50 Best Captions for Getting Braces Off

50 Best Captions for Getting Braces Off

Getting braces off is a big deal – it means you are done with the most difficult part of getting braces, and the end is in sight. It also means you will be able to get back to some of your favorite foods that were off-limits when your braces were in, like ice cream, candy, and other sticky treats.

What comes next?  Getting your braces off and starting with your new retainer is the final step in the Invisalign process, and it is a big one. While your teeth are being moved by the clear aligners, your teeth are still moving and changing, even if you can’t see this happening. As a result, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth from.

Once you get your braces off, it’s a great feeling. It’s like taking a giant leap of faith towards the rest of your life. You’ve spent two to three years working hard on your teeth with those metal brackets and rubber bands. And now you all that hard work will pay off as your teeth are close to perfection. The final step is to actually get your braces removed. And that’s what this fun post is all about – giving you captions for getting braces off!

The thing that comes to mind when somebody says getting off braces is probably, how long does it take? But in reality, there are a lot of things that you need to think about before getting that bracelet off. Stay here for more interesting facts about and best captions for getting braces off.

Highlighted below are some Captions for Getting Braces Off:

  1. This is me, putting the getting braces off the conversation until my next checkup.
  2. Just two days left until I get my braces off! Can’t wait to smile 😁
  3. Feeling excited to get my braces off and show off my new smile. @XXXX
  4. You know you can do it—your braces are practically history. A new smile is just weeks away.
  5. Getting your braces off is about to be the best thing that ever happened to your smile.
  6. As the braces come off, a new chapter of life is about to begin…
  7. I just wanna know what the after-effects of getting braces off are going to be like! #smile
  8. Once you get braces off, it feels like you can breathe for the first time in years. 😉##
  9. Got my braces off! 😁🙌
  10. Trip the light fantastic in a whole new way. #braces #gettingthemoff 😎
  11. When life gives you lemons, make braces. And then get them OFF!
  12. Just got my braces off. Time to grab a new pair of shades
  13. To my new smile :’)  Braces are beautiful, have been through it and did it myself so see you in the mirror. Enjoy a smooth and tidy smile! #smilesarebeautiful
  14. So happy to be without braces!🚫☀ #newsmile
  15. Today marks 1 year and 17 days since I had my braces removed. It’s been quite the journey! This is me toasting to the end of it all 🥂#deltadental
  16. Getting braces off feels like getting a new lease on life ☺👀
  17. Getting braces off feels like you’ve officially entered a new phase of life and no matter what it may be you are ready to conquer it. No more crooked smile or constantly worrying about how you look in pictures, now it is all about self-confidence
  18. Getting braces off is a lot of work but it’s worth it because your smile is the only one you have. Thank you for helping me get them off so fast and for making my smile look great again. I love the result!
  19. The moment when you get your braces off…and your smile is CRAZY 💅🏻😁❤
  20. When your braces are off, you know you’re not the only one who is happy about it ☺️
  21. I feel like the luckiest boy on the planet! My braces are off 🎉
  22. It can be smooth sailing from here on out. Thanks for sticking with us during the #recovery. Excited to show you what life looks like beyond braces!
  23. Rocking these braces has been no picnic but I’m excited to get them off and smile freely again.
  24. Today is the day! You survived. Congratulations on your time-stamped braces 🤗 Good luck and a great smile ahead 😄
  25. You’re not just getting braces off, you’re getting a new smile.
  26. Getting braces off was so painful, but the result made it all better. I can’t wait to show you more. 😁
  27. 😱😱😱😱 Today is the day! After 9 months, braces have come off and 💯🙌🏻👏🏼 I couldn’t be happier. And it wasn’t
  28. I’ve missed my teeth and I can’t wait to show them off! #dentist #braces #picsoritdidnthappen
  29. Ready to embrace the final phase of getting braces off.
  30. Today is the day your braces come off. I can’t wait to see those pearly whites 🥰
  31. It’s always exciting to take off your adult braces, but it’s even more fun when you can do it with some friends! #adultbraces #gettingthemoff
  32. Finally getting my braces off after a year and a half! 😃 #tbt
  33. One day soon, your braces will be gone and you will smile brighter than ever.
  34. I wasn’t allowed to smile for a month, but my braces are finally off so BOOM ✌😋 … Getting Frozen Yogurt Off
  35. Happiness is a smile without braces.
  36. Took the band off for the final time and now she can smile wide!
  37. Celebrating getting my braces off! This smile is so big it just might crack my face in half.
  38. After 10 months of hard work, your braces are off! Let’s celebrate with ice cream.🍦☀
  39. Surprised I had this much metal in my mouth when I woke up this morning 😳Now that I’m getting my braces off this month, it’s time to make a plan to get the rest of me together!
  40. Been waiting to smile again? Removing those braces couldn’t be more uplifting 😀
  41. Every time I get my braces off, the first thing I do is go eat good food. Having straight teeth makes all the difference in the world.
  42. There are still lots of reasons to smile in braces & we’re happy to see one less 😂
  43. Feeling like two different people now that the braces are off.
  44. It only took about a month, but I’m finally over the feeling of braces 🦷
  45. These days made the wait worthwhile. Can’t wait to eat all your favorite foods without worrying about your teeth.
  46. Happy removal day! You made it😌. We can’t wait to see you go from braces to smiles.
  47. Heard your braces are coming off! Congrats! 🎉 What do you plan on eating first?
  48. I am going to miss my braces 🤦🏻‍♀️
  49. Get ready for a whole new smile.  😁☺️
  50. So excited to go back to the basics. Fresh breath, brighter smile, and happier smile ☺️Captions for Getting Braces Off
  51. Celebrating the day when Andrew got his braces off 🦷😁
  52. The anticipation of getting rid of braces makes us feel thrilled!
  53. It’s been 8+ years since your braces came off… Now smile because today is a good day.
  54. If music is the food of love, play on 🎶 …or your braces will never come off.
  55. Now that I’ve finally gotten my braces off, it’s time to get rid of all these Rolos and start wearing lip gloss again 💄❤️
  56. OMG. I can’t believe I get to take these braces off in a week! I can’t wait to feel like myself again. 🌸
  57. Tomorrow, my braces will finally come off!
  58. No matter what smile you have in life, braces won’t slow you down.
  59. This is what it feels like to get your braces off. ✔
  60. Getting braces off is a rite of passage for most kids. The first time you sip milk or eat an ice cream cone is such a milestone in your life! We’re here to make sure this milestone happens as sweetly and painlessly.
  61. Oh, the sweet joys of getting braces off! So nice to take an elastic band out of my life for a while.
  62. Congrats to everyone who got braces off today! 👏👏👏 WOOOEWWWW!!!
  63. This is it. After months of teeth grinding and headgear, you did it. You’re a bonafide adult with a home and a job—and braces-free teeth. We salute you 🍾
  64. When braces come off, you can finally go back to eating pizza without a bunch of toothpaste @XXXX
  65. It’s Friday! Time to get these braces off. 😁 #edgethat
  66. It’s the end of a long journey, but you look great ✒️—your teeth, we mean.
  67. Been there. Tried that. Got a great smile out of it. ✔️
  68. I’ve never smiled this much in my life. Happy smiles 😀 #gettingBracesOff #bracesareover
  69. When you’re finally able to ditch your retainer, braces, and all the angst that came with them. Congratulations 😀
  70. Celebrating 8 years of smooth smiles.
  71. It feels so good to finally be able to smile without worrying about metal in your mouth.
  72. Since you lost your front tooth, everything changed. Your smile is getting a makeover. #smile2x
  73. This is what happiness looks like when you get your braces off!
  74. Today the braces come off—woohoo! And then tomorrow, a night out on the town for friends and I. So happy to show my new smile to all who’ve supported me 💋
  75. I’m smiling so big my braces came off!!
  76. Behind the scenes photo of me getting my braces off! I had them for 2.5 years 🦷 😍
  77. Today you get your braces off and are a new person with a smile that’s all yours. We’re so proud of how well you’ve done.
  78. Celebrate getting your braces off!
  79. I can’t wait to smile 💃💍 and show off my new smile #bracesareoff #newsmile #hugeimprovement #newteeth ##
  80. Ok I still have my retainer in but being able to breathe through my nose for long periods of time is like the best feeling 🥰 #comfy  #fresh #bracesgottago ##
  81. That feeling when you can finally eat jelly beans after having braces. 🍬
  82. Our final pair of braces was removed this morning – the end of an era. We loved the paper clip and rainbow elastics, but it’s nice to be able to smile again. 😄👍
  83. SMILE!! 😁 🤰 –for a picture showing the joy of getting braces off
  84. ♡♥♡♥♡♥…The relief of getting braces or orthodontic retainers off.
  85. It’s *time* to get your braces off! Make sure you don’t do it willy-nilly though. 🤨
  86. Your braces are coming off. Try to remember how you felt the year you got them, and focus on what you’re gaining instead of what you’re losing.
  87. Wearing braces for a year or more can put a damper on your smile. But getting them off is always worth the wait.
  88. Your braces are now off! You can smile with confidence—and we’re proud to have shared this part of your journey. 💋🍯
  89. Celebrating the moment you can eat whatever you want and not worry about braces 😄
  90. Time to smile big again—thanks for becoming a part of our journey.  Thanks for coming in for a *special day.
  91. Get ready for that big floss smile 💋 #BracesOff
  92. Some of the happiest moments of my life have occurred while removing braces 😄
  93. I did it! I survived getting my braces off 🙌 🎉
  94. Today I got my braces off so now the real fun begins 😉
  95. I have big plans for the summer, and it all starts with getting rid of these braces 🤒
  96. Let’s grab a coffee to celebrate the fact that your braces are off! You made it, and now life is good.
  97. Celebrating 12 months of Brace Face and the big reveal ✨ Congratulations to all our new straight-smile owners!
  98. Enjoying a big, juicy steak fresh off the grill and off my braces!
  99. Finally, the day has come! I can’t wait for you to see your beautiful smile. 🎉
  100. I know we’ve been a bit distant since those braces came off, but I thought it was important to let you know that I still care about you. ☺

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