70 Best Gym Pick up Lines for Instagram

70 Best Gym Pick up Lines for Instagram


A great fit body is always a girl’s dream, and she often works hard to reach it. But, sometimes, all these efforts result in nothing. The reason is most often low self-esteem and lack of proper motivation. Well, you could motivate her, or you could use one of the best gym pick-up lines for Instagram to get her attention!


It’s time to take your online pick-up game to the next level, and that can be done with these 30 Solid gym pick-up lines for Instagram.


1. Hey, what’s up, darlings! Trying to get hot and sweaty in the gym πŸ₯— , but I need to work on my pick-up lines. Will you be my guinea pig? πŸ˜‰

2. I know I can count on you. To be the most attractive girl in the gym.

3. Great pump at that new gym πŸ’ͺ🏼

4. I can run 5 miles πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ, do 80 burpees πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ, and lift more than you πŸ’ͺ🏽! What can you do?

5. So, what do you say we work out together?

6. “So tell me, have you heard the good news that your body is going to get better this year?” – unknown. If you are having a hard time meeting new people at the gym, consider using some fun pick-up lines. Pick

7. Not sure if the gym is for you? Check out our Instagram post for what happens after the gym.

8. Pick me and take me to your home gymβ€”and then make me a snack because I just showed you mine. (Not pictured: my protein bar)

9. It’s time to break a sweat. Hit the gym with me?

10. Let’s get sweaty πŸ’¦ #GymPickUpLines.

11. Dick tip: Check out this gym’s fitness classes.

12. ‘I’m not a gym guy, but the way you work out… is working.’ – Unknown.

13. Does your gym membership have an expiration date?

14. If you like it, then you shoulda put a bench on it. πŸ’ͺ

15. Gym pick-up lines aren’t the best, but using them in an Instagram post is perhaps.

16. Let us help you kill two birds with one stone, at the gym, and in your love life.

17. I am lifting heavy πŸ‹πŸΎ four a week!

18. Hi, how’s your bench? Bc if you sit on it, I’ll give you my squat rack.

19. Gym Stories celebrating “Hard Work Pays Off” – @xxxxxxxxx

20. We all deserve a better you. Come lose your limits @xxxxxxx

21. Challenge accepted! Anytime, anywhere, anyway. Find your next challenge at the gym. #truegoals

22. No matter how much time passes, you’ll always be my first love. I Still ❀️ You.#xxxxxxxxx

23. You must be here for the free weights, cus’ you sure ain’t here for the cardio. #gym #weights #pickuplines

24. Working out is my way of dealing with the fact that I will never look like this guy. πŸ’ͺ🏼

25. Working out doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Let’s do this.

26. Your gym-goer swag is so on-point, I think I just cricked my neck πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ #GymPicks

27. It time to stop dreaming and start doing. App in hand, sweat on the brow. Looking fine in my leggings. #GymSelfie

28. So this is my gym mirror selfie. It’s like going to the beach, but I never have to leave my city. -Chuck Palahniuk

29. Psst attention, ladies! Some have hot bodies; some have nice abs. But we all have picked up lines. πŸ’ͺ

30. Pro tip: Getting in the gym is great, but making it a habit requires a routine. Try @xxxxxxxxx to stay organized and motivated so you can grow into your best self!‍‍


70 Best Gym Pick up Lines for Instagram

31. You: What are you doing tonight?

32. I’ll be your sweat-even if you’ll be my heart-a-kin’ πŸ™‚ If you’re #TeamGymHeart, then follow us @xxxxxrepost this pic. πŸ’ͺ🏻

33. Let’s get fit and hit the gym. #gainz #cleanEats

34. Move like the ocean, flow like the waves πŸŒŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ’¦ #thisisbeachbody

35. You’re so fit, I can tell just by how you carry yourself. Want to go on an adventure? πŸ˜‰γ€ ##

36. Beach, please. 🌊 A post was shared by GymPaws (@xxxxxxxxx) on Mar 25, 2018, at 5:36 am PDT.

37. Are you ready to burn some fat and build some lean muscle? @xxxxxxxxxxx can help you with that! Grab a few friends and come visit us for your custom workout today!

38. Lifting weights and grinding. Prayers to the ‘gods of gains’ and the ladies that love us πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

39. Hook up at the gym? You bet I could. I just do your arms, and you do my heart.

40. Working out and sweating it out is hard. Good thing I have you to make me look good when I’m done πŸ’ͺπŸΌβ˜€οΈ

41. This is what having a great workout session feels like! #fitspiration

42. If you were a gym, I’d gain 10lbs just from looking at you.

43. It’s never too late to start with the New You 🍏#Fall 🍁 Gym Motivation.

44. Beach body ready. Gym body required Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

45. You look like you’d be a great catch in the gym.

46. Here are some below-the-belt style tips for guys who want to attract women. (Hey, we’re just trying to help you get a date to the Prom 😊)

47. If you want to build something, first, you need a solid foundation. The same thing goes for strong abs! Find the right gym routine and stick with it.

48. To use gym pick-up lines, you need to be confident and ignore those who are judgmental about those who want to look good and be healthy. Your goals and your dream of looking sexy should be bigger than anything else, and no one can stop you.

49. Rumor has it; happy hour starts early today. @zzzzzzzzzzzzz gymflow #nofilter

50. Hey, hey there, good looking. Do you work out? We’re looking for the next big thing to come through our doors πŸ’ͺ (h/t @xxxxxxxx

51. I’ll try to keep this short. You, however, are forever off my radar πŸ˜‰ #MetGym #IGFitness

52. Fun Fact: Gymnyard is where the true meaning of friendship lies.

53. Men: You’re heading to the gym. What is your workout routine?

54. The tall cute guy at the gym, You got me doing pushups for you!

55. “So, what’s your workout routine? Mine involve you.” -unknown #gymcatfishing

56. Serious about getting buff? Stop letting your excuses stand between you and the results you want, #DedicateToTheGym. DTF?❌

57. If you want to get shredded, want that, πŸ’ͺ🏼then I’m your guy ❀️#BeardGang.

58. It’s time to pump you upβ€”literally. We’ve just added over 1000 new pieces of equipment and a yoga studio so you can keep the gains going year-round.

59. Gym. Because the only crunches you’ll be doing are with me. πŸ˜‰

60. When you meet someone and show interest in a girl, you always make sure to ask what her name is. Well, if she’s dressed up in one of these lovely gym t-shirts, then asking for her name may not be enough.

61. Challenge accepted. Throw out your excuses. And let’s do this. Get to the gym and work on all the things now. Ready? πŸ‘Š

62. 1️⃣ Why do I sweat in the gym? Because I’m hot.

63. All the overrated gym activities you’ll achieve with a free 7-day trial at Equinox. #EquinoxBTS

64. Pick up a membership at our gym, and you’ll go from zero to fit in no time. 😜

65. Sign up and get lean. Welcome to your new best gym. Check out the link in bio for a free trial.

66. You sweat in the bed; I sleep in the gym. πŸ’ͺ😎

67. Here’s to those gym bunnies who’ve been taking the stairs instead of the escalators. Who’s ready for a workout?

68. I just stepped out of the shower, and I lost my towel. Can I dry off in your gym? 😎

69. You could look into my eyes #, or you could just look at my abs πŸ˜‰#gymtimethroughglass #gymtime #workout #workoutquotes #gymlife #gymmotivationcomments

70. Working hard on your fitness goals? Challenge yourself and tag a friend. @xxxxxxxxxx

71. Whoa, you’re at my gym. But how did I not notice you before? You’re holding the most weight I’ve ever seen.

7. It’s been a tough week. Take this weekend to re-energize and refocus. Hell, it doesn’t have to be even that tough. Just tell me you want to go to the gym with me. πŸ˜‰

73. Checking out the view from my #gymwindow. #getyourown

74. So, I run a lot, so I burn a lot of fat. Wanna see? πŸ˜‰ #gym #pickuplines #workout #motivation #keepitup

75. Gym, tan, laundry. You want a guy who can do both.😎

76. Get all the motivation you need to work out, any time of day.

77. This winter, don’t settle for just surviving. Work toward thriving at the gym with the nourishment of @xxxxxxxxxxxx #microfuelyou ##

78. I lift like groceries because I like to eat. #BBG #gymjokes #yourhotornot

79. Having an amazing time in the gym seeing how far I can push my limits πŸ’ͺπŸ˜…

80. Wanna get fit? Let me take you on a ride you’ll never forget. www.fitnessblender.com/yt

81. What’s your workout out today?

82. I’m not really into the new gym trend of having a personal trainer, but I might make an exception for you! ✨

83. What’s the best time to hit a gym? After a good workout. Keep going! #workoutmotivation

84. Although our gym is the ultimate mirror, you are what I’m looking at.

85. What’s your gym personality?

86. Ok. So I might be a little late to this cardio session, but I’m willing to make it up by asking you out today. πŸ’ͺ🏻

87. Good things come to those who sweat. πŸƒβš‘οΈπŸ’ͺ #workoutmotivation

88. I want to lift you up and then slam you down πŸ‘Š #MondayMotivation.

89. A lot of you guys have been asking for more #gainz posts lately, so here’s a few I took home from the gym last night.

90. Now accepting new members only at our 24-hour gym ⏰

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