70 Best Dog Captions for Instagram

70 Best Dog Captions for Instagram

Giving your puppy a funny caption can instantly make a boring photo epic! Dog Instagram captions have become really popular in the past year or so. Dogs are some of the most majestic creatures on this planet and are so much fun to play with. Their facial expressions are priceless, their cuteness can melt even the coldest of hearts and as we all know, dogs have a lot of love to give.

It’s true that a dog is a man’s best friend. They give us unconditional love, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and (hopefully) make us laugh as much as possible. Dogs bring joy to our lives, which is why it makes sense that we take such good care of them. Most dogs crave attention and affection from the people around them. The following article can help you a lot to learn about the most suitable Dog Captions for Instagram

Having a dog really does make you happy. Research shows that owning a pet can have beneficial effects, especially for children and elderly people. Dogs help to relieve stress and depression in humans by socializing with them.

People really love their dogs and often take lots of pictures of them. It’s no surprise that so many people are using Instagram to share pictures of their pets. While these pooches might not be fashion icons, they make adorable models for Instagram accounts that offer good dog captions.

Best dog captions for Instagram are an important way to express the personality of your dog on social media. They are also a fun way to strengthen the ties between you and your pet, as well as with others.

Looking for captions could seem like an easy task to many people, but when you need to get it done correctly for your pictures, it turns into a mission. And if you are still searching for the best captions. You don’t have a dog but you post your photos on Instagram? And sometimes you want to create a funny dog caption for that photo to attract people? Here’s a selection of captions just for you!

  1. My day starts the moment he walks in the door. #frenchbulldog #crazypeople
  2. A little love for rescue dogs. If you save a dog, they might just save you right back.
  3. This little dude is ready to celebrate National Dog Day any day of the year. #NationalDogDay
  4. Two things are infinite: the universe and the dog’s ability to know and love each other. (Woof).
  5. Whether you’re cuddling with your pup or wishing that you could be, there’s no better caption for a dog-filled photo than these 🐶💕.
  6. Go home! Our photographer felt like we had to end this post with a cute dog pic.
  7. No matter whether your dog is black or white, we will love them just the same! #happydogsday
  8. No matter how your day is going, your dog will love you unconditionally. Happy #NationalLoveYourPetDay . 🐶💕
  9. Just fall in love with him all over again and remember the good ol’ days when you and your dog had a special bond.
  10. “Being a dog is not easy, being a good dog is harder.”
  11. Just like a dog, I’m loyal.
  12. Be sure to watch out for those little feet. #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_nyc
  13. Sometimes we wonder what our dogs are thinking. Their expressions don’t always match with ours, but in their hearts, they’re always smiling and enjoying life.
  14. Be a good dog, don’t be a sleepyhead. Make sure you have your morning coffee and treats before heading out for a day of tail-wagging fun
  15. Puppies can’t help but dream of a day when their arms are big enough to hold you. 😘
  16. Your daily reminder that you are loved. _Ξℓσνєη ƒяєαηg_ #dogsofinstagram #love #puppies
  17. Sometimes we need a little extra help freshening up! #DogDontCare
  18. This is my dog, Lily. She is a Weimaraner, and she has very expensive taste in clothing. #dogcaptions
  19. Rules for #dogsofinstagram: be glamorous, be mysterious, be fashionable, but never show your teeth. 🦄
  20. Getting to the dog park always feels like being on vacation. #dogsofinstagram #adventuresofmrwiggles #squadgoals
  21. Just a dog, living in a different world. 🐾
  22. No matter how big space is…there’s always enough love for you and her, that too in the smallest of spaces! Happy birthday to my little ball of fur @XXXX 😺😸
  23. I’m happy to be your pet, but I won’t bark when you leave.
  24. Those days when you wish life was a dog park. 😜
  25. Some days you just have to go to the beach with your best furry friend 😍
  26. Rainy days are perfect for spending time with your four-legged best friend. Here’s to the coziest of cuddles and a couple of new dog toys. 🐶 🍂
  27. Your dog is like your kid–no matter how old he gets, to him, you will always be a giant.
  28. “The perfect dog doesn’t exist, but every dog has its day.”
  29. Looking out for two loves of my life #dogsofinstagram #dogs #cutedog
  30. Hey there Animal Lover ☮️ It’s your adorable pup. I ❤︎ Dogs! 😍 . #dog #dogsofinstagram #puppy #cutedog #cutepet #sweet #photooftheday
  31. Your dog’s birthday is a day for celebration. This one is even better since he’s been living it up in Paradise for the last year #HappyBirthdayLilB
  32. My favorite thing about the dog park is playing tug-of-war. #doglife 😎 …
  33. Dogs are better than humans because they know, but don’t tell.
  34. My face when I just can’t deal with the antics of my human roommate. #dogsofinstagram
  35. Hi, sailor!  A cool and unique caption to make your furry friend look extra stylish
  36. Your dog may never be able to understand exactly how much you love them, but rest assured they will always be the first to know when you’ve got a hankering for a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream… #Be
  37. The dog is the OG of the internet #blessed
  38. When you love who loves you back ❤️ #pupsofinstagram
  39. If you wonder what puppy heaven looks like, just look at a dog on their bed.
  40. That moment when you’re not barking up the wrong tree, but rather taking a car ride with your favorite furry friend.
  41. Today I’m thankful that you’re mine… In this crazy, mixed-up world. <3 Happy National Dog Day!
  42. Time to play some fetch with my furry friends… #bestdogintheworld #cantstopwontstop
  43. Heading to the dog park is always a good idea, especially if it’s going to be this pretty today. #adventuredog #exploremore #visitcalifornia
  44. A puppy is the time machine to all things innocent and good in this world. ♥ 🐶
  45. That time when you dress your puppy up in a tux and he still looks too cute! #tuxsguyswag
  46. This sweet face belongs to a bright light & shining star! #dogs
  47. The perfect dog is the one that still brings you a ball when he is tired.
  48. If your dog is not a part of your photo, your photo needs a dog.
  49. Pups take time to make friends with strangers. Time we all have. #dogsofinstagram
  50. “If you want the best seat in the house, move your dog.”

    Best Dog Captions for Instagram

  51. Being a dog might just be the very best thing it’s ever been.
  52. Dogs can totally feel when you are looking at them. Dogs also know when you are staring at something that they cannot see. So, if you point at something and then immediately look at your dog, the dog will think that the thing you are
  53. Go on, admit it. Relaxing with your dog is the best way to unwind. #HappyMonday #DogsofInstagram
  54. Much love to these furry little friends 🐕 🐾
  55. I just don’t like being left out. Anyone who has a dog will know this sentiment 😍 #MyDogIsMyBestFriend
  56. You can’t stay mad at that face 😻 Happy Sunday🐶 #idogIcan
  57. Life is short—grab your dog by the paws and live. #bestdoglife
  58. Make my dog your Valentine, because if your dog doesn’t like you then I don’t want to know you. #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #labrador #cutedog #cute #pupp
  59. Let’s take a moment for the pup that makes it all worth it. 🐶
  60. Best friends. Best buds. Our pets are the best and the cutest of them all! Here’s to our furry little friends. #HappyNationalDogDay
  61. My dog needs to be on a leash to know he’s in my heart . . . #puppys #cutepetclub #lifeisgood
  62. Rain or shine, you’re the cutest pup ever. Thanks for doing life with us 🐶
  63. With the power to make you smile 😃 #dogloving
  64. Life is better with a dog.
  65. Getting a new puppy can be a huge responsibility. Make sure you are ready for it!
  66. Be proud of your best friend — They’re always grateful to see you! #dogsofinstagram #labrador
  67. I’m so thankful for all the dogs who have adopted me. I love being a mom and am so lucky to be loved by my pups.
  68. Love your dog and let him/her know by posting a picture of her!
  69. Fly like an eagle, climb like a monkey, and have a heart like a lion 🦁🐒 #happydog #happinessismyjob
  70. Our dogs deserve a better life – because they give us a better life.
  71. My dog is always by my side—even if that means licking my face when I’m tired.
  72. However you’ve spent the day, it’s always good to be home with our furry friends. #dogsarefamilytoo
  73. I wish I was a little bitty doggy so that I can roll in the grass and grab my belly every minute of the day.
  74. All dogs, all day, every day. 🐶 #dogsofinstagram
  75. Your dog will love you back with whatever you do for them.
  76. Wish your pup a happy #NationalDogDay ! He’s sure to love the extra snuggles and tummy rubs. 🐕
  77. Everything is better with a cute, furry friend by your side.
  78. No matter how crazy our days are, we always make time to snuggle with our pups before bed. #dogsofinstagram
  79. That moment when daisies are so beautiful you want to BITE THEM 🌸🐶 #dogsofinstagram
  80. A day like this calls for a dog walk with your favorite furry companion! Who’s coming along? 🐾
  81. From wild to mild, we’re sure to find the perfect new pal for your family. #adoptdontshop #adoptme
  82. When you’re a puppy, sometimes the couch is just too far away 🐱
  83. If my puppy is guilty of anything, it’s loving me too much.
  84. Let your #dogbeyou 🤷🏻‍♂️. Happy #NationalDogDay everyone 👊. #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogbio (Via @wickimcg)
  85. Stay at home cuddling my pups all day. I don’t want anything else!
  86. Never leave a dog behind.
  87. My dog is a mirror. All of my dog pictures are my own #MyDogSays
  88. You’re more than just a pet, you’re family.
  89. A Mom and her dog on a simple walk can be some of life’s greatest joys #bulldog #dogs #lovehim
  90. For a dog lover’s best friend, there is no place like home. #dogs
  91. Dogs just want to make you smile and that’s all.
  92. Every dog has its day! 🐶
  93. I don’t walk to tell you something, I walk so I can be someone ~ A Dog Ad
  94. You’re here because you know dogs are better than people. You’re a dog person, and that’s okay.
  95. I snooze you lose. 🐶 #cute #adorable #animal #itsrainingadogs #petsagram
  96. The dog life is so simple: Eat. Sleep. Bark. Play. Do it all over again.’
  97. Dogs need to be part of the family and, therefore, have equal rights. #iwantteacupdog
  98. Too early for man but not for dog ✌🏻️
  99. Life’s short, share it with a dog.
  100. Everyone’s chasing their tail for that ultimate life, but maybe it’s not the destination that matters. Maybe it’s all about the run. #dogsofinstagram

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