Funny Instagram Captions For Boyfriend With Quotes

If you want to make your boyfriend laugh, you can take one of these Instagram captions for your boyfriend. His eyes will twinkle along with his grin when you send him a funny Instagram caption for boyfriend. He’ll find it easy to create a romantic photo with you in the background when he’s smiling from ear to ear. You love this right? less have fun.


Funny Instagram Captions For Boyfriend With Quotes

1. I know I make you laugh. I’m sorry, but what do you want me to do? You’re just so easy. #mybebf Instagram captions for boyfriend

2. Your boyfriend’s personality in a gif.

3. When I’m with my boyfriend, life is always an adventure. #adventure

4. I texted him yesterday that the only thing better than him was an ice-cold root beer. He’s been extra cute ever since. #needmyfix

5. Happiness is my hot boyfriend in a sweater

6. This would be the perfect fall date…if my boyfriend didn’t keep trying to make it summer.

7. Bae hasn’t text me all day… I’m on the brink of extinction.

8. This guy has me like

9. Saying I love you is easy. Showing someone you love them is a little harder, but inspiring them to feel good in their own skin—that’s the real challenge.

10. Some guys dance like no one’s watching. Others stare at other girls while balls-deep in a bachelorette. Both are chodes, but only one of them is funny.

11. Oh, I’m not good at flirting. I have a very subtle flirting technique: if I don’t ignore you, then I’m probably interested.

12. Hey…you have a sweatshirt on under your jacket but it’s 80 degrees outside…just come with me to Cold Stone!

13. Go big or go home—your rent check better reflect the size of your TV. #sponsored

14. You look awfully good in that shirt. So far down your hip…into your thighs…so handsome up close…what am I doing?

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16. A caption that’s caring and funny for a video that shows the funniest moments of dog and human together.

17. Every single person needs a BFF like you. #bestfriendshipgoals #bffgoals

18. Did you hear about this? A study found that couples who drink together are 1,000x more likely to stay together. So cheers love! #RelationshipGoals

19. It’s like you walked outta a @xxxxxxxxx catalog

20. Feeling like this new college grad is experiencing today. Congrats to @xxxxxx on his accomplishment!

21. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. #And I’ll have another

22. I like you like like like like like.

23. You make my mornings better. My days brighter. And my nights as well as my coffee . @ the_red_shirt_guy

24. Making you laugh is my favorite thing to do — and I’m pretty good at it.

25. Thanks to this weekend’s $5 coffee deal, now I can buy Prince Harry a pumpkin spice latte.

26. Wondering how Santa delivers all those presents in one night? It starts with a latte Awww

27. I didn’t realize I was lonely until I met you.

28. Rainy days are perfect for snuggles, movies, and staying in your pajamas all day. #saturdayfunnies

29. We’re like an old married couple, except we’re only dating. – Let’s be friends!!

30. The longer I’m with you, the more addictive you are #YourHadMeAtHello

31. Just the right amount of proud papa with just the right amount of sassy daughter.

32. It’s our anniversary! I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of my photos every year. @applephotobooth

33. I had a dream we were spooning and your beard was softly tickling my arm… Which makes me think you should grow a beard.

34. When there was no time for emotions, but now I will sleep only if I’m with you. ..just kidding…

35. The quickest way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach.

36. “Wow, I’ve never seen more beautiful girls than right here on Tinder.” – Jason Bourne.

37. Your wise, sweet words. Your dopey, sexy face. Your hugely generous heart. This anniversary is so much sweeter because of you, @xxxxxxxx. You are my other half. I love you.

38. when you still think about him even though it’s been days since you’ve last seen each other.

39. This is what you get for looking at other women #midlifecrisis

40. Are you ready for the fall…Go grab a pound of Cold Stone ice cream and binge-watch your favorite shows…Go grab a comic book, lay down in bed, and have a good time..!

41. Happy Birthday to my favorite editor. Do you have any idea how much fun we’re going to have this year? $ $ $$ #

42. Grateful for my bearded man and his beard #wecandothis #beardgang

43. So Chick-fil-A doesn’t win the award for the most beloved fast-food chain, but it should [Sponsored]

44. I swear, 2 out of 3 of my kids like me.

45. Let’s be friends and talk about everything and nothing at all. (:

46. What’s better than a weekend brunch with your boyfriend? A morning talk with you, laughing and joking around like we’re teenagers again. Love you, babe.

47. This is me if I receive coupons to Arbys. P.S. Happy 22nd Birthday!

48. Every relationship has its ups and downs. But at the core, our love is always going to be constant.

49. The only thing that makes mornings better is the thought of you.

50. How is your love language? Having a rascal of a time debating whether to take the hamsters on a day trip to the zoo tomorrow.

51. What’s more important than your bae? Napping.

52. This dude. He’s a player. But who cares? Play on player. He’s still mine.

53. When the love of your life gives you butterflies in your stomach, it obviously loves. #amazingboyfriend

54. I love you more than I miss the person I thought you were when I fell in love with you.” – Unknown

55. If those were real, someone might as well be my boyfriend.

56. My love for you is like a really satisfying pile of homemade chocolate chip cookies. #cunninlingus

57. Bae, you sweeter than a caramel macchiato?

58. Hens love the ladies.

59. Bae: How’s it going? Me: It’s going. Bae: Good. Me: *sigh* I mean so, so, so good.

60. “I have a mini-fridge in my purse.” *falls in love* ~ #ShortGirlsRule

61. You got your peanuts and you got your sauce… #couplegoals #tbt

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63. What time is it? Mate o’clock. ‍ #funny #boyfriend #fbf

64. Amy Brown’s going to be a bridesmaid. As if she didn’t get enough attention being the bride. #bridesmaidproblems

65. It’s Friday night and I am getting ready for my night out. I love the way my new #showmeyourmuscles tank dress looks on me

66. Hershey Chocolate Milk’s social accounts are to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest.

67. When I don’t want to go swimming but I play along cause it’s hot af @xxxxxxx

68. When you go to kiss your boyfriend while he’s watching the game but you see another game

69. starting in his eyes

70. Just kidding I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I am looking for a more sensitive boyfriend.

71. To the best boyfriend in the world! Happy Birthday!!

72. Things that my boyfriend’s taught me: A hot dog is never a sandwich… and the inventor of the selfie stick was a genius. #menarefrommars #womenarefromvenus

73. What’s the difference between a boyfriend and a husband? Forty-five pounds.

74. Can I get hot cocoa to go, please?

75. You are the peanut butter to my jelly

76. Let’s go do something fun! Or stay in and watch Netflix. I’m down for either #funny #couplegoals

77. kiss me through the phone because. I’m missing you so much right now.

78. Keep calm because pug puppies are here to melt your heart.

79. This is about as cute as it gets, isn’t it?!

80. When you tell someone they’re the only sane thing in your life.

81. You’re a little weird. I’m a little weird. And it’s okay! – Love, Neil Gaiman


Funny Instagram Captions For Boyfriend


82. We love you this much! #StickerLove

83. Are you braver than me? Take the #ScaryDogChallenge.

84. I may stand many miles away from you but my love for you will always keep me close to your heart. I love you and may that never fade ##

85. Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay to my bestie and fiancé @xxxxxx. I love you and am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you @xxxxxx

86. I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye… -unknown

87. I’m ready for that Sunday feeling back, y’all. *Please note that not all Instagram captions above are 100% original.

88. These are my heroes. Teacher heroes. Night-time superheroes. Every star in the sky is telling me to go to sleep. Night *hugs* From one tired boy to another *kisses* From one sparkly superhero

89. New Shoes New Me

90. Clean Slate 2018. It’s officially here! To all my friends, today’s the day to wipe your slates clean. – Anon

91. That’s you in a nutshell. Just some random guy going someplace else.

92. *chicken noises* I’m clucking like there’s no tomorrow.

93. So the most romantic thing to do with your bf is walked her dog with you?

94. My boyfriend is so hot I don’t even need to use hashtags anymore.

95. The best relationships are where bae is your biggest fan. @xxxxxx

96. So, I’ve never said this to anyone before but…will you go to prom with me? #promposal

97. It’s not hard to make me happy, all you have to do is follow my Instagram feed

98. Lifehack: Pick up a second phone for when you just need to turn off the world.’

99. Your bae does not need to be perfect, he just needs to be there for you when you feel like crying.

100. Your kisses make me melt, but your mom’s meatballs make me swoon. You can keep my old t-shirt. I want that recipe for spaghetti and meatballs.

101. You may be out of your mind, but I’m in love with you.

102. What I love about you is that you can talk forever. And what I love even more is that you just don’t seem to notice that I am not listening.

103. Moment. Please.” – a white man who opened a sentence with a word that I can’t spell correctly while explaining how problematic it is to start a sentence with the word “moment.”

104. Chocolate season is here Your new favorite dark chocolate scented candle is now in stock! #fallcandles #fallscents

105. Thanksgiving is all about eating until you feel like a football in a sleeping bag. Happy Turkey Day.

106. Goodbye work week & hello weekend #cheers

107. There’s just something about fall that makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods and wear all black. I think it has something to do with the temperature dropping and everyone dressing warm. Does anyone else feel this way?

108. Here’s to the nights we can’t remember but will never forget.

109. Be my apple pie #funny #boyfriend

110. You got a bag of candy or something for me?”

111. This guy…

112. Dear Mom & Dad, your disappointment in my life is intense. Love, Your Favorite Child.” – @xxxxxx #Workation

113. When I told my husband I found a way to make billions of dollars, he asked if it was legal. Sorry honey #minions #happyvalley #bucketlist

114. Otherwise, I’d have a hard time choosing between my girlfriend and Nutella.

115. If you can be my coffee, please let me be your cream

116. The summer sun has finally set. Time to snuggle up with your #1 fan. #nowthatslovin

117. Happy National Salsa Day! Whip up this spicy salacious pita dish for your #honeybunch!

118. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events. Good minds discuss books;

119. I know we’re not married or anything, but I want you to be my always so so so so so so special Valentine!!

120. Don’t bring a girl on a date to the grocery store. It’s confusing to them.

121. No, but seriously. You’re my favorite person. Today and every day. #kimmysquared

122. The best thing about waking up is %HIM% in your cup

123. My sun, my moon, my stars; my earth, my sky. My dearest friend, who brightens my night and fills my day with joy. I love you now and forever.

124. Thanks for always giving me butterflies.

125. Go ahead, order one for both of us.

126. My Sunday afternoon looks like.

127. If that phone rings, this wine goes down the drain.

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