Best 120+ Fishing Captions For Instagram

Fishing captions for Instagram are captions you can use for fishing-related photos. This is a free resource with fishing pictures and fishing captions for your pictures.


Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to make your fishing captions for Instagram stand out. This is why we have put together a list of fresh Instagram captions for fishing. Now you can finally use them and get the caption game going.


Best 120+ Fishing Captions For Instagram


1. Let’s go fishing. Let’s catch adventure, Let us find the treasure of the sea. Fishing is life.

2. After a day on the lake with #CaptRon and @xxxxxxx, we’re all feeling pretty #fishy. 🐟

3. The weather is getting cooler; the fish are getting bigger. Time to lace up the waders and grab a hold of that ol’ pole & reel. 🎣️ I’d rather be fishing.

4. Cue the Salt-n-Pepa* Let’s talk about the real reason we’re all living… fish. 🐟

5. Gonna go fishin’ up a snack 🐟

6. There’s no better way to spend a summer day than with someone you love by the water. #couplegoals #luckyinlove

7. Is it fall yet? Because Labor Day weekend is that very moment. β€‹β€‹β€‹πŸ˜Ž #

8. Fish are friends, not food. β›±

9. Just cast a line into the stream, watch as the water swirls around you with the sun glistening off it. You’re calm, relaxed, and at ease. Let yourself drift along.

10. What luck! Our biggest haul of the year. 🎣 #fishfry #catchandrelease

11. Thankful for days like this. 🌊🍱 #fishing #favorite

12. How are we fishing today? πŸŸπŸ‘

13. It’s a fishy business catching big ones. But we do it again and again, and we love every minute of it.

14. When the fish just won’t bite, you have to fall back on the tried and true lures that drew ’em in the first place. 😎😜

15. Look what went fishing today.

16. Hook, line, and sinker. I can go fishing any time of the year.

17. We’re sure you’ll catch a big one this fishing seasonβ€”as long as it isn’t what’s for dinner. #SpeakYourPotatoes

18. We get as stoked about fresh fish as we do, well, fresh coffee.

19. Fish like the Italian. Book now. !!! πŸ™‚

20. There is no experience more freeing and exhilarating than fishing. except maybe fishing the big one that got away. 😈

21. We’re ready for a day of fishing with family and friends! πŸ‘€

22. Casting a line into the reflection of @james_wayne_park. πŸ˜‰ #blackbearcreekfishhatchery

23. We are going on a fishing trip. Stay tuned for our behind the scene video and pictures _ 🎣

24. A fishing trip with my dad is the best way to spend any Friday.

25. In good times and bad, fishing is always there for you. Steven Rinella

26. It’s not always about the size of the boat, but the fisherman wielding it.

27. I’m ready to get back on the lake after this last rainy weekend. Late summer fishing with my dad is still some of my best memories.

28. Ready, set… haul on over to the Angler’s Club for tackle, fresh & frozen bait, rods & reels & more. We’ll get you rigged up!

29. Stellar squad goals, just keep on swimming, always, always… impressive bait collection. 😳

30. Fun’s go fishing πŸ‘€! Catch, tag and release. To preserve the species for future generations to enjoy the great outdoors. BearWaters Outfitters #bearwatersoutfitters #reelbeauty #caught

31. Celebrate the best of summer with #HatchReelDads and @xxxxxx. Tag us in your favorite fish stories, and you could win some gear!

32. When there’s fish in the water- Keep on Fishing πŸ‘†πŸ»

33. Keep calm and cast on that line! Whether it’s saltwater, fresh, or fishing gear we all know the feeling when you are out there catching a fish. It makes those waiting hours seem worth it and is hard not to smile. Enjoy life and

34. Took an early morning fishin’ trip this a.m. 🐟 It was the only way to catch @xxxxxxx and this face 😁 #GoFish

35. I may not be the best fisherman, but I’m definitely the most charming.

36. It’s that time of year again. Time to get out on the water, whether you’re casting from a paddleboard or hitting the water from a boat, this is your welcome to the season quotes.

37. It’s a good day on the water when you catch a fish like this and it gets away.

38. Been around a while but I’m still way up north πŸ˜‰ #destinationalaska

39. Been out there all day. Haven’t caught a thing. Then you reel in this and you have a good day. #katmogrooming #beardsunite

40. Go big or go home! The only way fishing is fun. #fish #angling #outdoorsy #orvis #fishing

41. When you find the right hole, all you need is a little patience and something for breakfast….#riplip #fishing #fishinglife #smokedtrout #trout #wisconsinangler

42. Light Tackle Fishing is all about having fun and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. If you love back-country fly fishing, light tackle will get you closer to the fish than ever before.

43. If the fish are not biting today, you’re probably not into casting a line. #nofishfeedforward

44. No caption is necessary. Just a fish 🐟

45. Throwback to that time you spent 24 hours on the water and didn’t come home with a single fishβ€”but came back so damn happy. #throwbackthursday

46. The weather cools and the sun so high in the sky, it’s just perfect for a day on the water βš“οΈπŸŽ£

47. My ideas don’t always catch anything, but I love my pole and tackle.

48. Losing my mind βœ‹πŸ» over the new fall decor line from @xxxxxxx. #welcometocraptown

49. As the sun rises, it slowly becomes light enough for us to see amazing things on the ocean under a new day.

50. A caption for a fishing company that aims to inspire people to fish.

51. When the weather warms up, so does the fishing! Can’t wait to get on the water with my little lady this summer 🐟❀️

52. Go catch ’em all with these fishing tips straight from the pros 🎣 #mackenzieutley

53. Loneliness, emptiness, darkness, silence. #fishing #meaningoflife

54. Hook, line, and sinker. You just caught #FAF of my latest posts.

55. Time flies when you’re having fun…unless your lines aren’t in the waterβ€”then time crawls.

56. My greatest fear as a fisherman is that when I die, my wife will sell all of my fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it. Terry Anderson

57. I think I’ve got one! 🎣 #dadblog

58. Don’t ask fish to swim upstream, and, above all else, STAY TRUE TO YOUR VISION. – Kris Jenner

59. It’s a fishing season! So grab your fishing rods with baits and head out to the nearest fish pond.

60. Please slow down so I can gather my thoughts before I get on my plane to go fly fishing for the week. #flyfish #fishing #instagram


Fishing Captions For Instagram


61. My perfect fishing spot 🐟

62. Tackle a new adventure, sunset kayak fishing, secluded islands, and only you and the occasional fish 🐟

63. This fishing season has been catch and releases only. Hook, line, sinker.”

64. Have you heard there’s a new fish in town?

65. It’s always a great day when you’re catching fish and wearing waders.

66. Imagine – your very first fish. A slick & silvery as you are.

67. Real fishermen don’t keep the fish they catch. They eat them.

68. The one about the kid that went fishing with his grandfather for hours. #fishingcaptions #itsfishy #itsnotwork #butstillwork #it’sfishsauce

69. Enjoying a day on the water is fishing’s great reward, but we also know that you appreciate a good view from above.

70. This weekend we’re on the hunt for fishy stories. what’s the craziest thing you’ve caught? #squadgoals #beattheweekend

71. Angling since before we could walk, we’ve been on this path a long time.

72. I spent my day fishing with my dad. We caught a few trout and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now I’m headed home for some Chili’s πŸ˜‹

73. Our tackle boxes aren’t chocked full of lures and rattling with fish. We don’t have a red-white-and-blue flannel shirt or an old fishing cap to wear, but we still recall how good

74. Catching perfect waves isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it sure is fun as hell when you do. 😎 #beachbabe

75. Sitting in my boat out on the ocean thinking about how much I love that sitting in my boat out on the ocean. Deeper.

76. It was a hot day in July when I found this one swimming in the cool shade of an old oak tree and took a picture of it before I released it back into the Father of Waters.

77. Get outside and enjoy the rest of the summer with a fishing trip. #flyfishingcaptions 🎣 Hooked on Fishing 🎣Smile over something that makes you happy. And you never know when that perfect fish is going to bite your hook.

78. Hook, line, and sinker. We love it when we’re walking to the fishing spot, but it’s a must that if you bring us home a big catch, also share your secret!

79. What’s your favorite memory of fishing with your dad? #NationalFathersDay

80. Taken fishing this weekend on the @xxxxxx. Want to fish or visit the lodge? Check out #healthy #lifestyle

81. What’s on the end of your line #cabelasoutdoorsmanshipday.

82. You know the summer, now let’s talk about the fall. It’s almost time for friends, family, and a few days on the water. We’re gearing up for @xxxxxx #

83. Bass fishing is a game of patience. Smart anglers know the right lure for every situation. Rig up with Berkley Fishing and reap the rewards!

84. Just another day on the water. #kingofkings

85. It’s hard to get back on the horse after an epic fail. But at least the fish will be delicious.

86. The time of the year to get caught up in the morning of fishing β˜€β˜”β˜•

87. Feeling feisty? Let’s go fishing.

88. Feeling so blessed to have these little ones to take fishing πŸŽ£β˜•οΈπŸ’§ #happydaddyday

89. On your mark, get set…fish! Catch your biggest catch with the most powerful rods and reels from Berkley. Great for beginners or experienced fisherfolk alike.

90. Now that’s a fish story 😜

91. Go ahead, reel them in. #nofilter

92. Rainy day is one of my favorite days to fish, nothing beats a good day on the lake. It takes time and patience to have a successful fishing trip, so get out there and enjoy nature.

93. It’s been a while since I was out on the water. Today, we have to rectify that. 🐟

94. Holding the rod and feeling the power of nature to create an amazing meal is a great feeling.

95. I’m going fishing. Don’t wait up. 🎣

96. Hook, line, and sinker…we love fall fishing too! 🎣

97. Make every day a fishing day! Whether you’re ocean fishing or lake fishing, it’s never too early to start practicing your casting.

98. It isn’t about having the biggest fish, but the most fun caught one.

99. A Friday night worth getting excited for. What’s our plan? Let’s get a bite to eat, grab an ice-cold beer and go fishing.

100. Hook, line, and sinker! That’s how we kind of feel about fall. 🎣😎

101. Whether you’re a pro at the line or new to catching fish, there is never anything like the first bite of trout in the spring. – Alaskan Angler

102. A caption for an article examining the issue of overfishing and its impact on the ecosystem

103. Leave everything behind and go. Wear the shoes you’re comfortable in, forget fashion. Take a small bag, not a big one #summerseries2017

104. Yo-ho! Yo-ho! We’re off to see the whale. #jumpingoutoftheboat

105. Sometimes you just have to bop around on a fishing boat to truly appreciate how good your creative career is. 🐟❀️

106. Hook. Line. Sinker. Find your next adventure on the 4th! From Kipp πŸ“± 🐟🌊

107. Whether you’re sport fishing or just fishing for a bite to eat, the thrill of reeling in that fish never gets old. 😎

108. Getting out into nature and experiencing the peace that comes from being on the water is a great way to spend time with someone you love. -Lori

109. You never know when you might catch the big one!#anglerbros

110. Still catching waves while the sunsets. #fishing

111. Reel it in with our fish recipes 🐟

112. Get up close and personal with these friendly freshwater fish from around the world 🐟

113. Join the weekend warriors aboard the @xxxxxx. Get to your spot with ease: by boat, car, bike, or even foot, and unlock a 360-degree view of #Detroit’s amazing waterfront. Come join us Detroit!

114. Tight lines 🎣🎧 On the edge of your seat like @xxxxxx (from the chair)

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