88+ Best Mickey Mouse Captions for Instagram

Mickey Mouse Captions for Instagram is one of the top trending captions for Instagram. There are hundreds of memes dedicated to Mickey Mouse, so if you take a look at the caption below, you’re bound to find something that fits your picture. However, it is not easy to find quality captions for Instagram pictures of celebrities or movie scenes. That’s where we come in.

This article will provide you with hilarious and cool captions for every occasion. We have filtered out the best ones from various sources on the web and put them together here in one easy-to-browse list. Whatever your interests are, you’ll be able to find a perfect caption from the list below!


Mickey Mouse Captions for Instagram


Mickey Mouse Captions for Instagram

1. Hi there. I’m Donald’s nephew, Morty. And how are you today? #mickeymouse #captions

2. Celebrating the opening date for Disneyland’s newest attraction… Mickeys are not so secret hideout!

3. Here’s a way to perk up your day: try a Mickey Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s new and limited-time from September through November.

4. Hello fall, we’ve missed you! Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort in Disney California Adventure park. #disneyland #fallishere #cool

5. “t “sunny with a time of year when sandal s season and pumpkin season align.

6. To make all your dreams come true #tarheelmama #dtr #minnie

7. Hello, we’re having a great time today, it is beautiful outside and we want to take a picture so all of you can see how happy we are!

8. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Captions for a Disney theme park

9. When you are too excited to sleep #mickeymouse

10. What are your favourite #mickeymouse memories? Tell us in the comments below

11. Disneyland, 1955: It’s said Disneyland was Walt Disney’s original goal when he founded his first animation company. This photo was taken within the first three months of Disneyland’s operation. The monorail stop in this photo is called the Market House

12. Mickey’s still on vacation, and as we impatiently await his return, we look back at some of the most memorable moments from his past—like that time he visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

13. Now I see why they call it Disney World… the best family vacation ever!

14. Looking forward to sharing magical moments with you and all of our awesome characters September 7th – 23rd in the all-new Mickey’s Boo-to-You Halloween Parade at Magic Kingdom Park!

15. Embrace your inner child and #MickeyTakeover the most delightfully playful weekend of the year.

16. New Mickey Mouse emoji set brings hand-drawn, authentic looks to your photos #disneyemoji

17. Mickey Mouse ears were doing a little dance this morning, we’re so excited to finally share it with you!

18. You’re really going to make it after all #HappyBirthdayMickey

19. Wanted to bring you a Mickey Mouse photo for a while now. I thought this would be a fun one to start with.

20. Good luck and happy hunting! – Mickey Mouse

21. Who’s headed to the Happiest Place on Earth? This gal right here. #mousewait

22. Celebrate the long weekend with a trip…home. #disneyspdr

23. Going to Disney World is a huge milestone in my grandchild’s life. I’m so proud of him!

24. May your home be filled with the warmth and joy of a child’s laughter this holiday season.

25. It’s the little things that make life magical. Things like finding a new friend. #mickeymouseclubhouse

26. Walt Disney started the animation industry with Mickey Mouse. And now you can live your dream of creating your own Mickey Mouse animation at home with a cool new app called Doke!

27. Let the memories begin #disneylandincali #mickeymouseclubhouse #ravenswoodalumni

28. Fun fact: did you know that the outer mickey buttons are actually raindrops? The inner ones are flower blossoms

29. As we move into Halloween weekend, Disney fans have the perfect reason to get Disneyland Halloween-ready with these Mickey Mouse costumes from ‪ #‎DisneyStyle. Try a classic like the black shorts and white shirt combination, or go for something

30. To our cast & crew—thank you for making magic this year. We’re looking forward to seeing what we dream up together in 2018. #happymouse

31. Don’t forget to add the emojis in the caption. It makes it feel like a text, hence making the brand more accessible. Go over the top with things like colorful emojis and even gifs. However, don’t be afraid

32. To infinity and beyond! Remembering and celebrating this Disney classic.

33. Be the best there ever was, the brightest there ever was, and the most cheerful there ever was. So that’s what I’m gonna be!

35. Let’s start at the beginning—you are uniquely beautiful and you’re going to make it after all. #mickeymousewivesclub

36. Mickey Mouse Garden Potatoes! The #1 ingredient in these Mickey-shaped potatoes is love. Celebrate Disney Family Fun Day with us today at Disneyland and get exclusive early access to our new Mickey Pasta Shaped Pasta! (

37. Mickey down for the cause when it comes to @budlight LimeRitas!

38. Chip and Dale have arrived on the scene, ready to give Mickey Mouse a helping hand!

39. Things we love about Fall : the weather, the feeling in the air, apple Cinnamon coffee from Starbucks, Mickey Mouse and earflap hats

40. See the world in a whole new way at Disney Movie Rewards. Start now, and see our favorite scenes from #CaptainAmericaCivilWar.

41. Let your imagination grow wild and run free! Remember when?

42. Mickey I didn’t know there were more socks inside those Mickey Mouse ears.

43. If you love Mickey as much as I do then this is the perfect quote for your instagram captions.

44. We’re celebrating more than a century of Mickey Mouse adventures. What’s your favorite moment from an #EpicMickeyAdventure?

45. Like a mouse, I have to keep moving or the monsters will get me.‖ ~Mickey Mouse

46. Let’s celebrate the spirit of adventure, one memory at a time. #disneyland

47. The perfect way to bring smiles to the whole family.

48. YES! You’re invited to The Happiest Celebration on Earth. This year the party kicks off May 26 and continues through Sept. 24. Opening a whole new world of magic at Magic Kingdom Park – don’t miss all the extra fun in

49. Mickey Mouse captions for a Disney theme park

50. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.” Disney #mickeymouse

51. From the new Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Collection, our latest Disney collaboration with @louisvuitton. On-sale today at select stores worldwide—don’t miss it! #MICKEY90 #LVxDisney

52. Get ready to collect all of your fall favorites. Don’t forget to grab a box or two of Disney Mickey Mouse cereal – because who doesn’t love a little mouse

53. A’ight – let’s get this show started! We’re proud to be the official sponsor of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary tribute to Mickey Mouse.

54. You’ve never seen Disney magic quite like this. One more day until the official launch of #TheNewDisneyCollection at @fkidstm

55. Riding the waves of fall into this season with Mickey. -Blank Space (2014)

56. The perfect ending to a Mickey-shaped day.

57. What’s your fairy tale? Tell us what you’re doing to make it come true with #MickeyMoooose!

58. Let’s do this thing #disneyworld

59. Mickey mouse captions

60. He’s Mickey Mouse. He can kiss Minnie without rinsing! #mickeymouse #captions

61. When you’re a Disney mouse, every day is worth celebrating. #mickeymouse #birthday

62. We plan every detail of your teen trip, so you and the squad can focus on having Disney-longing fun. #MickeyMouseClubhouse #ClubDisney

63. Mickey Mouse is my spirit animal.

64. Sharing with you some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes from some of the most inspiring folks out there. Thanks for following us! Peace out. -Mickey Mouse

65. Dream Big. Dream Disney.

66. Mickey has seen many magical things in his life, but this week he got to experience something pretty amazing that’s never been done at Walt Disney World Resort before—a fireworks show in select attractions and waiting areas. This patriotic-themed show

67. Magic #DisneyMagicalEvents

68. You’re my favorite mouse! #mickeymouse

69. Stars are out tonight #mickeymouse #fall #autumn

70. Happiest Halloween ever! #jackolantern #mickeymouse

71. Anyone can be #MickeyLicious. Life is the greatest juggling act of them all—and Mickey helps me keep it together.

72. The youngest of three siblings. #MickeyMouse

73. Swimming is so refreshing in this hot weather, especially when it’s in a giant Mickey Mouse head! #mickeymouse #happy #summertime

74. Mickey-shaped pancakes are one way to start your day. But there are plenty more where that came from…

75. Be the Mickey to your Minnie’s Donald Duck ― Walt Disney

76. The Mickey Mouse ears are on, the coffee’s strong, and it’s going to be a great day.

77. It’s your birthday, it’s my birthday, it’s #WorldGlowDay ― watch the Disney Magic Glow with these fun photo tips!

78. You’re only a Disney Princess when you say you are. #nicetime #mickeymouseclubhouse #nevergrowup

79. It’s pure magic Here’s to making both dreams and wishes come true. It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday #mickeymouse #disneyland

80. Mickey Mouse ears? We’ve got ‘em. Hot chocolate? It’s what’s for breakfast. Oh, and it’s Fall. Things are getting pretty chilly! But we have so many ways to warm you up! Layer our Ts for

81. We are loving all the #ThrowbackMickeyMouse photos flooding our Instagram feed! Thanks for keeping these classics alive and sharing them with us.

82. I just can’t wait when it gets chilly so I can curl up on the couch with a blanket and a big mug of hot chocolate while watching my favorite holiday movies. Oh, and finding some Mickey Mouse under the tree

83. Sprinkles! Let’s do this, Mickey.

84. A little Disney magic to get you into the autumn spirit. Dean’s favorites. And why not? It’s Mickey’s birthday, after all. #MickeyMouseDay

85. Let your imagination take you to a happy place with this limited edition Mickey Mouse tee, only at MUJI

86. Whew! It’s been a hot one, and it’s only going to get hotter. Stay cool and hydrated this summer with refreshing treats from the Sunshine Tree Terrace at Magic Kingdom Park. #disneyshadesofsummer #mic

87. We’re feeling very Disney-inspired recently, what with the new film coming out and all What’s your fave @disneymovie?

88. ~mickey mouse speech bubble~’ I like mice…

89. Be on the lookout because Mickey will be celebrating the season with a series of colorful designs that he is sure to inspire joy and smiles in anyone who sees them.

90. Disneyland® and the magic of Disney go together like pirates and rum. #disneyland #adventureland

91. It’s not a party if your mouse ears are broken.

92. Let’s go to Disneyland!

93. Disneyland has the best Halloween decorations out of any theme park

94. Treat yo’ self to a little adventure… #Disneyland is the perfect place for one’s imagination to run wild.

95. Someday we’ll find it—the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me. #mickeymouse #disney #captions #quotes

96. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Cars Movies Are Coming To Theaters August 4

97. To all the dreamers #mickey90thanniversary

98. Mickey Mouse, once a young man known as Mortimer, left his hometown of Kansas City to pursue fame and fortune in Hollywood (though he would ultimately settle for more modest success in the comic strip industry). He debuted in the animated Oswald the Lucky

99. ♪♫ Let the music play; let the music play ♬♪♫… Just turn it up… This fall, Mickey and friends are swinging to new heights of sound in this year’s #Mickey90 celebration!

100. Mickey is the ultimate positive force. He reminds us of the greatest joys of life—friendship, laughter, and magic! Happy 90th birthday, Mickey!

101. First there were two of us. Then there were three. Then four. And now…there’s an entire family of Disney Loves Pets shirts




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