120 + Wedding Photo Captions for Instagram

The caption for any wedding photo is undoubtedly the most important part because it holds the key to what the viewers will see in it. The captions are not only significant because they decide whether your picture gets immediate likes or views, but also because they enable you to transfer your emotions and feelings of that day to a large number of people who might not have attended the wedding. You can either write the captions yourself or outsource this task to some other person. But what are you supposed to write about? Well, there are many things that you could talk about in your wedding photo captions such as:


Wedding Photo Captions


1. Picture Perfect. Big or small, luxury or rustic, you’re marrying your best friend. Shine bright on your wedding day and for years to come. #bridetobe 

2. A caption with an old picture from the wedding

3. Ready for some fun in the sun and s’more fun around the fire? We ❤️summer weddings — make a reservation: (link to wedding page).

4. What a joy it is to be surrounded by family and friends at this joyous time. I love you all. ❤️👫 #weddingproposal2017

5. What great joy and life-changing love when two become one. Well, at least for a year or two. #brideandgroom #weddingplanning

6. Life is a wedding and most momentous of occasions – Dianna Strait

7. To Love and To Hold 💍 #wedding #weddings #bridegroom

8. Every moment we spend together is so magical; I can’t stop smiling when I’m with you.

9. Wishing the happiest of days to Mr. and Mrs. 💗

10. I smiled when you smiled at me. I laughed when you made me laugh. And when you kissed me, I fell in love with all your imperfections.”

11. Hi, honey! We got married under a pergola. #Ididntheknowwhatwedid #weddingdaysecrets

12. Wedding time ☺️ #wedding

13. Dreaming of a white Christmas. What’s your holiday wish? 😎 #hannahorendisphotography #weddingphotographer

14. Wishing you love, joy and laughter. Wishing you a lifetime of sweet moments like this. 🥂🎶☕️

15. What happens at HERSHEY, stays at HERSHEY.💃🏼 #weddings #hersheywedding

16. What kind of world to live in? An Instagram-perfect one.

17. After a long day, it’s your own little piece of heaven to come home to. #relationshipgoals

18. True love is not finding someone you can live with but someone you cannot live without.

19. Thank you, @xxxxxxx for capturing a moment that I was too busy enjoying to remember.

20. Love and talent, met in the middle, with birthright at the edges.

21. We think we must have done something right. Because looking at these photos, all we can see is how beautiful our day was—and how lucky we feel to be spending forever with each other. Here’s to the greatest love story ever told. #

22. Here’s to finding that person who is crazy enough to think they can spend their life with you. 😉 Congratulations on your wedding, @xxxxxx! #wedparadox

23. Life is a garden. Dig it. #gotyoucoveredwedding

24. The perfect way to say, “I do!”… with your door. #DoorlyWed

25. Today I marry my best friend.

26. Let’s ~announce~ it together. We’re getting 👰🏽👩‍❤️‍👩 married! #weddingannouncement

27. It’s a day we’ve been waiting for all year, and now it’s finally here 💍 Happy #engagement to a couple of my favourite humans. Love you always @xxxxx and @xxxxx

28. Today I marry my best friend. #true #love

29. Friends, family, laughter and love. That’s what our wedding was all about. Here’s to the happiest day of our lives! 🙂 #lovewins

30. It was love at first sight when I saw you. 🙏 #weddings #love #instagood

31. A few things in this world are guaranteed: taxes, death, and the fact that your wedding will be absolutely beautiful. Congratulations #TinaAndMike!

32. Bride and Groom—I have loved you both since the moment I saw you. I’ve looked forward to celebrating life with you both 👰❤️ #ForeverFriends

33. It was the best day of my life. Thank you for helping us celebrate what we’ve been working on and looking forward to since the first time we met. Now, let’s go home and eat some cake… #weddingday #w

34. One love. One heart. One destiny. #WeddingWednesday

35. 💍 _ ♥ _ _ _ ♡ #thebigday #weddingday #weddingplanning #weddingprep #weddingring #engagementring

36. So today, I married my best friend. And it’s only the beginning of our story.

37. I am the luckiest 💗 to be marrying my favourite person ☺

38. Two hearts joined together, forever and always. Congratulations and cheers to the newlyweds 🥂

39. For many, love is just the beginning. Here are ten reasons why it’s the best part.

40. You make my heart so full—I love you.

41. Guest posting over at the knot, not today: 5 Wedding Trends That Are Actually Kinda Lame. See you in the comments—I’ve got a few stories to share 👰 💐

42. The wind is whispering to me. It says, “Something wedding-y is going on”.

43. Two things are infinite: the universe and human’s stupidity, and I’m not even sure about the former. – Albert Einstein Wedding planning has never felt so good. #MWR

44. Hello, fall! It’s time to gather friends and family around a celebration of love. We love your ideas for rituals that celebrate marriage or commitment in new ways. Thank you for your partnership on Instagram as we share the love this season

45. The weekend just made the perfect bride. 💍😍

46. The love that flows through your wedding day will flow through the rest of your lives.

47. Feeling flushed after a wonderful day at the altar. #justgotmarried

48. If this is love, then I really don’t know what to do! Everything and everyone seems so beautiful today. Thank you for making my life so incredibly wonderful and happy.

49. Some days are so loud. Some days are so quiet. Every day we cherish you and can’t believe you are ours. We can’t wait to start this next chapter with you at our side. 💍

50. Yes, he put a ring on it — and then some. ❤️💍#weddingcaptions

51. This couple, who met online, wanted to create their dream wedding and share it with friends and family. They put their heart and soul into making all of the details come together, and when the day finally arrived, they had an intimate ceremony that told

52. Let’s all get married.

53. Weddings are a day to celebrate euphoria: the dizzying, tingly feeling you get from knowing you found your forever person. It’s also a time to reflect on how far you’ve come—how, in the midst.

54. A happy wedding day to my lovely sister and brother-in-law! Here’s to new beginnings, new happiness, and so much more joy to come! (And in case I don’t get to this all night–congrats, you two.


Wedding Photo Captions


55. Finally, last night I finished tying the knot, not on some throw pillows for our house. They had been a work in progress for probably six years. With as much time and energy as we put into our wedding, it was driving me crazy that this project had

56. Every wedding should be a day of laughter, dancing, and joy.

57. Take her hand, look into her eyes, and tell her that she’s the love of your life.

58. Bows, bubbles, lace. Can this day be any more beautiful? Thanks for spending the rest of your life with us 💍

59. From the wedding of __ and __, we wish you a lifetime filled with love, adventure and togetherness.💍

60. Love is worth celebrating all year round, but winter weddings have a near-magical beauty all their own. Share your snowy day love story with us on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win a wedding photography session from @xxxxxx

61. Cheers to marriage and the bond that brings us all together. Congrats.

62. It was a weekend filled with celebrating the past and looking towards the future. We’re missing the celebration already. #weddingweekend

63. For the couple who has been together for a long time, but they still feel like newlyweds ❤️

64. I said yes to the dress and so much more!

65. Wishing you all the feels on your wedding day! 💘💜

66. Remember that time when two people who loved each other were married? ~CHEERS! 🥂🍾

67. Thank you for being my partner through this journey. You are the love of my life. Here’s to our future together.

68. Cheers to cherishing that loving feeling of finding your whole other half. May your love for each other continue to grow and lead you on many adventures.

69. There’s nothing like capturing every second of your big day with your Instax camera.

70. Don’t just plan the wedding you want—plan the marriage you’ll love. -Maggie & Kelly

71. There’s nothing like the first dance as you’re surrounded by your closest friends and family. Raise a glass to your favourite newlyweds with us 🥂 #theknot #weddingwire #couplegoals

72. Feels like we found our forever home in each other’s arms. – Ashton Kutcher

73. Being married to you. This makes it all worthwhile. .: ❤️💍 #nikon

74. Love is in bloom at this wedding, and we’re so happy for these two. Here’s to the happiest of days 🌹

75. May your journey as husband and wife be full of love, laughter, and joy. Congratulations on your wedding!

76. Somewhere over the rainbow, there is a magical place where lemons are always half-priced. #fairytales #weddings

77. You and me. Forever and always. “You” are the best feeling ever. 😍

78. Forever in love, now and forever, your presence completes me.

79. Many of us dream of the perfect wedding, but it takes so much more than dreaming of making it happen. So many moving pieces that come together on one special day. Having you there with me through every moment was truly a gift. I love you

80. Today, I marry my best friend. Today, we start our forever. #andinthelowwegotMarried .

81. It’s always the perfect time of year for a wedding 😍✨ @xxxxxxxx

️82. ⏳Hands down, the best feeling in the world is when you know that someone loves you for exactly who you are. #loveyoumorethanyoucanimagine#engaged#theswayyoulookatme

83. With every wedding, memories are made. With every memory, a wish is granted. 💕🌹 #

84. Her laugh was contagious, her heart was generous, and her spirit was always inspiring. We miss you, Mom. Hope you’re dancing in the stars with Dad. ❤️ #HappyMothersDay #missingyou #loveyou #Mom

85. There is love, there are words, and these two don’t go together. Without love, words are shells, birds without wings. @xxxxxx

86. Today is the day 💍. Today is the Day. Today is the day to put your love on display.

87. If the only love a story can tell is a love story, then it’s not much of a story.

88. This is the beginning of every good love story.

89. To have and to hold, from this day forward. – for a wedding photo caption.

90. Getting married soon? Check this out.

91. Family is forever, so here’s to growing old together. Cheers to the celebration of marriage and the two people who make it complete.

92. We’ve said I do; now it’s time to make our wildest dreams come true. Love is the sweetest adventure two people can set out on together. Here’s to you and me and the road ahead.

93. Today I marry my best friend. All this month, we’ve celebrated love. We’ve witnessed it and been a part of it. For today, I give you one more thing to remember. That’s the beautiful thing about

94. Like many couples before us, in the beginning, we were friends. And then, one day, we looked at each other and realized we were so much more. #‎LoveHappens

95. Walking down the aisle is a big step. Congratulations 👰 #wedding

96. May your laughter remain evergreen and your togetherness blossom like a garden. Happy anniversary! ❤️#anniversary #wedding2019

97. Cheers to our new life together!

98. You grew up with each other, but it was when you paused growing that you realized how much you’d grown together. Congrats, my dear. Cheers to the rest of your lives journey. 💍

99. February 14th is not just another day for couples to get married; it is a day of celebration! Happy Valentine’s Day, @xxxxxxx Congratulations on your marriage from all of us at @xxxxxx and @xxxxxxx

100. Getting married? Here are some excellent ways to use your @xxxx writing instruments to thank your guests for coming…”

101. Perfect love, perfect timing. The best wedding day ever.”

102. Thinking about you on our wedding day. 💍

103. So much laughter and so many special moments #LindsayandShane #marriedlife

104. You’ve been waiting years. The pressure is on. But it all seems perfectly natural because you’re surrounded by your friends and family. That’s what it means to be part of the Disney Weddings family.

105. Last night, I fell asleep in his arms. To me, that was heaven. 💙 #wedding.

106. Life is a journey, not a destination. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us! XO #weremarried

107. Wine Tasting 🍷 #weddings

108. When the person you love also loves your dog.

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