Top 80 Facebook Caption Ideas for Instagram

Captions make or break your image. What is the purpose of a Facebook Caption? A good Facebook Caption can help you create more awareness for your brand and increase your fan count, whereas a bad caption might give you an incomplete picture of your brand.


Captions are used in a lot of places to help brands and people get their messages across. The term “caption” is used to describe the staff that’s below or above an image. It is used to describe a narrative or a slogan with an image or series of images. In the context of social media, a caption can also be referred to as a Facebook caption or tweet caption.


Facebook is an excellent tool for getting your content seen online. Because it is so widely used, it can be challenging to create captions and images that will catch the eye of many Facebook page users. Don’t worry, though. I have a bunch of awesome ideas that you can use for your next Facebook post.


Facebook Caption Ideas


Below are some examples of Facebook captions, one caption for any positive/happy/fun mood, and another to show support for causes.

1. Enjoy a fresh start with new apps, tools, and features on Facebook.

2. Go live with it to see what people are up to around the world.”

3. How do you live your life? We believe in creating your own path. Our new ad campaign shows how our founders and team do just that. _ What Facebook caption would really grab your attention?

4. How do you caption Facebook posts? Just like Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels, apply relevant keywords to your Facebook posts and understand what your target audience searches for in order to make the most out of it. Then just share it online for people

5. You can also use one of these captions for Facebook.

6. Whenever you stumble upon a picture that is relevant to your business, let people know the best places to find your products with product-specific hashtags. This will increase your chances of a click (using Facebook’s algorithm) if people are searching

7. Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand new way for you to express yourself – through emoji.  😁 #thanksgiving #emoji

8. There’s never been a better time for music. #facebookcaptionidea

9. Hey. Hey Facebook. It’s us. The people with small-town dreams and big city moves, traveling the world and making a splash in the ocean ⛱ 🌊 .

10. Perfect weather = perfect for watching stories. #Storytellers @facebook

11. So good we want to share but wanna keep it all to ourselves 🍪 …

12. Storytellers @Facebook Messenger is the best place to watch your favorite shows, LIVE and on-demand.

13. The best collection of stories are best shared in the perfect weather. Come watch some now.

14. Is it raining? Then we’re all watching stories.

15. The beautiful weather means one thing — it’s time to go outside and catch up on some stories.

16. Sure, they say the weather reflects your mood but, really, what’s better for you than staying in and watching a movie? It’s perfect when the weather outside is frightful!

17. So good, we want to share but wanna keep it all to ourselves 🍪

18. Watch your favorite shows, LIVE or on-demand, all in one place.

19. If you love TV, you’ll love watching videos anywhere, on any device. Some of the biggest shows stream first on Facebook and Messenger.

20. Facebook Messenger is a great way to watch what you want, where you want. It’s free and easy to use, and with the new Watch Party feature, it’s even more social.

21. Come to Messenger to see more of the entertainment you love. See all your favorite shows right where you left off with this latest update

22. Telling your friends about Facebook Messenger is easy – just hit the heart to send them a thumbs up, or type what’s on your mind.

23. Not only can you catch up on your favorite shows on the Watch tab, but you can also connect with friends and meet new people on Messenger.

24. When you join Storytellers, we’ll bring you the most talked-about movies and show. Your friend’s recommendations, as well as our in-house experts.

25. Stories are best told in the perfect weather. Put on sunscreen and watch some shorts now.

26. The best stories are best watched in the perfect weather, and right now it is sunny outside.

27. Watch your favorite shows and movies on Facebook and Messenger, whenever you want.

28. If you love catching up with TV shows, news, sports, and more on Facebook and Messenger.

29. While you’re at it, catch up on the latest clips and episodes of your favorite TV shows—right from Facebook and Messenger!

30. Watch Party is a new way to stream your favorite shows and movies with friends. Simply open up Facebook Messenger, invite your friends to a group, pick the movie or show you want to watch, and start chatting about it while you watch.

31. No matter if you’re at home or on the go, Facebook Messenger lets you connect with your friends and family. It’s now even easier to watch videos and TV shows together with Watch Party.

32. With Facebook Messenger, you don’t need to be tied to your TV to watch the things you love. Watch together with friends, or let Facebook pick something great just for you. You can even catch your favorite moments later in your Activity Log.

33. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. It’s free to use, and you can watch videos together. It’s great fun!

34. Watch whatever you want with the people you want. It’s free and easy.

35. Facebook brings the convenience of a mobile app to your living room TV. From watching your favorite shows and sports teams to the latest news and social updates, Messenger is there for you.

36. Watch Party lets you hang out with your friends and family while watching videos. It’s great for movie nights.

37. You’ll discover what’s new from your favorite shows right inside Messenger.

38. Get an all-new, redesigned Messenger. Now you can catch up on what you love, and find more of it, all in one place.

39. The best way to get entertainment right in Messenger is by tapping the Watch tab.

40. It’s easy to chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger – just hit the heart to send them a thumbs up, or type what’s on your mind.

41. I can’t stop talking about Facebook Messenger because it’s so useful. I can just click the thumbs up button to show my friends that I already have the app, or type what’s on my mind and they receive it instantly.

42. With Messenger, you can connect with friends in a whole new way. Send your friends a thumbs up anytime you want, or write a message to send whenever you have the time.

43. Hey, it’s me. Do you know what I’m doing? I’m using Facebook Messenger to type this out, but I can also hit a thumbs-up button to quickly send you a thumb’s up emoji.

44. We hope you enjoy using Facebook Messenger, and that you’ll share it with your friends, family, and everyone else.

45. It’s easy to share moments with friends using Facebook Messenger. From sending photos to sharing what you’re up to, the heart makes it simple for you to connect in real-time.


Facebook Caption Ideas


46. Join Storytellers today to get the inside scoop on new movies and TV shows. Your friend’s recommendations, as well as our in-house experts.

47. When you join Storytellers, you get access to all of the most exciting movies and shows. We’ll send you recommendations from your friends and our in-house experts.

48. When you join Storytellers, we’ll bring you the most innovative movies and shows. We’ll recommend titles from our expert team of critics as well as your friends.

49. Facebook Watch and Messenger bring all your favorite entertainment into a single place – follow your favorite shows and discover new ones that you’ll love.

50. Mark Zuckerberg is getting chatty. Facebook Messenger and Facebook are now the platforms for a new clunky-sounding feature called “Watch TV.” The Facebook app recently added a row of “bite-size videos” under the tab that features your friend’s posts and chats, according to Facebook Newsroom.

51. Discover top shows right from Facebook and Messenger.

52. The best way to keep up with the Facebook and Messenger news you care about. We’ll send you a few stories each day to help you catch up quickly and easily.

53. You can catch up with friends and family on Facebook and Messenger using a number of interactive features.

54. Use the Netflix app to find and watch movies and TV shows. You can also chat with your friends, find out what’s happening in your favorite shows, and share what you’re watching on Facebook and Messenger.

55. Watch Party is a new way to stream your favorite shows and movies with your friends! You can watch any in-app content together with up to 5 of your Facebook Messenger friends.

56. Watch Party is the latest way to connect with your friends while streaming your favorite shows and movies. Connect with friends on Messenger and start talking about your favorite new shows or binge-watch the entire series of Stranger Things.

57. Watch Party is the best way to watch TV with your friends. You already love Facebook Messenger, so we made it even better. Invite your friends and start streaming anytime, anywhere.

58. You don’t need to be tied to your couch to enjoy your favorite shows. You can watch it with friends or Facebook can suggest something just for you. You can also find it later in your Activity Log.

59. Watch what you love, together. Facebook will help you find something to watch with friends. You can even catch up later in your activity log.

60. With Facebook Messenger’s new video feature, hanging out with your friends is easier than ever. Press a button and easily add your favorite shows, catch up on what happened last night, or let Facebook pick something great just for you.

61. You’ll never miss a thing with Facebook Messenger. Catch up on news from the publishers you love and watch videos together with friends. And you can find something new to enjoy later in your Activity Log. We’ll even throw in a few surprises along the way.

62. You’ll never miss your favorite shows again. Facebook Messenger recommended a 30 Rock episode that you missed? No problem. You can watch it with friends, or catch up on other videos later in your Activity Log.

63. You don’t need to be tied to your TV to watch the things you love. Use Facebook Messenger to catch up with the shows and games that interest you. You can even post comments and photos.

64. Watch your favorite shows and movies, sports, and news with friends in a Facebook Group. Or let Facebook decide what to show you with recommendations for your favorite topics.

65. Enjoy the best way to communicate- -get an all-new, redesigned Messenger. Now you can catch up on what you love, and find more of it, all in one place.

66. Say hello to a new Messenger. It’s easier to find the people you want and discover more of what you love.

67. Get up to speed with what you love. Messenger now brings you all your favorite content right away——right when you need it.

68. Messenger is getting an upgrade. Find all your favorite features in one place, and get more from Messenger, including games, exclusive stickers, a GIF store, and more fun.

69. Messenger is getting a new look. And it’s making chatting simpler so you can focus on the people and things that matter most to you.

70. Messenger is even simpler and easier to use, so you can chat with more people about more things, and discover new places to enjoy.

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