Funny Cats Pictures With Captions For Instagram

Cats are funny creatures, they can easily amuse people with their actions if you watch them carefully. Are you looking for funny cats pictures? Are you kidding me? You came to the right place. We have all the funny cat pictures with captions you need.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The funny puns and witty sayings paired with cat pictures on this page should have your visitor falling off their chair from laughing hysterically. I know you were looking for funny cat pictures but these photos will give you a genuine laugh as well as some examples of how to be humorous in your posts.


Funny Cats Pictures With Captions For Instagram

1. The saga continues… #classic #cats #funny #halloween

2. haha these funny cats and their crazy antics

3. The coffee is hot, the cats are cute.” ― Karen Hall

4. A dog’s life is no laughing matter for cats 🐱😂.

5. Just meowing you a reminder to get pet insurance for your cat. Cuteness is not cheap. #gettingpawsome

6. Bold and daring, the one to call the Shots… Meowsome 😹

7. There’s a kitten-shaped hole in my heart.

8. I’m not grumpy, I’m just tired of the same Instagram content.

9. Most of these hilarious will make you laugh out loud. We all know how vital it is to have a great sense of humor!

10. Making the most out of every moment…even the ones spent waiting for humans to come home from work 🐱✌️

11. Funny cat’s captions are, of course, epic! These are more of a sub-genre of funny animal captions. Here are some ideas to get you started.

12. Yesterday my human went to the grocery store and saw some turkeys. It was weird because I thought turkeys were for Thanksgiving and we’re already starting! #kitten #cats #animal #funny

13. Let’s dance like no one is watching, eat cake like there’s no tomorrow, and love like we never have before 👯 #meow #humor #catslife

14. Good morning 🐱!☀️ #coolcatsitters

15. Cats don’t care if you’re having the worst day ever. They only care if you have Star…bucks.

16. ♥️😻#ganliansikat

17. Supermodel selfie with one of our favorite internet rappers 😱😂 #photobomb #📸

18. Baby, you’re my favorite 🐱😻

19. Feline fine, indeed.

20. I’m not even mad at it #cutecats

21. Look at me when I’m talking to you “Meow” 😷

22. I’m grumpy because I’ve been up all night playing Neko Atsume. #Caturday ”

23. Safe to say, this one won’t fit in the overhead bin. #catsandplanes

24. It’s 4:47 am here on the east coast. Um… can I get some of that hair of the dog right meow?!

25. Word of advice, don’t fence any girl in… especially if she is looking for a mouse.

26. Wake up and smell the coffee. Few things in life are better than a warm cup of joe on a crisp fall morning. #coffeeisfuel

27. There is nothing like the smell of delectable warm pumpkin pie baking in the oven 🤤 .

28. Well, that escalated quickly, don’t you think? 😂 🤔

29. Good Morning! Let’s start our day with a good laugh and some cute cat pictures. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! #funnycats

30. Our Siamese cat, Ian, is so sneaky he sneaks up on you…even when you’re looking right at him.

31. In an alternate universe where cats have jobs, this is what you might expect.

32. Are you a good dog or a bad dog this morning? If you’re a bad dog, you need to sleep on it.

33. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to drink coffee right out of the pot. But what the heck, sometimes the law needs a little breaking. 😏 #cats #funnybunnybunny

34. If this is the kind of thing you like to do as a hobby, don’t stop! However, if it has become a compulsion and interferes with your life in any way, please seek help.

35. It’s Monday. Mondays are hard. Let’s laugh at cute cat pictures instead. #bestdayever #cats_of_instagram

36. Although cats may hold a certain fascination for you, there are times that even a cat lover must wonder what the world looks like through a cat’s eyes.

37. Who are you? I have so many names. Harry Potter, Furby, Fluffy, Furball… I can’t keep track. But you can call me CC #catsofinstagram

38. Cats have 9 lives-me? I only have 2 #caturday

39. So much to love about fall. Not sure if this is how I will spend mine… but still. Whatever, cats 🐱

40. Happy National Cat Day to our favorite furry friends 😺😸

41. Frequent cat naps ensure a happy and healthy life.

42. I hate when people walk in front of me while I’m taking a selfie.

43. Yeah but…did you ever hear about Schrödinger’s cat? I mean…he could be alive, right?

44. Treat yourself to a break today.

45. When I see your face, whiskers and all—you’re cute.

46. They think we’re plotting something. We’re just being cats.

47. Cats know how to stay cool during the hot summer months by staying in a breezy box.

48. Mullet cats be like, “Business in the front, party in the back.”

49. Rescued this lil’ slice of pizza after someone left it in the rain. Love is all you need.

50. We can’t explain why, but these pictures are epic.

51. Oh, yeah…you will need a stiff drink if you have to decide which one of these siblings is the parents.

52. That moment when cats think they’re people. #cats #people

53. A picture speaks a thousand words…but then there are cats that kind of say the same, too.

54. HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY! 🙌🏼 have u ever seen a cat that didn’t look all cute n adorable?? if I missed someone plz let me know in the comments below 😂😂😂

55. That special feeling when someone’s already asleep and you say “good morning,” but they still respond. 📱 #FelinesHolidays

56. 「We’re moving to Mars next year」 「What are you talking about? Still, you better start packing. #cats #kitties #funny #funnycat #puppy #cute #bostonterrier

57. Think you have a better caption? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter using #GIPHYCC and we may feature it in a future Caturday post!

58. When you leave your house and no longer feel like the best cat in the world… 😣

59. When the cat and the owner get out of hand, it’s time to clarify things. 😈 📸: @marshallthegreat [gallery link=”file” size=”full” caption=”true” overlay=”false”

60. These two are just like siblings. #notallmalesarelikethat

61. True friendship is being able to get someone else’s weird smells out of the microwave.😂

62. Beat the Monday blues with a good laugh. You can also check out these funny cats’ videos for a much-needed laugh.

63. Who said the video is the only way to convey a laugh? Still, pictures of lolcats can be plenty funny—it’s a fact.

64. ♥️ 🐱 #funnycat #cats #kitten

65. I’m on a boat🛥. Pirates 🌊just left port. I think I’ll invite the rest of the family over for some uh… kittens and coffee ☕ Aww 😻

66. A cat’s favorite place to lounge.

67. Ow. This band-aid is stuck to.. yup! My cat. #YoullNeverGuess

68. Kitty is having a nice nap

69. Is it a dream? Are we in a simulation? Are our cats trying to tell us something with their latest antics? #funny #cats

70. Dear humans, you know who you are. We’ve come to expect that some of us are natural-born cat dancers. That’s fine. But for the rest of us, maybe if we practice dancing with our cats.


Funny Cats Pictures With Captions


71. What does your cat do when you’re away?

72. Your cat might be plotting your murder.

73. This is the greatest day of my life #thankfulcat

74. The best place to nap is on top of the clothes like this curious kitty.

75. Look at me! Look at me! I’m in Catitude.

76. I love to cuddle, but that doesn’t mean I want to get in your face.

77. We’re production-ready.

78. Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away. It won’t right? Oh no, I think it just brought its friends.

79. For the cats who’ve spent all day clawing at their human’s face.

80. The only time I’m thankful for technology is when my cats aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.

81. That moment when you realize your cat thinks you are a giant cat. 😹

82. I’m an adult human who has adult responsibilities. This adult human needs a catnap. #thestruggleisreal

83. If we wanted to break the rules, we’d go out and get a boyfriend and some cats and stay home all sorry and stuff.

84. Because no one’s asking if you think your cat is okay.

85. Never a dull moment here in #catladyland

86. Even though the holidays are behind us, we know there’s a cat in all of us. Ho ho ho!

87. Oh, where the heck am I supposed to admire those pics of you on my phone? On the computer!

88. Forgot to take my meds… #caturday

89. Happy National Cat Day! And every day. The internet is full of cute cats, so scroll on through and help celebrate!

90. My cat is a piece of artwork. #tinycatartwork #catartwork

91. We purr-seed the moments with our furry feline friends. ????

92. When you’re a lion, but you’re eating salad. 😜

93. Summer’s almost over, but these @xxxxxxx are still enjoying the 🌞 ☀️🐶

94. When you find a scratch or puke on your new shirt and realize it’s never gonna come out 🙊

95. We know what you’re thinking… #Thanksgiving #APetLife

96. Ever wonder what our cats up to when we’re busy behind the scenes? 🐱  We’ve got you covered with the best cat Instagram account. Add us to your feed now @xxxxxxxxx.

97. They say you can’t buy happiness, but real cats will give it to you for 5 bucks a cup.

98. Cats are life’s greatest accessory. We hope you enjoy this catalog of many fine felines.🐱 ##

99. Cats say the darnedest things. Get their hilarious, wise, and just plain weird quotes at

100. When push comes to shove, these sleepy cats like to stick together. 🐱👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

101. It’s #NationalCatDay😻  Break out the balloons and tissues. Cats, you’re officially outnumbered!*

102. How am I supposed to work and relax when there’s a cat party going on at my feet?! 😸

103. The future of interior design is here! #catscorner

104. Beam me up, Freddy.’ ‘You got it, cat.’ – Cat in space in a caption that evokes the feline’s adventurous spirit

105. Finally! A caption that people of all ages can understand.

106. When you’ve had a long day and the only thing that will make you smile is 15 of the funniest of funny cat pictures of cats and kittens of all kinds.

107. This caption works best for cuddly-looking cats

108. Don’t worry. I just want to cuddle. #felinefatale #catsofinstagram #hotcat #cats_of_world

109. When you and your significant other look like twins… but one of you is a cat.

110. Cats are great. Here’s our least favorite.

111. This is what happens when you tie a cat to the roof of your car.

112. My two faces are meow. 😸😻😻

113. I’m not the only one who finds it nerve-wracking to check what other people are up to on Instagram. I see, like, crazy stuff.

114. When you get a peek at the famous vacation photos from your frenemies’ latest trip ⛱ #faceswap

115. I need a vacation from my vacation. 😴🤣 #cats #funny #animals

116. Like a boss! #cats #cats_of_instagram

117. There’s a time for “meow” and a time for “aww.” Show them both with this fun card. #lol #itmeows

118. Find the perfect photo to capture the moment, using this guide as your source for great captions.

119. What’s even cuter than a puppy? A Pug puppy 🐶 #pug #cute #dogs

120. Watching the world go by on my doorstep. #grumpycat

121. Hello, you gorgeous creature. You’ve made the dreariest of mornings so much brighter with your presence. We love our darlings! 🐱

122. Cats are better than bags.

123. Happiness is a warm kitty.

124. HIYA! Can’t wait to be back home in a few days with my handsome boys. #theymightbehungrybythenight #sisypheancanwait

125. A kitten’s favorite person is, without a doubt, themselves. 🤪 #british_cat

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