Best 100 + Captions for Pictures With Dogs

Everybody loves dogs. They are cute. Everybody who owns a dog will love to have pictures of them taken by their beloved pet. Dogs are often very good at taking pictures, but the owner’s often turn out to be off-centred, blurry and plain ugly. This article discusses some simple tips on how to take better pictures of your dogs.


Captions for Pictures With Dogs


1. ❤️All the feels❤️ We’re just going to make a series of pictures with dogs.

2. Your dog doesn’t care about your Instagram likes, but they will appreciate some breakfast in bed. 🐶

3. None of these captions is good enough to deliver the magic that dogs bring into our lives.

4. The moment each and every day when your dog looks at you like the cutest thing ever definitely deserves a caption.

5. Be proud of your canine companion and love him all day long! #doggosofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dognation

6. When you get a cute new puppy and then realize that you’re still married to your ex-wife ##

7. This is Leo. He’s a good dog, but he thinks he’s a top-secret agent.

8. Dogs make everything better.

9. They say people are like dogs, but I don’t think that’s true. After all, we spend so much more time thinking about the dogs than they do about us.

10. Love, at first sight, is when you see a puppy and think, “I would really like to be your friend.”

11. We are still trying to figure out how this dog ended up in a globe, but we are not complaining! Something about the perfect puffy clouds, life-sized grasshoppers, and book of records just makes you want to go on an adventure

12. 😸❤️🐶‼️ Do you even lift? Oh my god, you better believe I do. #squatsquad

13. Bark of Approval to our fellow pups on National Dog Day. 🐶👬

14. You’re part of the family; you’re always in my heart. It’s impossible to be sad when you have a dog.

15. My dog thinks he’s human, and I can’t stop laughing. 🐶 😃

16. Happy Friday! Don’t forget to share some love with your family pups. 🐶 #n_o #goodboymotel

17. Husky, you look like the happiest dog on earth right now.

18. Your furry best friends are family too.

19. You’re never truly in charge of me. We’re family, remember? #sisterdog

20. We love to do many things like reading, sleeping and of course, long walks with our pups!

21. The Sunday morning, the smell of coffee, the sound of rain, your dog sleeping next to you in bed. #doesitgetsweeterthenthis?

22. These pics are worth 1,000 likes. Bonus points if your pet is sweet and should be in a movie.

23. Runners up: #boom #dogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram

24. Puppies: Apply directly to cute.

25. Hello, I’m a service dog in training, and I’d like to welcome you. Hi! My name is.

26. Hey there, little guy. We used to be just like you. ✌🏻️ #restingpositonedogface

27. If you’re looking for the perfect way to spend #NationalPetDay, just look to your pet. They’re always happy to hang out with you.🐶

28. You’re more of a person than you think. #‎trustus #‎dogsonalproperty

29. Happiest of Birthdays to my big puppy 🐶

30. Summer’s last hurrah was this morning, but we’re not complaining—we’ve got a full week of doggy pool parties and bonfires 👎🏻

31. It’s proven that every great adventure starts with a dog. 🐶♥️📷

32. And here are some of our favourite captions for pictures with dogs 🙂

33. Sunny days were made for dogs and picnics. 🐶 #fallinlovewithfall

34. Proud pup: My human is really winning at life this morning—brewing up a litre of Sumatra, 1/2 & 1/2 and a bagel with cream cheese. I’m so glad we adopted you, Kate!

35. My favourite view🐶 #dogslife #bestfriend “Dogs have more love than integrity.

36. Happy #nationaldogday 🐶😻

37. Getting dressed up for @xxxxxx 🤳🏻 #TimeToGetForth

38. Sometimes it’s nice to be the cute one because you can just nap all day and let the world be cuter than you.

39. Say hello to the newest member of our family.

40. Eyes on this 🙋🏻‍♂️ #howdy

41. We all need a friend like you in our lives.

42. When you meet your Instagram #doggo goals with @xxxxxx 😻 #dogroutines

43. My dog wouldn’t know what I was there for unless he came with me. 😂 🐶 #cat #dog

44. Your daily dose of furry cuteness. Dolly. 😍

45. Gooooo pups!

46. I save dogs, but she saves people. ☺️

47. This puppyy was so excited to take a hike in the woods that two of his legs fell off 🐶 #Meadowsweet.

48. Dogs of the world unite! A dog’s purpose is to serve man in whatever way he can. That makes him god’s work.

49. The cuteness is contagious.

50. There are two things in life that make me smile uncontrollably every single time 1] seeing @xxxx seeing a beautiful day ☀😊 #denisehomecollection


Captions for Pictures With Dogs


51. Baby, it’s cold outside. But you can stay warm with this new blanket by @xxxxx #itssocoldoutside #dogsofinstagram #dogsoftwitter

52. Why am I so obsessed with dogs? A) They are cute. B) They are good for petting. C) They

53. Woke up like this. to another morning doing absolutely nothing 😸 #dogsofinstagram

54. There’s nothing better than a walk in the woods with my pup. (ADOPTED her from one of our local shelters!) 🐶

55. When I look at you, it makes my heart smile. Like a dog

56. Meet my best friend. Her name is Sally.

57. Blessed to see this rad lady on campus with her pet puppy.

58. Rules for #NationalDogDay❤️: I missed you this morning ❤️. I appreciated the cuddles and kisses that you gave me today (^_^). Let’s play some more in the garden this afternoon (^^)!

59. Where’s the best place to be in this world? Right by my side! #tbt #doglife

60. Sorry not sorry, I just stole a bite of your cookie. #oophf #errordog #ilovemydog

61. Every time you feed her, she sits on your lap and drools.” – Erica Jong #doghumor

62. These little pups are ready to rule the state of Texas. 😻

63. Beagle rescue is the best rescue there is, or ever was. #rescuebeagles

64. So excited to be back on the gram with my best friend. Follow us. @xxxxxxx and @xxxxxxx for photos of our adventures, including trips to the dog park, hiking trails, and more 🐶🐭

65. Hey 🐩 your waiting is over! Get $10 off when you buy any of our dog products.

66. Morning dog walks are the best summer ritual (psst they’re also the healthiest 😉 )

67. It takes a weight off when you realize there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. #repost @xxxxxxx

68. Your dog is so good-looking they don’t even need a selfie stick.

69. Carson City, you’ve been a loyal friend to dogs. Thank you for awarding us #1 Doggie Daycare. #dogsarefamily

70. Oh, you know I have my days. But for the most part, I’m a huge dog lover! How could you not love a little fluffy puppy?

71. The only thing better than getting a dog is getting a second dog. 😻 #beardgoals #besties

72. Freeman the Frenchie! Parents will enjoy their time with him just a little bit more, knowing they’re creating lifelong memories that can be revisited over and over.

73. When you have to have your doggo pose for the pupper challenge. lol

74. We’re so excited to start summer knowing we’ve got a few more hot days before the weather cools down! Happy summer and happy doggo days! #staytough

75. I would like to be a guard dog for the National Gallery in London

76. If you sit quietly and watch, it becomes clear that dogs know many

77. You’re the only reason we get out of bed in the morning. You seriously make us better people. We love you, buddy. #fact

78. Sending hugs, kisses, snuggles and wags to all of our dog lovers out there—we feel you! #adopt #shelterdog #packleader

79. Check out the four-legged #NationalDogDay ambassador we found at our NYC store!

80. We’re pretty sure 99% of dogs are cats. At least judging by this photo. And we’re okay with it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

81. What a cute puppy! We’re loving Oreo, @xxxxxxx @chefjasonsbakeshop’s, little fur baby.

82. Celebrating all things dogs because they seriously make our lives so much better.

83. My face when you say you’re going to play with me and then you play with the TV remote 🤔 #dogsofinstagram

84. My boyfriend says I’m a dog whisperer because I can make dogs do anything 😍

85. Hitting the Great Outdoors with my favourite #PUPPY 👶

86. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the weekend. I’ve got a beach date with this sweet lady and my sunset pup. She’s so happy to be home!

87. We’re so excited to be joined by our good friends @xxxxxxx for a summer edition of Dogpatch’s Eats & Treats! All dogs and their people are invited to come on out to the farm for some fresh air,

88. Here are a bunch of dog pictures in grids; try not to make them feel sad.

89. Dogs provide unconditional love, and we can get too. Join us in supporting @xxxxxxx by sharing this photo on social media using #loveadog.

90. Living in a city makes me feel more like I’m living with a family than a roommate. 😻 #dogsofinstagram

91. Once you go-you know that dachshunds are better than anything! 🐶

92. Meet the newest member of our family, Momo 🐶👶 We picked her up from a shelter last month, and she is now getting used to her new home!

93. Bark squad’s up. We got the boys; we got the girls 🐶🐾

94. What a day to be a dog.

95. Hello, 👋🏾. #adventuresofsnowyandbuddy

96. Sleepy pup alert 💤

97. The best snuggle buddy

98. I don’t have thumbs to like this, but I can still love you. 😻 #dogsofinstagram

99. Looking for a sidekick? Check out our adoption pages at and the National Adoption Center to see how easy it is to adopt! #NationalDogDay

100. Happiness is a warm puppy 🐶 #dogsofinstagram

101. Go ahead & pet the dog. Dogs love it, and so do we 🐶

102. If your bloodhound could talk, it would say thank you. Thank you for taking her on such a wonderful walk today. She thanks you in a dog — which is 1 part happy-1 part grateful-4 parts tired. She is ready for bed

103. No tea, no shade, but my dog is cuter than yours. 🐶 in like 🐶 & out like 😏 #youare1inalonglineofpetsofinstagram

104. When they say “let’s take a selfie,” you say “let’s take a Bullie #Bulldog” 😎 ❤️🐶❤️

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