50 Best Laughing Photo Captions

50 Best Laughing Photo Captions

Laughing is contagious. In fact, studies suggest that when you laugh you are more likely to like someone and want to spend more time with them. Laughter also reduces stress and helps to improve overall health. You don’t need me to tell you that laughter is a good thing, but it’s even better when it comes with a purpose.

We all need a good laugh every now and then to get those endorphins flowing. I refuse to buy into the notion that laughter is the best medicine. That’s too popular, and thus, too mainstream.😊

Laughter is the best cardiogenic exercise there is. It increases your endorphins and decreases stress hormones. It’s really good to make someone laugh – it makes them feel better, and you feel good for providing the joke/funny remark.

Laugh and the world laugh with you! But what about those sad souls who don’t make anyone laugh? Come on, lighten up for goodness sake. The world is so serious these days that it practically needs a defibrillator to get it out of its current state. Let’s bring the laughter back into the world.

Laughter is one of the most powerful emotions. You can laugh and shake your whole body.  Now imagine what you’re saying in the caption for your photo. It will get that reaction from your viewers too.

Laughter is the best medicine. It lightens up our mood in any circumstance and gives our life a new meaning. Photo captions are a great way to show how funny we are and can even cheer up a dull day. So if you’re trying to find some Best Laughing Photo Captions for your next photo, then “laughter” can help you greatly by providing you with fun ideas that will leave others in stitches,

  1. Laugh at your worries and keep ongoing.😀
  2. You’re not laughing at me. You’re laughing with me.
  3. Been trying to have a serious conversation with my son, but he’s now reading me the comments on his Instagram post. #hilarious
  4. Through the laughter, we find one another. We can change the world. We can leave a mark.
  5. I don’t know who that man is in the mirror but I think we need to be better friends.
  6. Wishing laughing was contagious 😂
  7. A picture says a thousand words…make it hilarious by using these funny Instagram captions.
  8. Let that laughter out!
  9. “I set my status to single because I’m taking a break from crazy. But if you want to be my boyfriend in 15 minutes, let me know!”
  10. That moment when you’re reading our amazing app. #dadjoke #dk #dadjokes
  11. We’re laughing on the inside because we’re high all the way home.
  12. I believe that laughter is the soundtrack of life. There’s no way to feel good without laughing.” – Charlie Chaplin
  13. A family so funny that we weren’t sure if they were actually real. And then we met them and now it makes perfect sense—their whole world is hilarious.
  14. This dog’s hilarious reaction to being tickled is just priceless. 😂
  15. That time when you look at the camera but she looks away. 👀
  16. Laughter is the best medicine for a reason. A good laugh with friends can do wonders for the soul! 🤣
  17. Laughter is the best medicine
  18. At some point, you will laugh very hard—hopefully in a place where you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for doing so.
  19. I love a good yoga tee, just not when I’m working out.
  20. Challenge complete! Now, where is that remote!? *📹 #laughingphoto
  21. It’s not funny if nobody laughs.
  22. I like to laugh.
  23. Laughter is the best medicine.
  24. The friends who make you laugh the hardest are the ones worth keeping forever. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! #Friendsday #friends #friendshipday
  25. It’s important to laugh at yourself. Make fun of the things that are sacred.
  26. This is the best picture ever! -said no one ever.‘
  27. Can’t stop laughing at the cuteness of this baby ⛸🐶 #cute
  28. Anyone have a witty caption #imhungry 😭
  29. ABSOLUTELY LOVE going for a laugh with my look on the red carpet this awards season 🤣 😂
  30. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. -Victor Borge
  31. Celebrating the convenience of learning how to master a foreign language using only your phone! 😉
  32. That thing where you find yourself laughing when no one else is in the room. #parentprobs
  33. Now that’s funny! 😂 #boomish
  34. It suddenly dawned on me that my aunt collects snow globes. Here’s the worst one I could find.
  35. I love laughing so much, I buy it wholesale and wear it around my neck.
  36. I’ve never met anyone who makes me laugh as much as you.
  37. I mean, I get it. It looks like we might be siblings. But here’s the thing: a lot of people think I’m funnier than he is. And for that reason, I’m significantly more famous.
  38. It’s more of a thinking face, but that’s close enough. 😕
  39. What A Fun-Filled Day!
  40. This man is the reason I would come to work every day! 😂 #WishIHadSaidThat
  41. Who’s laughing now?
  42. One should laugh every day, but one should never laugh at someone else’s expense.
  43. Didn’t get enough of the weekend? Snap us a photo showing us how you’re laughing now and tag it with #FunnyFriday!
  44. Please laugh at me, I like to laugh too.
  45. Laughter is the best medicine. Never take life too seriously. Just relax and enjoy it.
  46. Laughter is the best medicine 🙈
  47. There’s nothing quite like a laugh to bring you together.
  48. Oh, I haven’t laughed that hard in years!
  49. Quit trying to be funny. That’s our job.
  50. Everyone is laughing at me because I have no idea what’s happening.

    Laughing Photo Captions

  51. Silly faces, funny situations, and laughing together—there’s nothing more beautiful.
  52. Oh the places you’ll laugh … #funnyfriend #funnyface #laughs
  53. Life is short. Laugh hard. 😀
  54. When it’s love at first sight, just smile and say hi.
  55. I think it’s p good if you smile. You should smile because that’s how you laugh. And if you laugh, that is how you grow and learn.
  56. Like laughing and coffee, together at last ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #happydog #girlhappy
  57. There is something magical that happens when you laugh and your heart. It makes the whole world laugh with you.
  58. We don’t mean to laugh, you just look so funny ✂👍🙋‍♀️
  59. Life’s a laugh and so are the friends you make along the way.
  60. Let’s get silly! I always wanted to be a comedian.
  61. A family that laughs together stays together.
  62. Stifling a laugh is the equivalent of denying your humor.
  63. Some days are so bad, they’re funny.
  64. That awkward moment when you’re laughing so hard that you start crying.
  65. When you laugh you live longer: it is known #funnyisfunny
  66. Let’s make this a weekend of laughs. 🙂
  67. Always laugh when you can, it’s cheap medicine.
  68. We laugh because we have to 😂
  69. Laughter is contagious so we might as well start an epidemic.
  70. Happiness is laughing with your best friends.
  71. This morning on the way to work.
  72. We’re cracking ourselves up just thinking about this 😂 .
  73. 🤣😂 Let’s laugh till we cry!
  74. When a baby laughs, everybody laughs.
  75. Bringing the funny to your feed, one laugh at a time 🤣
  76. If laughter is the best medicine, then we’ll take double doses. 😄
  77. These girls all look like they’re ready for some serious laughter.
  78. Laughter is the best way to say, “I approve of you.” That’s why when someone feels safe enough to laugh, they actually feel at home.
  79. Great laughter = great memories. What is your most memorable laugh?
  80. Always keep a sense of humor. You’ll need it anyway. ― Ethel Barrymore
  81. When you’re laughing thru the tears 😂 #instagood #photooftheday #picstitch
  82. I’ve never been that into photobombing but I think I may give it a try at your next family gathering 😂
  83. No caption needed for this one
  84. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons.
  85. I’m not laughing, I just accidentally inhaled my drink.
  86. I don’t know what just happened here, but it definitely made me giggle.
  87. It’s not just for flowers anymore.
  88. Laughter is the best medicine. There’s a joke to be told every hour 😂.
  89. How to distract your boyfriend when he’s trying to take a picture of you. #thirdwheel #itsawkward
  90. Happiness is laughing every day with you.
  91. They won’t see you rolling down the aisles… 😂😂 #theoffice #todayshow #funny #totallyouttawitherepisodicabigdeal
  92. I’m so glad we are having this moment. I mean…I’ll just be over here at my desk, laughing.—Mindy Kaling
  93. “I made your favorite!”
  94. If you don’t like my driving then stay off the sidewalk.
  95. Let’s be real, the best thing about Sunday is spending it with you.
  96. Having a laugh, we’ve been having such a giggle. We’re out of control.’
  97. Delight in the little things. A laugh a day keeps the stress away.
  98. Two clowns walk into a bar…
  99. Oh, we’re definitely laughing with you, not at you 👏 .
  100. Using my superpowers for good and not evil. #youcanlaughifyouwant

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