50+ Best Cat Pick up Lines for Instagram

Best Cat Pick up Lines for Instagram

Cat pick-up lines are tricky to make since they are ambiguous. A study has shown that cat people have a certain, alleged, innate ability for romance, which, oddly enough, maybe due to their shyness. the most important thing to bear in mind when it comes to cats is to never settle for anything less than your ideal level when it comes to mate selection: lower your expectations

If you want to have a happy and stable relationship with your cat, you should never say “Pick it up!” But say “Pick it up”. The only thing you are expected to do is to possess is a little imagination and a sense of humor. Try to think of an exciting idea, use your imagination, and don’t worry about getting original, and if you’ll post a picture with a funny caption

An easily memorizable opening sentence (or lines) that could be used to garner someone’s attention, which could be referred to as a phrase that is brief and lighthearted or a pick-up line. Flirting is about women is a particularly irritating distraction for men, as it is often used as a means of seeking or soliciting sexual or romantic attention.

Once you are speaking to someone new, saying something like, “I really want to date you” is nerve-wracking, but going to a first date with catnip is like climbing a mountain for catnappers. It is also recommended that you read through this Best Cat Pick-up Lines for Instagram, in order to be prepared for some and discover which lines can influence your cat positively.


  1. I know it’s not your fault, but you have to work on your cat flirting skills. Ask me out! Awww, you’re cute, aren’t you? 😻 #catpickuplines
  2. The other night, I dreamed about you because that’s what we cats do. And in the dream, I chased you until you said my name, and then I knew it was true love.” 🐱
  3. I’m not meowing. I just like looking at myself in your eyes.💘
  4. You’re fluffy and sweet. Do you like to be pet under the chin?
  5. If you were a cat, I would hug you so hard that you’d fall over – until then, may I pet you?
  6. I need a date for the party I’m hosting this weekend. What time should I come by with the catnip? #cats #lolcats
  7. Cats: the best 💣 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Hey boo, meow! ( text on a cute photo of a cat)
  9. A quick diversion from the turmoil: have some fun with your cat #socialmediaclub
  10. Hey kitten, you look just like my catnip
  11. A cat gets moody when you don’t play with them, and happy when you do.
  12. I’m not telling you that I anxiously wait for mail on your part. But it may just be true #pickuplines
  13. Every morning I wake up and read your face then look to the ceiling and mutter, “how did I end up with a cat?” 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. “A cat’s purrs always seem to turn on me.”
  15. I’m perfectly imperfect in a way that will make you purr 😻
  16. I’m not a rescue cat. My parents left me here because they hated me.
  17. Sleeping Beauty. What’s your superpower? Purr-suasion. Meow.
  18. It’s 5 pm, do you want to come over and cuddle? 😻
  19. How do you ask a cat out? “Meow wanna go on a date?”
  20. What a cute cat, let’s get to follow each other and take some cute photos later this week.
  21. Yes, I’m in your chair. No, I won’t get off. Yes, you’re handsome. No, I’m not going home with you. Meow!
  22. How you doin’ …. and meow.
  23. Hey kitty, you look good enough to me to eat 🍭🍱
  24. Meow if you love us, follow us. ❤😼
  25. How are you so beautiful? #pickuplines
  26. I’m sorry I mistook your arm for a scratching post… I must have been sc-thing around. #armpitlove #catswithhats #cutecatsofinstagram
  27. Does my human say I’m a good kitty but are you a good kitty too? 😻 #cat #catsofinstagram #instacat #meowmix
  28. When you first told me you didn’t have a cat, I assumed you were just shy. Now I know for sure that you are purrrrrfectly adorable and sweet.
  29. While I was away, a friend left this cat at my front door. #UntilFurtherNotice #HeIsMyCatNow
  30. Oh hi, I’m the cat who will eat your food without asking you first. What’s your name? 😸
  31. I’m purrfectly sweet, but at least I’m never demanding. 😺 💜
  32. Meow, you must have been a kitten when I was away because I can’t find my slippers. 🐱
  33. Blessed: when you meet someone who makes getting you off the floor after a long, hard day 🤣😂 #PickUpLines
  34. Warning: This Will result in you spending more time with your cat. Just putting that out there.
  35. Hey, I’ve been admiring you from afar. Now that we’re in close proximity, I wanted to tell you–I think you’re a cute puppy.
  36. Sorry, I just can’t help myself. You know I have a weakness for cute cats. “I would build a wall around you and never let anything or anyone hurt you.”
  37. Your whiskers look just like chocolate chip cookies 🍪 #cats
  38. Pet me purrhaps I deserve it 😸 .. Meow!
  39. Hey girl. I’m thinking about you. Am I on your mind? Please like this status and comment “meow” if I’m there. 🤗
  40. Hi, I’m a small animal, not a big one. Would you like to be acquainted?
  41. When you’re away, I feel so lonely. Love it when I feel like this, I take out my favorite cat mug and place it next to me.😘😍 #lovewhen #happysadcat #catcoff
  42. Do I know you ‘cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend 🐱 💖 #lovecatcats #meow
  43. Hey baby, *Purr* can I buy you a treat? 🐱😈
  44. Pssst, hey you, want to come home with me? I’ve got the purr-fect (literally) setup. ☺️
  45. I don’t know what is the best pick up line for girls but I am a cat 🐱 💋 #instagram_pick_up_lines
  46. Hello my name is Mike and I’m purr-perfectly fine with being your feline companion 🐱
  47. These pick-up lines are 100% guaranteed to work for you if you use them the right way.
  48. You really know how to make me purr. I’m very flattered that you are interested but I must leave now and go catch a mouse
  49. You had me at hello. Brought to you by free pet delivery from PetCloud!
  50. I’m slowly realizing that you’re not like all the other kitties I’ve always known. You’re different. You’re like a fine wine, or an exotic fruit or something.Best Cat Pick up Lines for Instagram
  51. I’m not a “crazy cat lady,” I just really enjoy long walks on the beach with the cutest person I know.
  52. If I fits, I sit. Does this shirt make me look fat? Purrrrrr… #catsofinstagram
  53. I’m into you and your petting me; can I have your number? 🐱😘
  54. Just meow saw you from across the room and I wanted to say hey.
  55. Moving in slow-mo like I have a cat 🐱
  56. Cats are good at a lot of things. Here’s a list of the best cat pickup lines: * I’ll scratch your back, and you scratch mine * MeoCats are good at a lot of things. Here’s a list of the best cat pickup lines: * I’ll scratch your back, and you scratch mine * Meow to the moon and back * Purrrrr.
  57. You must be a cat, ‘cuz everyone else just walks by 🐱
  58. So I guess you’re a cat person huh? What’s it like being so hot with such long fur and beautiful blue eyes? 🙂
  59. Waiting for my owner to come home so we can play. I promise I won’t bite this time! #pickupplan #pickupline
  60. Have you ever seen a cat look so good? I mean really.
  61. I got catfished when I saw your eyes.
  62. I know I’m cute, but can you please help me up? I have been stuck in this tree for days and it feels even longer since you last visited me. Come see me!
  63. Tuna in a can🐟🐱. Tuna in a can🐟🐱. Tuna in a can tuna in a can! #cats #pickuplines #catpack
  64. Here’s the secret to looking sexy—meow.
  65. Your love is like catnip to me, so hard to resist! I hope you like my corny jokes as much as I like your whiskers.  Meow 😺
  66. What’s cuter than a cat? Two cats! Adopt two kitties at your local shelter today: ).
  67. *~😘Meows~*’ To the cutest kitten *~😘Meows~*
  68. Meow to the death of his spider.
  69. I’m sorry, did you just get Cat-Fished? Or were you going to ask me out? Either way, our date will be lit!
  70. I wish I was a cat so I could purrsuit you…I guess I’ll just settle for these treats! 😸
  71. When that feline gives you that look… Are you not entertained? I am. (I still adore the human I married, if that helps.)
  72. You have something in your eye, and it’s me purring.
  73. What’s cuter than a cat? A kitten! ☺ #NationalLoveYourPetDay #HappyValentinesDay
  74. When you walk in the room, my tail starts to wag.
  75. You look like you’re ready for a cuddle.
  76. Who’s a good kitty? 🐱 You are! Yes, you are!
  77. When it comes to meeting fellow felines, play it cool and avoid canned pick-up lines.
  78. I will never judge you for your past, but I really wish you would choose to believe in me-us. 🐱 #catsofinstagram
  79. What’s your name, cat?
  80. Cats have it all figured out. They know we are powerless to resist their kitty kisses and purrs. And they use this power to get what they want, day in and day out. In fact, cats are so confident in their f
  81. I’m not a cat person, but I could definitely be one of those… ♥ . 🐈
  82. Meow! Cracking the code on how to find your perfect match. Because every day could be cat appreciation day #whereiskitty #matchmadeinheaven
  83. I’m not a cat lady, I just love cats.
  84. Cutie. I am forever yours. #cat #cutie #cute #forever
  85. Meow if you feel like a cuddle. Meow.
  86. I’ll show you the cat’s pajamas if you show me yours. But only if your skin is of a comparable smoothness.
  87. I’m 9 lives as cute as can be. Can I get your number? ❤️😺
  88. Cats are the best companions, and they will love you no matter what. Now go get yours!
  89. Getting chilly out there. Why don’t you come back to my place and keep me warm? I’ve got plenty of catnip…
  90. I dreamed that I was a cat, now I’m wet and full of sand. #catsanddogs
  91. If you were a cat, I’d give you a bath.
  92. I’ll walk on water for you, baby. I’m a kitty cat and I have 9 lives!
  93. Wow, you have such beautiful eyes. Can I pet your head?
  94. Things just got serious–I’d walk a mile for a date with you.
  95. I want to steal your kisses. Can I be your cat burglar?😼
  96. #1 – When I meow at you, can we be “kittehs”? #2 – Let me smell your collar, I’m pretty sure you smell like catnip #3 – Can I get your number? My Little Kitty hand
  97. Do you meow? Because you’ve already captured my heart… 😺🐱
  98. I’m not a cat, but I know how to use a litterbox. Want to go on a date?
  99. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here we are…at the veterinarian. #mcm
  100. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? My heart has been taken by a cute kitty.

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