment.

65. Art is a museum, art is your neighborhood, school, gym, and office. Art is everything you see.   Art = Life. Always with you. Be together not the same. Wanderlust Movement.

66. When you’re searching for the right artwork for your decor, add a bit of yourself or the present moment in this modern home.

67. Whether it’s a dramatic waterfall, a classic postcard, or an original masterpiece, we want to share the artistry of our world with you. #art #curiositykilledthecat #openupyourworld

68. It takes an artist’s gaze to truly see things as they are. #art #artist #abstract

69. This painting has inspired so many artists, storytellers, and creative types around the globe.

70. My art is music, my life is sharing my music with people like you. You lift me up when I can’t fly by myself. Thank you for your voice…. No matter how it sounds. #singersongwriter #singers

71. I’m kind of in love with the blush and neutrals art movement. It seems to me like it’s less about a pervasive cool aesthetic and more about empowering women to create whatever they want, whenever they want. Have fun.

72. There is more to art than meets the eye..you need to look at it with your heart, not just your eyes.##

73. Art isn’t limited to a museum; rather, it’s everywhere. Nowhere is this more true than in artful living.

74. Spring into art with us! 🌸🌿💖 #artbiennialoflondon

75. Today’s little art challenge: what do you see when you look at a rose?

76. Art is a language that has the power to change our lives

77. Art is a response of the senses to the world we live in, an acknowledgment of every aspect of the design that surrounds us.

78. Art really is in the eye of the beholder.

79. Beautiful nature landscapes art. #Nature #flowers – Photography #photoart .

80. A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words, so let me count the ways I love you. #art #instagram #captions

81. Art captions for Instagram – You are in a museum of your life.

82. Art is supposed to be beautiful, and I think this is a very beautiful piece. I try not to analyze art too much because otherwise you get caught up in the meaning behind it and miss the actual beauty of it, so I appreciate that people are

83. Art doesn’t need words.

84. We interrupt this very serious art show to bring you a cake. Thanks to @xxxxxx for the afternoon snack and great company!

85. Just like the delicate hues within our beautiful nature, this photo shows just how lovely light can be when brightened by a touch of imagination. #ArtCaptions #ArtQuotes

86. Capturing the morning with my favorite style of pillow 😴 #art #carpet

87. If you have enjoyed any of the art I’m sharing today, please check out my Etsy store or Instagram to see more available options.

88. It’s not just a beautiful painting of Art but also an investment.

89. The beauty found in nature and complex designs all around us inspires me to create. I’m inspired by that which we often take for granted, the simple things. My hope is that my art can make people feel a sense of gratitude. In today’s

90. Art is happy when it’s not busy being something else. – Henri Matisse

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