80 WCW Captions for Instagram

WCW Captions for Instagram


Every Wednesday women post photos of the women they consider to be their ‘crushes’, AKA ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ (WCW). That means there is a whole bunch of great pictures posted every week that you can use as sources for a new, fresh caption for woman crush Wednesday.


Below Are some of the best captions to use, have fun.


1. So last year, when we designed our best-selling Women Crush Everyday tanks, it didn’t take long for them to become a wardrobe staple. Now, ladies, it’s time to be bolder with new colors and graphics that pay.

2. I’m crushing on low-key couple style and oversized light sweaters right now!! 💗

3. Kisses from a lady are always welcome.

4. There’s nothing like a good pair of docs to prove that you don’t have to be a certain height to be fierce. #xxx

5. The best relationships start with a crush. It’s a feeling that draws you to someone for no other reason than admiration. Once it takes hold, it doesn’t let go. So #WCW give love a chance and share

6. Oh, baby.  Women’s World Cup is on, and so are we.  Go #WCW!

7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” said Samuel Taylor Coleridge. You must agree that this

8. Hey Crush, do you have a secret for keeping your summer glow? 🎨 #WCW

9. We are crushing hard on self-confidence, so we created the #WCW photo contest to give you a platform to share your story of empowerment.

10. If you need me, all you have to do is lookup. That way, I’ll know where to find you hopefully not a stalker😂#WCW.

11. There’s someone who thinks your handsome, charismatic, intelligent- enough to annoy you at 2 am #xxxxxxxxxxxxx

12. It’s the perfect fall day when you can wear your favorite tall boots with a pretty dress and have extra time to take cute #WCW pics in the park.

13. Happy #internationalwomensday to all the badass ladies in our lives!

14. Cuties, I’ve acquired some new trinkets from Jane Deering that will make your Winter even more wonderful. – Cute Captions

15. Be crushin’ on this sassy gal. Get your tickets to @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and make sure you stop by the table to say hi to @xxxxxxxxxxxxx!

16. Celebrating all that makes us happy this International Women’s Day 💜💙💚

17. I think I found my earliest crush. – Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (1994) ❤️ How she made me feel about my 12 yo self 😵

18. Sorry I disappeared for so long, I was just so busy crushing on you.

19. So giddy to introduce you to this dreamy new addition to our #xxxxxx board, @xxxxxxxxx.

20. I don’t know what’s up with her styling but I like it. A hairstyling community captions

21. A crush, obsession, or infatuation with a crush lady

22. Feeling something special for my crush lady @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx__tony_nails 🥰♥️😍🤗

23. Hey awesome lady. You’re pretty awesome! Fight me 👊 . #WCW

24. I can’t stop thinking about you, someone gives me a follow @xxxxxxxxx

25. Mostly it’s you being you, and also me realizing I love everything about you. #WCW

26. This woman crush Wednesday goes out to all the ladies who have crushed it this year. 👑 #wcw

27. This crush lady doesn’t mind a rainy day 🌧☔ #WCW

28. Your love is a journey, not a destination. Your greatest triumphs are yet to come. WR #WCW

29. Wish I could capture all your lights and keep them in my pocket when I’m away from you. #wcw

30. 🚶 🚶 thanks for crushing yesterday’s run @xxxxxxxxxxx_ 💪🏻✌🏻 #WCW

31. I’m just crushing on you…

32. It should be illegal for anyone to look this good in sweatpants #WCW

33. So crush on this lady who makes everything look so easy. #WCW @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

34. Hey ladies, cute bodysuits are the perfect way to spice up your sporty side – GET 10% OFF with code “AMELIA10” at checkout! 😎

35. Send me a pic to get featured on my (link) page. Locations and moods encouraged! #WCW

36. You’re one of the most amazing and sweet girls I have ever met. You are funny, smart, and you have a lovely smile

37. Thanks to all the sexy single ladies for making this Bachelor season exciting.

38. I’m having a major crush on the lace cutouts on this dress (📸: @xxxxxxxxxxx

39. Staying in tune with the special things that happen every day, and remembering to capture them. #WCW

40. Here’s to the girls who make straight-up unapologetic pettiness look downright charming. Blessed to have you in my life #WCW

41. Staying in tune with the special things that happen every day, and remembering to capture them. #WCW

42. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Ivanka Trump… Don’t you just love these women? A woman who takes pride in being a woman. So captivating.

43. Crush on someone new someone you can teach, learn from, and grow with. Someone who challenges you & takes you outside of your comfort zone.

44. Oops!!! I’ve fallen from heaven, and I have no idea where to go 😛 #WCW 45. I love the way you love me. I adore the way you touch me. At this moment, in time, all I care about is being with you. #wcw

45. There is something undeniably special and sexy about a woman who loves what she does.


50 WCW Captions for Instagram


46. Thank you for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you @xxxxxxx!!!

47. The woman who watches over every chick’s night out in every city across the 🌎 😘

48. I just wanna be in your arms where you hold me tight, give me all your time, ❤️

49. Happy National Crush a ladybug Day! Don’t squish them! They are our gardens best friend and natural pest control 🐜 #WCW

50. I wish I had you like my high school crush. So sweet and innocent. #WCW

51. You are my sunshine, you light up my whole life…☀#WCW @penguin.kathryn  #WCW

52. Your crush’s birthday is coming up. What do you even get a lady who has everything? Give her the gift of adventure (and brunch). 🌱 😎

53. We’ve made it to dinner with this Lil cutie @xxxxxxxxxxxx and her new boyfriend @xxxxxxxx. I wonder if they are adventurous eaters?

54. We are crushing hard #WCW”

55. Nice to meet you 💁🏽 I’ve been crushing so hard on this gorgeous woman lately 😍 @xxxxxxx

56. Crush your weekend with these new tall cans. Come to #WCW and taste them today. 😎

57. The weekend is here! Who’s excited for date night with your loved one? (related hashtags are comma-separated after the caption).

58. This girl has gone off the grid for the remainder of the weekend and is happy to have limited service 👍

59. I’m a sucker for eyelash lights, admire the stars together ☆ #WCW #wcw

60. You’re too beautiful to be seen with them #WCW #wcw @xxxxxxx 👸👑✨💎

61. She dreams of the ocean as she grips her steering wheel on the freeway. #WCW

62. My crush for the day, Anna Kendrick. The perfect amount of quirk, charm, and talent. #WCW

63. You’re not just a dream, you’re my reality—I love you. ❤️ #WCW

64. Dear Crush Lady, thank you for being my biggest fan. ☺️❤️

65. Hope everyone has a great first day of fall! #WCW

66. CONGRATS on being such a star @xxxx! It is an honor to have you on our cover, and we’re so excited for your future (and upcoming wedding)…

67. “This is why I crush on you, Darlin’!”

68. Having crushes on so many people that I have to start over several times just to keep track #wcw #WCW

69. Crushing on that girl who loves coffee almost as much as her dog 🐶 #WCWEvery Wednesday women post photos of the women they consider to be their ‘crushes’, AKA ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ (WCW). That means there is a whole bunch of great pictures posted every week that you can use as sources for new, fresh caption ideas. #WCW

70. Making plans for my lady crush to visit the town. Stay tuned 😉

71. #MyWCW goes from checking out on the weekend with her squad to spending a late day in the studio ☀ #MondayMotivation

72. Spending the night in full pejama and eating all the snacks. 🥞 #wcwproblems #humpday

73. Sometimes you just have to stop and marvel at how cute he is 😍 #relationshipgoals #blessed #foreverstillsingle #whereishe 😒

74. -🌈 Who’s your #WCW? 👭👫👯

75. ️‍♀️ Who got my cake 🍰 oh @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😊 #designtakeover #sketchbookwednesday #wcw

76. Lunch break with my bestie. While I sip on a chai latte, you can bet that Larry (my pup) is dreaming of chasing squirrels. #GirlsLunch

77. Office crush or not, he’s a catch. 🎣 🥊

78. 💕…The only two things that matter in this life are the connections you make with people and the memories you create while making them. Thank you for being a part of my life, I’m truly grateful for our friendship, love

79. Every good story deserves a great ending. Thank you for yours. #Happy50thAnniversary

80. What city are you #WCW in today?

81. Designed to make you feel better about the way you look. Equip your wardrobe with these little pieces of happiness.

82. You’re a smoke show. And we’re all invited to the party. 💛

83. There’s nothing more exciting than your first glimpse of a white winter coat.

84. Like leggings or a Kate Spade bag, she brightens even my darkest days. #WCW

85. Being on the same page as your very best friend is the greatest feeling. #WCW

86. Falling for this witchy glam look from @xxxxxx. Comment below and tell us who you’re falling for this week. #WCW Comment Below 🎃👌

87. Who’s your dating crush?

88. ’I’d rather be a woman than a man. Women can cry, they can wear cute clothes, and they’re the first to be rescued off of sinking ships.’ ― Bette Midler

89. My #WCW is all about spreading love, joy, and happiness to others. Let’s do this! ❤️🌈

90. ~a woman who is considerably beautiful, without any doubt. She has the curves of a goddess… #WCW #curves

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