Best of Good Song Lyric Captions for Instagram

Good song lyric captions are a great way to either show the lyrics of a song you’re currently listening to, a song that’s special to you, or a recent addition that you wanted to share. A good caption with a quote from the song will bring an image to life and evoke emotion from your followers. And if it’s a song they know, they’ll be singing along with you.

If you think the only way to use song lyrics is to write your own, then check out this list of cool captions with song lyric ideas.


Good Song Lyric Captions

Good Song Lyric Captions

1. Boom CLAP 👏🏼 = The remix to Good Song! Good song CLAP boom 👏🏼 now I’m back by popular demand.

2. √ Play on your favorite song lyric to ignite the feelings associated with that moment.

3. My life makes singing seem easy. And the words come out so naturally…

4. The two of us are like magnets, the same poles repel. I’m attracted to you, can we call this love?

5. I’ve been so many places, I may have even seen the face of God. #BillieJoeArmstrong #GreenDay

6. I go to sleep to that sound, ‘cause that’s something I can trust. The world I know, is safe at last.

7. Sing it, sister! 🎤

8. When you feel like that 🎶…You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find. You get what you need.

9. We’re fallin’ in. I’m not gonna lie to ya. We’re sweatin’. Cuz its summer love – Elle King

10. So I’m a little late with my April Fool’s… But here it is 🎵 * …I like the way you win the fight and roll, woooh

11. This is why they invented vibrate #morningmotivation #GoodSongLyricCaptions

12. If you wanna have a good song, you gotta have a good start. #goodsong

13. Oh, I’ve got money enough to last my whole life, if I don’t spend it on women and song.

14. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend…………was a choice. I hope you always know that I’ve made the right one. Love, The Boy Next Door.

15. This is me singing myself free 🎤 This is me turning page 📖 This is me facing page 📜 This is me facing page 📖 Close to autumn looking forward to spring 😍 ∞

16. More than just having the time of your life, you get to travel around with your best friends.

17. Good song captions are hard to come by. We, at Good Song Lyric Captions, have written the perfect Instagram captions for every song! Grab that microphone and start performing below or texting it to your friends, family or that special person

18. Lyrics make people think of a song they listen to often. People can associate with those lyrics and feel good about those several memories associated with them. This is a simple but powerful vine caption.

19. Just like writing your own song, your Instagram post writing can be powerful.

20. Lyrics Are Powerful. Use Them Carefully

21. Where you wanna go? Where you wanna be? Where you wanna go when you grow up? #ftw#wearesaturdaynightlife#🎤 #singinginthelouvain

22. What could be better than a man who sings as I fall asleep? Nothing.

23. And it feels like God is singing a sweet song…” – Edie Brickell, Tuesday, 1999

24. Tryin to get the perfect melody 🎤

25. Those sweet summer nights…

26. This is me holding on to childhood.  🎶

27. When it comes down to you and I, I’m a fan of both of us together” -Ed Sheeran #goodsonglyriccues

28. The Best 🎵… NPR Music   #NPR

29. Keep on playing that song, I don’t want it to end …

30. Stop turning your pages, I get what you meant To do… #newmusicfriday

31. And it hits you, like a blast of cold air. You weren’t looking for someone new, and then along came you. – Fall Out Boy

32. Turn up the music and turn your worries on their ear. — Danny Zuko, Grease

33. “I just want to know that you know that I know that you care” 🎶🌻  👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

34. Baby, You Can Tell Me Anything #songlyrics

35. You’re a Good Song, it comes to me so naturally, being here with you. I hope you know it’s true.

36. Finding you was like finding a diamond in the sky. You’ve got me seeing… things… in a different light. 😍” ~Ryan Tedder

37. “I found the sound, that’s the one that I heard/ I’m not looking for a lover or a friend/What I need is a witness to my years/Someone whose presence makes these dreams seem real.

38. You’re on fire, you’re my muse, you’re a dream come true, you’re the one I want ❤

39. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I love to be in New York it’s a Wonderful Nye. 👏

40. Put your records on, I’m home for the evening, yeah… 🎶 Playlist was curated by @___

41. “So I’m praying that the road don’t get too lonely / And I’m hoping that the road don’t lead me to hell.” –Jim James, “A New Life”

42. We’ll do it all baby. We got the whole wide world in our hands.” – Mumford & Sons, “The Boxer.”

43. My head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine.

44. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always get what you want. -The Rolling Stones #goodsongquote

45. Down the road and back again. It’s been a long time, but I’m finally home #mylittlepony

46. I try to read, I try to write, I try to drink away my sorrow…I tried so hard to forget you, but I love you still

47. I met the dawn, at the edge of the sea, would you be mine? 💘

48. When hearts get old and start to break, make new ones and never run away

49. Life is a highway, travel it every day ‼‼ 🚘

50. It’s gonna be love at first sight, It’s gonna be love at first light. I’m gonna go out tonight, Gonna find you. So baby, can’t you see tonight         #MondayMotivation by Beyoncé

51. Beans on the brain make a heart full of love – On The Brain – Lucy Schwartz – The Lumineers

52. If you like it then you should put a ring on it #💍

53. Nicki Minaj (album) | Quavo – Good Song

54. I’m in love with your smile when you can’t hear the word, no  #lyrics

55. Be wild, be free. Pick your own path. Dare to do more. Dance like nobody’s watching (Kanye West)

56. I wasn’t listening for the words, I was only waiting on the vague, on your devotion.

57. It’s almost that time to go back to school. You’ve got the right look, back to school . 🎸🎤#backtoschool

58. “If you know what I mean, and I think you do”– Chet Faker

59. ….the waves crash, on the moonlit shore

60. ~Song lyrics

61. “Cause you know that I’m your biggest fan.” – Ed Sheeran

62. I’m still here. I was born for this. I was made for this.” –Halsey, Bad at Love

63. I feel like their are too many of us singing songs of love but you’re the only one that’s coming out of my mouth.” – Demi Lovato, Warrior

64. Just listen to the DJ play the music ’til you just can’t dance.  #hiphop #rnbmusic

65. All the sadness in this world makes joy that much sweeter.

66. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it. #FerrisBuellersDayOff

67. The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” – Timbuk3

68. You’re still here? Meet me in the kitchen. I’m making brownies. ♪🍫 #NewFlavorAlert

69. Somebody hurt you, hurt you so bad. You feel like everything is crashing down

70. With a beautiful high quality picture, a song lyric can capture the feelings you want your viewers to associate with your product.

71. Here’s to the things that we’ve lost / Here’s to the ones we love at home / Lift a glass, here’s to you / And the ones who love them, too

72. “I’m yours, you’re mine. You got the moves to make me dance, that’s why I’m sweating you out.” – Clean Bandit

73. With music that goes the distance 🎶

74. Girls, girls, girls ♪ I’ve got 3 of ’em, and that’s the way were gonna play it ♫

75. Uh, uh, uh, come on, baby. Uh, uh, stay with me. Uh-uh, stand up.

76. Lights out, music on. Sweet dreams are made of these 🎤

77. How can I keep from singing?

78. No time to waste, I’m on a road to nowhere. I need a one way ticket to anywhere…on a highway to home.

79. These lyrics ring true for me and my family.

80. You’re the only one who really knows me, and I’m grateful for that 🎶 #goodsonglyric ##

81. The summer sun is hot and the wind is cool and new and ecstatic and #☀️ (A Good Song Lyric)

82. Using their favorite song cool captions for Instagram

83. Do I really have to spell it out for you? #purevolume #songrequest

84. Put your hands in the air, clap your hands feel the feel good vibes in the air 🎤

85. Lets hug, babe. Let’s embrace the day. The sun will be back soon, but for today…

86. I’m dozing off, I’m thinking about you I’m wide awake, I’m wishing that this was real…

87. Here’s to the good ones, who love laughing at nothing at all, And listen to their favorite song on repeat. †

88. All the single ladies, all the single ladies… 😛

89. All I want is to call you mine, and for you to be In the arms of the one you’re with

90. Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. LOL 😎 #mostfunintheworld

91. No one can ever love you more than me. – FKA twigs

92. When you’re listening to the album and just want to sing along

93. Sometimes the road less traveled really is better. – _The Band_

94. Maybe, she’s born with it. Maybe, it’s Maybelline. Maybe, it’s good genes. Or maybe, she doesn’t sleep at night. Whatever it is, well, you can

95. Lucky days are those when you feel even more sure that all of life is a miracle. Thanks for being one of those miracles.

96. Hold on // Don’t let go // Feel so high so I keep on running // We were born to rise above the clouds

97. “I’ll be your eye in the sky when you think you can’t fly. I’m a bird that will learn to sing” A follow-up caption to a song lyric caption that makes people relate with this

98. Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello, & X Ambassadors

99. What a beautiful world this could be Were all just addicts of love Were taking too much from the atmosphere There is nothing we can do Put this tragedy to an end If you’d only listen So tired of hearing yourself Think of someone else Hopelessly feel

100. I wait for every day for you to come home. The love that I feel inside, I can’t take it anymore, no more, ‘Cause I need you, And once again it’s true, Oh what to do? I’ll be thinking of you

101. Bruno Mars

102. Like a hurricane, I came to sweep her away #LikeAGirl

103. 🎶 When I can’t sleep, I count imaginary sheep. But that only gets me so far. Sooner or later, I have to turn on NPR and just get lost in a story.

104. Oh I wish all the stars would shine out tonight

105. Herewith my friends, feeling good. 🤘 -Queen

106. On repeat all day.

107. ♫ I’m a hopeless romantic, and if I could write love songs all day long, ♫

108. You’re my really good friend, yeah. Let’s hope it never ends ❤

109. Let’s take it back to the good ‘ol days when me and you were just two hearts without a beat…🎶

110. I’m a rebel just for kicks now. I’m a rebel for no reason, I’m a reb – al – rebel 🎶

111. Born on the Bayou…Rocks my boat, Orleans… Its Mardi Gras time…Hear the frogs and the Cajuns ruuuuumble! So make some noise’ From New Orleans to old N’Awleans!”.

112. Sugar, we go so high, every time I’m with you. 🌹❤️

113. Fall leaves, singing in the street, a beautiful scene. ☀️ 🎶 No one around to hear me…baby I could Cry.


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