60+ Freaky Captions for Instagram Post

Freaky Captions for Instagram Post: We’re going to be talking about the freaky captions, which means many of them are freaky. I’m talking about some of the freaky ones you’ve ever heard. Maybe they will help your Instagram post go viral, maybe not, but if you want to make a viral post, then this is your chance.

Most companies in this day and age are using Instagram to post their pictures. Through Instagram, people can share photos. This is an excellent way to interact with people – either through comments or likes. All in all, it is an effective marketing strategy these days. It is effective because you can combine text and a photo to make it more interesting.


Freaky Captions for Instagram Post


Freaky Captions for Instagram Post

1. The sun’s out! This summer, break out of your routine and kick things up a notch. 🌍 See the world in a freaky new way

2. It’s the thought that counts. So let your partner know you were thinking of them with this heart-shaped monster 💑 😍 👻

3. Hello there, handsome.

4. I wake up in the middle of the night and start doodling. I look over at my art journal and think, “Damn, you look just like me.” #arttherapy

5. … I’m really thinking about you. #friendship

6. This candle smells like the holidays ❄️ #christmastime #scentedcandles #homegoods

7. No one knows what exactly happened last Halloween…. There were never any witnesses. The victims were found with their bodies quite literally split in half. It was as if some force had cleaved them completely in two. The trail of blood was noted to begin

8. This is the season for crossing things off your list ♾️ ‼️ #2017

9. � The sun’s out! This summer, break out of your routine and kick things up a notch. 🌍 See the world in a freaky new way

10. It’s the thought that counts. So let your partner know you were thinking of them with this heart-shaped monster 💑 😍 👻

11. Make it a scary 👻 Halloween at Freddy’s 🎃‼️

12. This is the season for crossing things off your list ♾️ ‼️ #2017

13. If you ever need a reminder that calm and beauty still exist in this world, take a look outside your window. 🌸 #Instapic

14. Get a load of this cool pair of #Skechers I found at @TomsTown. They look so comfortable 😎💕

15. Fall means flannel, yummy pumpkin spice lattes, and brilliant bursts of color. Nothing gets us more excited about the beautiful season ahead. 🍂

16. … this happened. 👀😱 #adventurecat

17. Snowflakes – BECOME A WINTER LOVING WARRIOR! ❄️☃️🌨🌧

18. This caption has the potential to drive engagement if used well.

19. There’s a secret about this place… *Done with precise verbiage for an image that has a creepy yet attractive feel.

20. It’s the season for everything spooky and scary. So let’s make like a ghost and get outta here 👻 .

21. Nothing is more real than the dream that you wish would never end.

22. Betcha can’t eat just one. #🍩🥕

23. This is it. You’re finally a real adult now.

24. We’re excited to bring you a new way to experience Instagram: Today we’re launching IGTV, a new video experience on Instagram for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators.

25. Back to school, back to honesty. We are a family-owned social media management and engagement company! (We’ve been building followers since 2014 and have grown thousands of pages organically! Will work with a budget!)

26. Even if you read this in 10 years, it doesn’t mean I still have the same phone as back then. Lol #ayyubkicthens

27. If you could remove one thing from your home what would it be? You would know who you are if you did. #positivevibesonly #noonecanjudgemeplease #breathe #om #goodvibe

28. Take a dip, slip away to a warm and self-indulgent world.

29. A caption that gives customers a feeling of longing for a company selling furniture and decorations

30. Aspiring to be a writer, or Filipino, or English? This is the perfect shirt for you.

31. This Chameleo Crane is a polychromatic work of art with bold pops of green, yellow, and blue. #popsicleart #streetart ##streetartistry##chameleocrane ##halfandhalfart ##cont

32. Completely, unexpectedly, irretrievably in love with you. – Rachel Lynn Solomon 👼👼👼

33. Happy Friday, everyone! 🎉 We’re excited for a fun-filled weekend of pumpkin carving, city fall fests, and cozy sweaters.

34. This week only at the store 🎃👻

35. I get that warm fuzzy feeling when one of my old patients comes back for a visit.

36. Just how addictive is Insta Wonderland? Big enough to get you lost but small enough to make you want to come back for more.

37. Hello from the freaky depths of my imagination 🙈👽🔮 #bloop

38. Be one with the night this Halloween with a freaky-cool scent. Join us for a 🎃 good time 👻. Close your eyes and imagine 💭 what kinda witch you want to be.‪#‎ seabuck

39. We’re celebrating National Friendship Day with a #FreakyFridays countdown—starting next Friday (10/5). Relive our first day of #FreakyFridays this week by watching the video in stores or online.

40. What’s better than a new season of The Bachelorette & a cold lemonade? Nothing… 😎

41. Oh, baby, it’s been a hard year, but it sure is gonna be worth this summer 💦#summervibes

42. So, so true. #selfie

43. Tie-dye, tulle, ruffles: once you go bold with your fashion, everything else seems bland in comparison.

44. ​We’re crushing on our new gear so much we had to share the love. Get ready, it will be all you’ll see on Deca athletes this fall! #GetDecad​

45. Fall is my favorite season, so cozy and lovely. 💕#freakycaptions

46. This friendship deserves a gold statue. 🏆 #freaky

47. Now serving up espresso shots of inspiration on our new #instagram Posts. Slide into our DMs and let’s see what inspires you.

48. Yoga in the wild is like camping with a yoga mat. It’s cooler than you think. 🌲 #beyondyoga #outdoorposeys #yogaeverydamnday #letitsnow #stayfit #my

49. When you’re ready to rest your head, stop by and check out our comfy plush beds. 😴

50. When you bring it back and your squad has got you like 😎

51. Instagram captions for students and college graduates

52. Kind of a freaky Friday around here. Expect the unexpected. 👻 #thursdaythe13th #eek

53. Some freaky things I did today: 🔪 Meditated with a crystal ball.

54. Peek-a-boo 👻

55. It’s that time of year again! ☀️🍂🌲 🎃☠️

56. It’s midnight, do what you love ❤️

57. For your wild ones: our new collection of kid-sized basics is out now. Adorable AF.

58. I’d like to wish you a very… strange season. Happy Halloween from the freak show that is the Starbucks secret menu.

59. Fashion Month has arrived, and we’re thrilled to be in such good company. A special shoutout to our friends and family in the hospitality business who make style happen every day.

60. Let the hair down this weekend ☀️💙✨😍

61. It’s about that time 🎃 👻 A spooky caption for Halloween.

62. That feeling you get when you fall in love and you just can’t eat 🍲 #shamelessbragging

63. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a freak show. #freakshowfriday

64. Go ahead, get in the spirit of the season with freaky frights and spine-chilling fun. Happy Halloween 🎃 #scary

65. I post weird things all the time. I’m always trying to have people not just laugh, but to question what they’re laughing at in a different way or comment about why I post that. And my answer is always,

66. My life changed when I discovered @Uber accepts tips in the form of donuts.

67. Bring on the chills, we’re ready for all things spooky 🎃 #halloween #fridaynight☠️

68. Life is gonna throw many things at you but does not worry because we’re here to help you.

69. For the minimalist looking to have fun with their feet this summer, we’re going all out in the Starshine shoe department.

70. So you think it’s weird that your mom follows you on Instagram?

71. Imagine if you can, a world without hunger… If you can feed the body, you can feed the soul. – Bob Marley #freaky #saturday

72. Just because I look innocent, doesn’t mean I am 😉😈 #freakyfriday

73. What’s this? Two posts about the same thing? Yep, because I couldn’t get enough of it. 😍😍😍 #dairyqueen 🌭

74. Classy but edgy. That’s what you’re askin’ for in a shoe, right? Thanks, Fendi!

75. Get your freak on then recharge for a week of full moon magic ✨

76. Halloween is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited for the spookier things to come this month.

77. Have we really spent the last 2 weeks pretending to be tan? 😳 Oh well, it’s time to come out from under the self-tanner and go back to reality.

78. Lucky for us, fall days are officially here. Get cozy (and look ready to conquer the world) with new essentials from NEEDSupply. #NeedFall

79. We’re taking back the night with this wild array of purples and pinks.

80. Got one of those Monday mornings where you’re feeling extra? 💪🏼👊🏼

81. Blaze new trails and find your own path. You’ll be surprised at what you discover along the way. _ #freakycaptionsforinstagrampost

82. Freaky fast.—iPhone X

83. Create a caption to appeal to teens and young adults using some of the above emojis!

84. 1 million fans on the ‘gram! Wow. Thanks for joining us and here’s to a million more. Let us know what you see, and what you want to see. We’re listening…

85. Come for the spookiness—stay for the full moon glow ✨

86. “Don’t worry, you’re safe here. It’s been too long since we’ve seen someone new around here. You’re welcome to stay the night if you need to. Something certainly appears

87. Horror movies are now scary-good on the big screen – and too freaky to turn down. …

88. The Fall season is that one week at the end of August when you forget what to wear. #funny #season #autumn

89. There’s nothing like burning the candle at both ends #viajarpoponderosa


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