Trending 120+ Nature Captions For Photos

Nature captions? As in nature photography captions? Yes, of course! You may have a great nature photograph that doesn’t need any introduction but you could use a caption for introductory purposes. Captions are so important when you’re using your photographs and also when you’re submitting your work to contests and competitions as they allow you to tell the story behind that photograph in a short amount of words.


Nature Captions For Photos


1. It’s pretty nice out today, you should really get out and enjoy nature.

2. There’s a certain serenity to the color of this ear. It is just so deep, like an addicting shade of violet. #naturesbeauty

3. I’m slowly going wild…I need more wilderness, to be in the sea, mountains, deserts. I need to be in places where there are no people” – Alice Walker

4. Women who hike are 10 times more likely to have a higher sex drive. Hike daily and get your #ecoenergy on!

5. Your morning pick-me-up ☕ ‼️

6. How many types of flowers can you find in Central Park??

7. Stunning view from the top of this mountain 🏔

8. Like two peas in a pod, these orchids are blooming from the same stem. 🌱

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10. Music cleanses the ears, and so do nature trails. Get out there and enjoy both this weekend with a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

11. Nature is the greatest teacher. “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” – Buddha

12. Get outside and explore our nation’s great outdoors—there’s no better time of year to do it than right now.

13. My motivation to workout: These beautiful mountains. My new goal: To climb them.

14. ExploreTheGreatOutdoors

15. Good things come from looking in the mirror. Like finding a flower and leaving it behind on an adventure mission. 🌸

16. The first day of fall is the perfect day to take a hike in the woods. 🍂

17. LiveALittle 🌲🌲☀️🌝🌈 #OurCanada

18. A daily dose of sunshine over dusty dunes.

19. Fall is just around the corner. Every year, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming transition from summer to fall. The colorful leaves and earthy scents of pumpkins, apples, and cinnamon can be both refreshing and relaxing.

20. My adventure will be guided by the beauty surrounding me #nature #naturesbeauty #outdoors

21. Getting lost in the moment, #wilderness is a playground for the senses.

22. Fall colors are popping all over the country. Here’s a sneak peek from a few of our favorite hikes. #naturegoals #trailblazer

23. Paying tribute to the earth, as we get back to basics in this awesome tee before it disappears into the closet for winter.

24. Helps us see the beautiful places we need to visit in our country.

25. Fall is what it feels like when a still lake freezes over. These photos will give you all the seasonal feels. 😍

26. Sunsets are always a reminder that, even though the rest of the world is dark and gloomy, at least you can still see. 🌅

27. A captivating photo of a forest is accompanied by a nature caption

28. Fall in #nature can be so colorful, especially when you’re

29. Breathe in the crisp mountain air ✨ #theoutdoorcollective #camping #nature #adventuretravel

30. Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things.

31. Heart_eyes: Always be prepared for some magic ✨ #FindYourPark #FindYourEscape #NatlParkService100

32. Fall is my favorite season—for the abundance of cozy pumpkin lattes, orange foliage, and crisp weather ⛅️

33. Explore some of the world’s best outdoor destinations with National Geographic.

34. Camping is the best way to spend my days, and this trip has me looking forward to long hikes with friends 🌲😎 #campingseason

35. Watching breath fog up the cold window, I think about how beautiful life can be, and how much more beautiful it will be when he comes home.

36. Take a deep breath and remember that the forest is your supermarket – Francis Peyrewonke

37. The first step is the hardest…but it’s worth it 😓 #nature

38. Nature is a fellow artist. It paints a masterpiece on canvas, sculpts a bust on marble, and weaves a tapestry from the thread of grass and flower 🌿

39. The one I love is nature. (John Muir).

40. Chill Getaway Relaxation #nature

41. Somewhere nearby the cicadas are singing, the water is bright, glowing green and I can feel my soul recharging. #nature

42. To find inspiration in nature, look closely.

43. Take your Vitamin N—it’s good for you (and taking it with a Nike wouldn’t hurt either 😏) #NikeFW18″

44. Tangled in a tree, looking at you through my window.

45. Ooh, look at all those colors… 🍁

46. Picture of a dog wishing good morning

47. Enamored with the plants and textures I’ve been finding on campus. Trying to soak up as much of this nature as I can before winter sets in.

48. Welcome to the jungle 🌲 This is where we grew. Here in these beautiful shadows, there exists all the joy of living – catch it! And if you can’t find it here – you do not deserve it.

49. Summer ☀️’s almost over, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate our national parks! Check out some of the best moments from Yosemite 🏔, Everglades 🌴, and other iconic American landscapes. #

50. Did you know that there are more than 200,000 different species of a butterfly just on earth? I didn’t! #butterfly

51. Fell in love with sunset-kissed leaves and frosty air this weekend—and it’s only going to get better from here.

52. Waking up to the first day of fall nature is magic🍂🐿️

53. Being outdoors is my idea of a perfect morning. 🌲

54. Holidaze me ❄🌲😎

55. The colors and temperature in Death Valley are so unique. I suggest you see it for yourself. 🌵#DeathValey

56. There is something in the growing of a tree that no one has yet discovered, How the tender shoot spreads out its leaves and quietly waits for the warming sun. To the small child, it’s a miracle. Thus are our lives.

57. Lush mountains. Majestic oceans. Beautiful trees. They’re all so nice and natural, but they can be unpredictable at times… 🍃🌳🏔

58. SUMMER. DAYS. Oh, those warm, sunny days. They make me feel like getting in touch with nature by hiking to the top of a mountain and then jumping down. Or just sitting around next to a waterfall for hours (

59. Born in one place, living in another. Rising to the challenge of Mother Nature every day.

60. A walk in the woods can help clear your head or recharge your soul. #preserveadventure

61. Here’s to you and me, baby #nofilter #makeuplovelive

62. 📸: @xxxxxxx

63. As the sun shines bright and summer slips away, let the deep green glow of autumn bring out your most vivid self.

64. Let us be wilderness.

65. From the gardens of the #statefulturist @xxxxxxx 🏜 to the water-color sunrises on our #morningtour: nothing says fall in Vermont like fresh air, yellow leaves, and crisp blue.

66. Watch the leaves change and fall like you’re watching a K-drama.

67. A lovely way to start your day: a purple sunrise #purplehaze

68. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than the view from this balcony. #todayiloveflowers #march #myview

69. On the trail with @xxxxxxx as she goes in search of the best fall colors 🍁 #newengland

70. The photo was taken at Olympic National Park this past summer.


Nature Captions For Photos


71. How’s my fall look? 🍁🍂

72. We got you swaddled in blankets of stars this week to keep you nice and cozy. 🌻

73. Turn off the phone, turn on the trail, and turn your mind loose. There is so much power in the woods to renew your spirit. There’s a real connection between putting down a phone and picking up a tree or sitting on a tree.

74. I love her Wild heart 💜🌴 #naturecaptions #naturequotes

75. Get up and get out. Life is too short not to explore some of nature’s beautiful creations. This weekend trip, let your pictures do the talking. Nature’s colors are always a good reminder that sometimes we need to slow down

76. Nature is the best source of inspiration.

77. No better way to find inspiration than to get comfortable outside in nature. 

78. Mother Nature is the best artist.

79. Natures paradise, I can’t get enough of this place 🏝

80. Our summer days are numbered…but we #🌞🍃🍁 thank our lucky stars for the sun and sunshine.

81. Standing proud. Watching the sun sink over the horizon from one of our mountaintops.

82. Fall is in the air, and it smells like a campfire. 🌲

83. Enjoy the view from up here. #pugsofinstagram

84. Great hike with @xxxxxxxxx where the weather is always perfect!” – Don Ferguson #naturecaptions

85. ♻️ @xxxxx

86. Get up. Go outside. Explore. Then, share your photos with us at the most natural hashtag!

87. Nature’s Wild Kingdom. Document your visits to this museum on your next adventure 🦁

88. This place defines beauty #mountains #nature

89. My summer essentials: the hint of sunshine, the cool breeze, and smoothie bowls paired with this uplifting playlist ♫ Rains here, the sun there 🌧☀😎

90. Fall is in the air on this final fall weekend, bringing with it the most wonderful time of the year. 🍂☃️

91. Somewhere in the world, there’s an adventure waiting for you. Bring it on. #goexplore

92. It’s going to be another great summer in B.C.

93. Any #mtvies out there who love the outdoors? We know we do. This warm weather is making us want to experience nature in its full glory.

94. Get outdoors. (Bonus, if you can’t get outside, bring it inside.)

95. Ancient redwoods, snowy mountain peaks, ocean waves rolling in. These landscapes are all so majestic it hurts. I’ve got wanderlust! #‎travel

96. Love the outdoors? We do too. In fact, we love it all year round — and so should you. Let’s do something about it.

97. The ocean isn’t very bright blue, but it’s the closest I could get with paint. #surfsculpture #brightcolours ##

98. Stunning fall colors at #disneyland Hiking in the #sierras at #clearcreeklake

99. This one was made after walking in the mountains near a stream that runs down from Mount Everest

100. A place to enjoy the world around you

101. Sometimes the most stunning places are less than an hour from home.

102. Get lost in the clear blue sky.

103. Nature, as you’ve never seen her before, always changing yet always beautiful. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, take a moment to appreciate nature!

104. Be in awe of the nature surrounding you – just like we are. #nature #wilderness

105. It may take you 30 minutes to read this, but nature created it in 3 seconds.

106. Take a moment to appreciate this beautiful weekend. 👌

107. Gone are the days when summer lasts forever. Say hello to fall: the season of cozy sweaters and Saturday morning fun. 🍁👌

108. Waking up in the mountains this morning 🌲

109. What better way to spend your morning than drinking in the sweet smell of fall? 🍂

110. Sipping a coffee by the campfire is the epitome of fall camping. 😎

111. Come, and sit with me. Look past the branches, leaves, flowers. Just look deep inside to the roots of things. Come, and sit with me under the shade of a rose-covered sky.

112. Say hello to your next 3-day weekend.

113. When it comes to nature, the most inspirational things are always found closer to home.

114. Be playful and explore nature. Go on an adventure to find that one special view. Take it in. Feel awe at the moment.

115. Let’s not take for granted the beauty of Mother Earth. Let us appreciate and celebrate the surroundings we live in every day. Kudos to @xxxxxxx for this awesome photo taken recently at #RedCliffHikingTra

116. We’ve packed this week full of #nature adventures – are you ready?!

117. Celebrating 10 million followers with a view of our home. Thanks for following us all this time, we couldn’t have done it without you. #🌎 #naturalhigh

118. Spring is right around the corner. Time to get out in nature this weekend

119. A well-timed photo can perfectly capture the essence of a moment.

120. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows from the sky. – John Muir

121. A day spent adventuring in the great expanses of nature is sure to bring a sense of meaningful connection to yourself and the natural world around you.

122. Sunset time 🌅🌅

123. Mother Nature is the best artist. Her work truly inspires us to create in return.

124. We want to feel calm and peaceful when we watch your videos.

125. Pinecones, clematis flower buds, and beeswax. The first signs of spring. #🐝🌸

126. Humans have always been drawn to water—it’s pure nature. Thanks for helping to protect it. 🌎

127. Far away, there in the mountains… North to Alaska! #alaska

128. There’s just something about a quiet hike through the woods and along a rolling creek.

129. Fall is here. And with it…the art of eating (and drinking) outdoors. #shareyourcoffee

130. A picture is worth a thousand words and this sunset is no exception.

131. The ocean is a powerful, vast, infinite beauty that inspires us to reflect on our place in the world. #ocean #océano #mare #theocean #divingbuddies

132. Let us be enchanted by the beauty of today…And dream tomorrow. ⛅

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