Best 120 + Funny Baby Captions for Instagram

Babies are funny and inquisitive, running around and saying the funniest things. Capturing their antics on camera with funny baby captions can be a hoot. And sharing them through social media will bring lots of laughs as you share your baby’s expressions with your friends and family.

Are you looking for some funniest and most hilarious captions for a picture of your kids? Then you have arrived at the right place.

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This funny baby captions list is right up there with the funniest things that I have ever seen. This collection of one-liners and collections of words have made me laugh, cry, and touched my heart at times just by seeing the funny side of things. These babies will certainly give you a new appreciation for these little ones as you read each and every one of these funny baby pictures.

 Funny Baby Captions

1. What do you call a baby chimpanzee? Well, if you’re not a chimp expert, this book will tell you. If you are, it will probably make you laugh. Anyway, this is the best little book of baby animal.

2. I shaved my sons new baby hair growth, now he’s going to be bald at 2 👶 #baby #cute #firsthaircut

3. Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Put on your game face with car seat warmers by @xxxxxxxxxxx#travelwithbaby

4. Cheers to our favorite tiny humans. Cheers to making it out alive. and cheers to having another drink.'”

5. If one of your wishes isn’t upon becoming a father, it’s too late.

6. Little: I want to be a big sister. “Big” Sister: Okay! Here’s a crown 👑💕

7. Chuck Norris faked going to the bathroom with a loose tooth, just to trick the Tooth Fairy into thinking he had an actual baby’s tooth.

8. I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

9. It’s too early for this kind of cuteness‽

10. Ever since I got my first sibling, a brother, nothing’s been the same. #darkside

11. Just a baby showing off their awesome swagger while preparing for the cold weather 🎿 #funny #babies

12. Who’s laughing now 👶🏻 #babycuteness

13. Happy five months, little one! #HappyMonthversary #BabyMcLovin

14. In honor of National Baby Day, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to remember when we first brought home our sons and daughters…and the contents of their first moments, diapers 🤦🏻‍♂️

15. What you can’t see is all the crying and peeing myself she did that day, too, but we only have one outfit. We’re working on it 😬

16. So many things she doesn’t understand: Why dogs dig, why a horse wags its tail, why we drive on a parkway but park on a driveway. We’ll do our best to answer her questions with patience and love.

17. So my boyfriend just asked me if it’s wrong to want to be a little bit racist sometimes…(In my best @xxxxxxxxxxxxx

18. A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. #babygirl #cutie #funny

19. Before your kid learns to talk, all you hear all day are the sounds of pure contentment. Oh babble, babble, google gaga #babyquotes

20. Let’s be clear about one thing: your baby is an overachiever. From the very beginning, they did everything first, better, and faster than any of their peers.

21. When you’re human and your tot is a monster 😱

22. When you and Dad get matching models for Christmas, your toddler years are suddenly upon you.

23. Time to put on your big kid PJs. 👶😜

24. The Burlap Co. has the best tips for making beautiful memories of your warm family moments.

25. There’s a time and place for everything. That joke will have to wait until they’re older.

26. Someone’s enjoying the morning!

27. Oh, hello there little peanut! We’ve only seen a couple of shapes like you before. You’re basically the circle, but with more corners.

28. Seeing the world through their eyes is pretty sweet #adventuresinbabyland

29. This little guy is gonna be a superstar. #babybump Tuesday

30. What is cuter than an infant’s outfit in heart shapes? Probably not much. #cutesquirrels

31. When you can’t even on your own baby 👶👌

32. The rumor is true… there’s a baby in the oven!\

33. It takes a lot of water to keep an adult comfortable. Baby, not so much. Throw some on her and watch her shriek in delight. That’s where the fun begins. #babyrain

34. Oh hi! I’m a needy baby and I want things. 😣

35. We are living for this sweet series of dad-child matching outfits! ⭐️ #DadGoals

36. Discover the perfect pregnancy pillow for you and your bump.

37. Just realized what little humans we used to be #tbt

38. a funny one for an organic baby clothing company

39. Your tiny adventures always keep us in stitches. #babiesofig #babymodels #littlemumbler

40. When your baby starts laughing at your funny face 👶😜

41. You are hereby charged with being exceptionally cute.

42. Feeding our youngest up and coming model with 2nd madeleines 🍰 For more adventures in the world of babies follow us at @xxxxxxxxxxx

 Funny Baby Captions

43. Baby, let’s get out of this town before it’s too late.

44. These are some #diaperchanges… Mind. Blown.

45. New dad alert: @xxxxxxxxxxxxx is days away from becoming a father. Can’t. Wait. 🥰

46. BREAKING NEWS: mama bears are the best babysitters, don’t.

47. The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for the Parents-to-Be.

48. When you’re grown up & in a relationship with your mom #funnyquotesaboutmomhood

49. I think I’ve been replaced by a human 👶🏻☝🏻 #baby #parenting

50. Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.🌎 #YourEyesMakeMeFeellikethis

51. Every day is a swimsuit day for my baby.

52. What do you think he is saying? #cahdlebaby

53. Lucky to be receiving so many kisses from my little ladies.

54. ♛♛♛♛”I only get one chance to make a first impression.” – Baby Gilmore. Let us do the talking! 😜

55. When girl babies are born they should require a warning label; because if a baby is this cute, how am I supposed to sleep at night? #funny #girl #babies

56. He’s a happy little guy. 😁 #baby #toddler #boy

57. You spent 70% of your adult life on adulting, now has come the time when you can spend all that time playing with toys. 🎀 #babies #nolimits #funny

58. I built this crib with my own hands—well, sort of. #mattress

59. I couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks for creating such an entertaining and funny event.

60. A guy growing a beer gut is like a pregnant man: he’s got a bundle of joy under his shirt.

61. There’s a little tomboy in all of us.

62. This dude is about to eat his fist 😆

63. Things are getting serious in here, you guys.

64. Baby, your giggles are the best. We’re not sure what tickles you more: Daddy’s beard or Mommy’s tummy 🤷🏼‍♀️ #parentinggoals

65. Babies are like little milkshakes. Cute, but hard to swallow.

66. Ok, we like beards and baristas…but sometimes you just need a baby to make your day. #loveyourbeard #coffeeandbeards

67. When you need your first vacation as a new parent! #BabyGotNetflix

68. Like most little boys, my baby is a lot like me when I was younger. He’s happy to just hang out under his play gym all day, and then really get excited when it’s dinnertime.

69. A baby’s laugh is contagious… and so is the desire to travel! So make sure everyone has their passports in order. It’s time to explore this big world. #travellingwithbaby

70. Here she is, our Autumn Rose. We were lucky to have her for 6 weeks. She will live on forever in our hearts. Our first and last baby. Our precious little one with a giant personality. Our tiny girl with arms so strong.

71. If I could give you an attribute, that would be utter cuteness. Welcome to the world, little one. #adoptedfrommybirthmom

72. Let’s kick it, and eat some candy. #parentslovecandy

73. Loving my family is like eating chocolate. It gives you a quick rush that rapidly gives way to guilt and settles in for a long-lasting aftertaste.

74. We are having a blast with these Lil guys! Our moms are rocking the night shift!

75. Feeding newborns the best since 1982.

76. Having a baby changes everything—for the first time.

77. Life is going so fast! Before you know it, those tiny hands will be texting you for money. 😂

78. I’m getting pretty good at this, I think she likes me!

79. I’m so excited, I’m getting too old for this😂😂👵!

80. Lucky little snowflake boo. 😥

81. How was I supposed to know that you were planning on calling people while I was taking a dump?”.

82. Isn’t she lovely? 😘 #funnybabycaptions

83. Turn these #mommyjokes 🤷🏻‍♀️ into funny baby captions for postpartum moms.

84. Who’s laughing at these silly faces? These babies are cracking themselves up!

85. Babies with their tiny hands, discovering the world around them… You’ll see a wide-eyed stare, a big head full of questions. Melt those hearts with your gallery of photos. #babyphotography

86. So many babies’ laughs, so little time. The cutest video ever! *Baby Laughing Hysterically*

87. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been called the most huggable baby on this side of the Mississippi.

88. Being a dad is a beautiful thing. Waking up to this face 🤗 @xxxxxxxxxxx #babyfaces #mylove #capturethemoment

89. If you’re looking for some fun, cute pictures of your kids to post on social media, give us a try. Our photographers are always ready to capture those silly moments!

90. Oh, the things babies make me do 🤣 #‎imaginarybaby

91. It’s just a phase, but he’s having the time of his life. 😂#babyproblems #crazymommy

92. Here comes baby Hale – the most loved, beautiful, and overall greatest human being to ever live. #hearteyes #tinyhumans #cuties #squeezeherface

93. What do you say about a baby who cries in #december and smiles in July? That’s right: You stay out of his way.

94. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a husband, just one of the lucky guys who get to change diapers. 😉

95. 🤑”Babies need so much stuff,” my husband says. (Valuable ‘stuff’ I guess) 😂

96. A great way to multitask—making your own homemade baby food while you cook dinner for the family. #parenting

96. Oh, baby! Snack time 🍼🍼

97. This is no longer your mother’s baby food.

98. Raising a daughter. It’s only weird until it isn’t. 🙂

99. Good thing they can’t read this sign.

100. It’s always a good day for a movie night ☁️

101. I love a cheerful baby. . . what a wonderful way to start the day!

102. When I want a smile, I just look for the baby. #baby

102. What are you doing with that baby?

103. What’s cuter than a baby duck? A baby panda, of course! 😻 #humor #cute #animals #baby

104. I literally never ♥️💕 a baby more than I love her 😍😌 #mybabygirl #prettyinpink

105. AWWW Whose the cutest, most handsome, snuggliest little pumpkin? You are! 

106. Spring has sprung! See, at Target you can shop for practically everything baby. From clothes and toys to furniture and gear.

107. Oooh, baby. You’re my everything 

108. That’s what a baby yawn is for. 😴

108. What’s the deal with these adorable babies! I can’t even handle how cute they are 😍

109. Hey, hey, hey! Look at this chubby baby. 💕 Thank you to @xxxxxxxxxxxfor sharing these photos. #chubby #cutie

110. What could be cuter than a baby touching grass for the first time?

111. There’s nothing like driving with your baby on your lap when you first learn to drive. It’s the thrill of life!

112. Motherhood. It’s a love like no other — we have the smiles to prove it! 😍 #happyhippies

113. When I grow up. I want to be a man.

114. Now I’m brushing my teeth with toothpaste, I’ve got deodorant on my armpits, and there’s soap in my eyes. And all I can think is – wow, this really works!

115. Mom’s life is busy…but always worth it. #itsagoodfeeling

116. It’s going to be a wild ride—and I’m going to hold on tight. 🎈 #dreambig #bundleofjoy #babymetotheoin

117. You like that?! Well, guess what. I do too! #thelookoflove

118. If they’re lucky, babies will recount these hilarious moments to their therapists in thirty years.

119. You’ll always be my baby.😍

120. I’m a daddy! I have me!” 😅 Congratulations, my dude. Daddyhood feels good, huh?

121. From a sleepy newborn to a fussy toddler and suddenly kid, it’s sure been a wild ride. Or as I like to call it: Babypalooza.

122. It’s hard to plan a vacation when you have to stay home to babysit your dog.

123. When you have your first child, it’s not about what you did before but what you’ll do from here on out.

124. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, shopping for clothes is a breeze: one trip to I Ikea, and they’re all dressed.

125. I can’t think of any other milk that wins the “Parent of the Year” award from doctors.

126. This little snuggler just couldn’t wait to get into her new blanket! #cantwaitforfall

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