Best of Captions for Girls on Instagram

People love to post selfies on Instagram, and they also use captions to describe their photos. You can create many different types of captions for yourself and other people in your life, including your friends and partners. This is a great way to show off in the Instagram world.

Posting an image on Instagram is simple, but getting people to like and comment takes more than just uploading it. You need to make sure that your photo or video is sharp, clear, and engaging, or people will get bored of looking at it. The only way to avoid this is by adding text captions to your image.

Captions for Girls on Instagram

Captions for Girls on Instagram

1. Getting to wear leggings in public like it’s nobody’s business. #Nofilter

2. The Fall 2015 Issue of #Cosmo is here! Get all of your snacks on every page. #CosmoStyle 🍫

3. Have you seen the new Collection? You’ll be living in these looks.

4. Girls’ Night out – Sunday Funday – Flip Flop Friday – TGIF – Happy Hour – Hump Day. The weekend is finally here and it’s a wrap 🍸

5. Girls night out is a right of passage. I’m thankful I have a partner in crime who will always fuel up 🚗 before a girls night out.

6. 🍂❤️🍁Be your best you

7. When you wake up to the sight of every flower blooming around you 🌻🌹☀️

8. How many calories does it take to get to this beach? #effortless

9. So much beauty to capture this weekend. I’m ready—are you? #fridayfeeling #travelgirls

10. Getting my leaves ready for @designmilk’s #insta_fall contest 🍁🍂

11. It’s a good time to be a girl. We’re using our voices and our votes, accessing information and opportunities, and standing up for what we believe in. And this month—by celebrating Women’s History Month—

12. Be your own kind of beautiful.

13. We’re so happy it’s almost #NationalSelfieDay 🤳 Tomorrow, you’re all getting some serious #FOMO.

14. We’re diggin’ this laid-back city look. 💙👗

15. That moment when you’re old enough to do whatever you want… but young enough to still do it good 🦄 🍹

16. Let’s do this weekend. Mind, body, soul 🌹 #copy

17. You’re officially invited to this weekend’s party 🎉 We’re gonna eat, drink, dance. And then–everybody’s getting married!

18. Keep your makeup looking fresh and glowing this fall and winter.

19. Keep it 💯, keep it classy. #makeup #beauty #girlswithtattoos

20. Stuck in middle seat with a bunch of teens on an international flight? Crawl into my inner sanctum. Come be my #wingwoman/.

21. A caption for a clothing repair company

22. It’s fall—and even sweeter, it’s M-A-C season. It’s time to experiment and create the perfect apple of your eye 🍏 #maccosmetics #autumn #ny

23. So thankful for the beautiful support and community we’ve found in coffee shops. Thank you all so much.

24. If this weekend isn’t a four day weekend, I don’t even know what to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

25. Yes, tell me about the benefits of hot yoga.

26. Calling all apple pies 🍎🥧😋

27. You’re never fully dressed unless you’re also styled.

28. What’s better than chilling at home with your girls…sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and lots of cute throw pillows. ☕🍂

29. She’s such a visual girl, she’d rather sew a dress than study hard for a test. So to say she looks perfect in this pretty #fashiondress from #shopbop is an understatement.

30. 🍂🍁🥃 🍊 You’re on my mind.

31. Hands down the best way to celebrate 3 years of parenthood.

32. Fall is in the air and we’re craving an earl grey pumpkin latte. #Starbucks PSL

33. Your hair is not an accessory. Your hair is the statement. It’s you, only bolder. #DoveHairSeries

34. Whether you’re standing in front of the mirror or on the subway, make sure you’re doing it with a smile on your face.

35. It’s that time of year when you start to crave pumpkin-flavored everything.

36. Sometimes you just need some weird ones, fun upbeat captions for Instagram

37. Hey girl, we got your back. Check out our account to see all our styles and new arrivals. 👗 _🦄

38. Girl squad goals: 5-minute group hugs when you need them most. 💗

39. She’s not your average girl. She’s an original.

40. I just finished my last semester of college and now I’m moving back home for a bit, so why not cherish the feeling of independence and freedom by having some fun😎.

41. We knew you were the one when your schedule matched ours.  😋

42. 💃🏻 Thanks for making us the world’s #1 selling beauty brand! 😍

43. When you want to wear the perfect sundress during the day but also look really good at night 👙🌻

44. The greatest accessory is a great attitude #FashionNova #FashionNoVaBabe .

45. Lessons from a girl who always seems to have it together.

46. It’s almost sweater weather and we’re celebrating with the launch of our new e-commerce site that features more than 500 of your favorite items from Find everything you need to make your fall new wardrobe

47. Celebrating all the things that make these next few months so great. 🍂🍁#FallMerical #AutumnIsPerfect #AuToMaTiC

48. True friends are the family we choose, and I’m grateful for each one of you. Thank you for always pushing me to be the best version of myself. “The foundation of friendship should be honesty and truth; And the walls that

49. Pumpkins are the only thing I’m thankful for this year✨

50. This weather makes me think of Mexican food. 🌯 😋

51. These caps are so cute! They came faster than I expected too. I’m happy with my purchase!!

52. This #nationalwomensday we’re lifting our cups to all the strong, invincible, dedicated chicks out there–and you’re at the top of our list. Thank you for showing us that anything is possible and for inspiring

53. Twinning with this cute girl at the pool 🏊‍♀️

54. When you realize coconut season is the greatest of all seasons #coconutskincare #clutchiegirlprobs #coconuts🌴

55. Glitter like a mermaid, let your hair down and turn up the tunes. We’re partying in the forest ⚡

56. We’re squealing with delight as we make these our go-to sandals for fall. The burnished metallic leather and adjustable ankle strap make them good for sandals or boots. We’d wear them everywhere if we could.

57. Fall in love with the frosty, creamy taste of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. #PSL #fallinlove

58. Summer is over and I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. 🙁 How about we make things last? 🎀

59. Alone time can be one of the most fulfilling times in life. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and spend it doing what you love.

60. Sometimes the most unpretentious moments in life are the ones that leave you with the biggest, brightest smiles on your face.

61. Let’s go somewhere. #girls #photography

62. Just like the rest of your Instagram feed, your Instagram captions should be cute, cheeky, and on theme.

63. Happy moon 💛 – young girls

64. We asked 12 girls, all in the same room together, to smile.

65. From the lips of babes: Queen Bey sings the children’s classic ABC with Carly and Halle. Let us know what you think in the comments. #lifewithkids Thank you, Queen Bey! 🙌

66. Dress up, ✨ Treat YourSelf right! 👯 #ad

67. She’s a star—whether she’s at home or in the spotlight. These new City Lights Skinny jeans are perfect for dressing up or down, so she can shine wherever she goes this holiday season.

68. 🍭 Strawberries and cream. 🍦 Delicious and beautiful. 💕#nofilter

69. There’s so much to love this season. Surprise someone special with a bouquet of our new fall-inspired treats.

70. ❤️

71. I feel like I’m living in a dream right now. This feels like a dream.

72. Throw on your fave fall sweater with a crisp white tee and leggings. Be your own kind of beautiful this season, no matter the weather! #effyourbeautystandards

73. Dear hot chocolate barista, I would like a small white chocolate mocha with extra whip. Oh and thanks for the warm hugs.☕️

74. Start your day with a sweet way to wake up ☕ #gimmesomeflair

75. Some are angels, Some are Witches, all of them are beautiful 🌙🦄

76. A hint of rose crowned every day with this tingling shower gel 🌹 #wildrose

77. It’s crazy how you can be full of life one day & gone the next. Life is precious, don’t take it for granted. #lifeisprecious#livelovelaugh

78. Other days, lounging in a field of wildflowers. Come relax with us this weekend! #TGIF #GirlsBestFriend #TacoBell

80. Everybody’s talking about the soft ‘n cozy autumn vibes happening in new York. From the pumpkin lattes to the gorgeous leaves, it’s all so YUM. Can you feel it? Let us know what you

81. Always remember to choose family- if they’re the ones who really love you unconditionally, you can’t go wrong.

82. Dull hair? No problem. Our curls were created to fight flat hair and frizz. Not frying necessary. 😎

83. 💁🏽‍♀️ Post-Workout Glow ✔️

84. Cracking open a new box of crayons and writing your heart out is something we can all still appreciate. 🖌

85. Whether it’s a boho maxi dress or a breezy summer shirt, we can never have enough white clothes in our closet.

86. 🍼 It’s time to #partay 🎈 with a bunch of new flavors – mauve chocolate crème 🍫, peanut butter chocolate 🥜, and dark chocolate 🍫.

87. Fall vibes are flooding the streets of NYC.

88. Going for a walk and take some time to do the pre-post photoshoot without anyone knowing. *wink*

89. Please enjoy your #FreeMugOfTheDay with any espresso drink purchase. Today’s selection is Espresso Truffle Latte. *Valid today only. Offer available in-store only. Terms and exclusions apply. See store for details.

90. I am grateful to have a friend as supportive as you…no matter how corny my posts are. 🥰#birthdaygirltribute

91. Snuggly, sparkly, dreamy November days. We’re in.

92. It’s time for a break. And we’re breaking up the monotony with some serious ruckus. From lighthearted to lens-cracking, we’ve got the perfect frames for any occasion. Explore new

93. Leaving your comfort zone isn’t always easy, but the memories are worth it. You never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll find yourself along the way. Just go! #KeepMoving

94. How does your garden grow? Find inspiration for that flower crown from the botanical gardens in one of these brand new commentaries 🌸 👚.

95. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…☃

96. To create a coffee shop brand, needs to be warm, inviting, and sensorial.

97. A different kind of cocky. The kind that celebrates a woman’s ability to make a guy a better man * * * * *

98. Hey you, Don’t forget to be awesome today. #gogirl

99. Live daringly, boldly. No matter what they say, words can’t bring you down. Dare to be different and dare to do good. Be a warrior princess👑

100. Be as carefree as the day is long in this classically effortless style.❤️

101. What’s more beautiful than a rose on a sunny day? Our blushes on your cheeks, that’s what. 😍 #flawless #narsblush

102. This is real life. #nofilter #liveauthentic

103. Its late summer and we’re craving all the warm vibes 🌈☀

104. Girly nights mean you must have the perfect pair of cute flats, and what could be better than a sparkly pair? 💎

105. Whether you’re snoozing in your bed 🛌 or jet-setting around the world 🌏 , get ready for autumn with these snaps of Frosé. Tag your best friend ❤️ to get her in on the

106. I’m not sure why Goodwill stores are always so, um..sheltered? But I’ve never seen people there! Haha… Tell me why you have to go there? What do yo steal?😂 @

107. By lookin’ this cute this early, I’m hopin’ it’ll take us straight through til Christmas morning 🎄🤶

108. ♛♚♙♜ Take me away somewhere green 🌿 .👣 .👗

109. Come On, Giiiirrrrlll…☀☕__

110. Girl, you know the fall is always my favorite part of the year. The vibrant colors, the crisp air, and pumpkin spice lattes. 😊

111. Gorgeous golden light hitting the mountains ☀☔

112. Ahh it’s #nationalgirlspartay ☀ Let’s celebrate ladies with some pictures of our favorite things. (No tagging required!)

113. Get your fall look ready and shop our best beauty looks for the season.

114. It’s officially sandal season! 🥶

115. Fall is here, and it’s sweater weather. Reminisce about that first day of school feeling by pairing one of our cozy sweaters with your favorite pair of mom jeans. So comfy! #fall #sweaterweather

116. The best things come to those who wait. Especially your type-A personality sister delivering pecan pies to your door as a surprise.”

117. 🎀 turning memories into stories.❤💕✨

118. Waking up this morning with the girl of my wildest dreams. I am so blessed to call you mine–forever. Happy birthday, babe! 🤗#iloveyou

119. A girl can dream right? I’m digging the all white look. 😍

120. All you need is a lush, floral skirt and some good tunes to get you looking and feeling your best on this glorious Friday. 😎

121. Gettin‘ those beachy waves before we head into the weekend 😁

122. There’s a hashtag for everything, even #SquadGoals. Thanks, Pitch Perfect. 😎 #squadgoals

123. We’re not saying you have to go full-on Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, but you can probably name at least one quarterback and his wife.

124. Playing princess for a day…

125. You’re the only person I want to share my last cup of coffee with. Good morning, special one.

126. Wearing this dress. Winning the day. 👗 _ _

127. Grateful to have this beautiful community supporting me on my new adventure. Feeling inspired ✨✨✨

128. Your once in a while, your new favorite. #🥂

129. When you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your arms, a striped tee covers a multitude of sins.

130. If you love these fall florals as much as we do, shop our Sunset collection.

131. There’s a feeeeliiing, in the air tonight 🎶 It feels like something good is about to happen.

132. Every quest begins with the first step! Get your week started at the gym 💪

133. Cheers to that sweet time of year when sandal season and pumpkin season align. ☀🍂


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