Best 50 Party Captions for Facebook

Have you ever wanted creative party captions for Facebook to post with your party pictures? Do you like posting funny quotes on Facebook? Have you been wondering what caption can I use in my next photo, to look like I am the funniest person online? Well then, I think it’s time to read on.


Party captions are a great way to express your feelings towards your friends and family on Facebook. The happy moments will be more memorable if you post them with the best party caption for Facebook.


Hi All, please find below party captions for photos uploaded by you on your friend’s timeline. Just scroll down and find the right photo and caption you want to use. We hope this helps! Have fun.


Party Captions for Facebook


1. Hosting a Halloween party? Excited about entering in the spirit of Halloween with your family? These Facebook captions will help you get into the fun holiday spirit…

2. Family Party! Huck this pinata until it breaks into a million pieces! Send your kids to the party store and get a pinata that is just right for them! Family Party!

3. Oh it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to 🎶 #familyparty

4. How do you make a party even better?? Invite your friends, get a babysitter, and have a grown-up sleepover! 😎👶🏻

5. Hello party people!!! The countdown is on… only _day left until YOUR celebration! 😱😍🎊😋🍾

6. Get ready for a party, and a holiday, and a wedding, all in one day. May this be filled with everything you wish for — not just tonight, but always!

7. Party On Our Way To _______ #myfamilyparty #partytime ##faceparty #familyfun ##family ##partytime

8. Let’s party all together, like it’s your birthday every day! #FamilyParty .#birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #familypartytime .#partytime #babyshowerideas #partyideasforgirls2 .#

9. Get the party started with this lineup:  Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

10. Family party’s, in the place to be. Happy birthday, mom, I love you loads!

11. What are you doing this weekend, Halloween weekend? These captions will help you get your party on in style at home.

12. Family parties…who needs ’em? Break out the champagne and strawberries for National Families Day on March 15!

13. Let your family know that you miss them and think of them with one of these cute family party captions for Facebook posts.

14. Yes, we got the party started at your parents’ house last weekend and some of us are still living the high life around here.  We’re turning it up a notch this weekend, with plenty of surprises…make sure you bring your favorite

15. Every time I look at my phone, I get overwhelmed by the number of plans I’ve made for myself. Nooooope. 😉 Family party? Oh yes! #familyparty #bestplans #noapologies

16. Get together to be together #minnehahaparty. Party and don’t miss your chance to celebrate every week with a new photo contest!

17. Get ready for a good time with this great caption!

18. Let’s get this party started! Let’s get this party started! Let’s get this party started right.

19. Getting ready for the next family get together with my in-laws.

20. Invite your friends and grab your poppers—it’s party time! From baby showers to graduation parties, you’re going to need great party captions like these!

21. When Nana’s involved, the party does not stop. #FamilyParty #ThrowBackThursday

22. It’s always a good time to enjoy each other at a family party.

23. Caption for a party dedicated to the family:

24. I’m so excited to have my party tonight!

25. Hello, party people. There is a great big world out there and it is our choice to be awed by it or not. I choose to be impressed, inspired, excited, and delighted.

26. Roses are red, violets are blue, the party is here and so are you.

27. Cheers to the sweetest of event planners, cause their parties are always really sweet*hic! *\(^o^)/*

28. Let the party begin! Have the most fun playing family games on Facebook and get into the spirit of festivities.

29. Throwback the clock with our family party pack. Perfect for sharing fun memories with your friends and family.

30. 1️⃣Throwback to last year’s Halloween party, which may or may not have involved a fog machine and so many sparklers. #FamilyParty

31. There’s family. And then there’s family. #partytime #madewithlove

32. We’re so excited about this year’s holiday party! We’re hoping for a white Christmas with family and friends, perhaps some mistletoe… 😉 See you on the 22nd, everyone. #familyparty

33. We’re all about this type of energy around here.  Let loose, have fun, throw it down and pick yourself up.  (Dawn Balmer) #picnic…

34. Hope you’ll bring your appetite for fun and your sweet tooth. We’ve got plenty of sweet treats to celebrate the birthday girl!

35. If it’s not a party, it’s just a gathering of people.  Here are some ideas on how to throw great parties.

36. Get ready to have a blast at this year’s family party. Fun is not only ensured, but we promise it’ll be unforgettable!

37. What’s your party style? Minimalist. Time Traveler. Disco Ball. Colour Sticker. Enigma. Adventurer? Whatever type of party personality you have, we have cocktails for that. Here are a few of our f

38. Having a family party? Get ready to play games, dance, eat, and…wait for your turn!

39. Who’s ready for a fun-tastic holiday party? 🎉🎉🍭❤️

40. Celebrate family, friendship, and the simple joys of spending time with the people that you love.


Family Quotes for Instagram Captions


41. When life is throwing a mid-week party, you’re invited! Bring your positivity and get ready to have some fun. It’s going to be one heck of a celebration!

42. Time for another great family party!

43. What an incredible party thanks to all of you‼️

44. Pausa para fumar: Spanish for Party Break, used in a humorous context to get the viewer to pause and laugh.

45. ☀️💚❤️ #partydecorating #christmasdecorations #decoratingspecialevents #gettogethers #thelandofoz ##

46. Howdy Partner! Get your best party-wear on and come celebrate the most special day of the year!

47. Opening night is here! Time to put on your party pants and rock the best Family Party yet.

48. Ah, family parties. A time when you can dust off your favorite Christmas sweater and enjoy some quality time with the ones you love. Parties are the one place where all of us feel completely ourselves. It’s a time to revel in your realness

49. Guess who’s coming with us for dinner tonight? It’s an announcement we’re bursting at the seams to make. #FamilyParty

50 There’s no party like a Third Grade Bake-off party because a third-grade bake-off party has so many cookies. #my3rdgradebakeoffparty

51. Looking forward to our annual family party with my siblings this weekend!

52. Family. Friends. Food. Football. Football games are a great reason to party! This season, why not host your own get-together for the game? Below is an easy game day menu that highlights your favorites from our bakery, like a classic

53. Nothing like a party to bring out the child in you and in others.

54. Sending nonstop good vibes to our Family Party this weekend in Napa! Let the merriment begin 🍾

55. Pumpkin spice season is almost here! In honor of this momentous occasion, we created a casual party look for you so you can feel festive and comfy at the same time. #FamilyParty

56. Caption for family photos with friends.

57. – It’s a family party so you know it’s going to be crazy. This is what I call family bonding. Facebook Party Captions

58. Get in the party mood by planning parties with us  🎉 #family  #party

59. Family party? More like our mom’s annual get-together to remind her that she’s a total baller. Cause, you know, she pretty much is. Congrats on 15 years of fun, hugs, and nights spent with

60. For a real family party, everyone comes with an appetizer.

61. Bon Appetit’s party planner, Stacey Albert, is back with the scoop on how to get together with your family and a few tips for making it one to remember. Thanks for tuning into the show today. We loved having you

62. Let’s throw a party. Style the table however you like, and get ready for a great time!

63. Welcome to my party of 545 guests! We’ve got a weekend of art, crafts, and cocktails with friends ahead of us. Here’s how the week unfolded.

64. Life’s a party when you bring it with you. Whether it’s the club or the office, these sisters will bring it.

65. Let the party begin!

66. Let’s pump up the volume and celebrate #worldpartyday every day. Join us at to throw a bash at home! #dontfightthefeeling

67. It’s time for a party! What do you say? To togetherness, to the end of another school year, to summer vacations, and the beginning of new memories. To the heat of the sun and the smell of food cooking on the

68. We’re having another awesome party this year. We can’t wait to spend time with you in the backyard under the lights. Don’t forget about our annual garage sale this weekend as well.

69. Partying with a movie!

70. Hey, I’m thirsty. Let’s go to the party and get this thing started.

71. Let’s have a party celebrating the most special people in our lives—our families. Gather everyone for a get-together soon, because it won’t last forever. Have a wonderful, love-filled day!

72. Life is like a party.

73. It’s my favorite time of year when everyone can get together for a party! Bring your appetites and a can-do attitude to help, we’re getting down to business.

74. Hey party people! We’re throwing an awesome Friday night bash. Come early, stay late, and definitely come hungry. For real though, here’s the menu: ✔️Welcome cocktail ✔️Citrus salmon tartare Tacos of shrimp c

75. Let your hair down, throw on a sparkly party dress, and let the good times roll.

76. Get your party on with these simple party recipes that are made using basic ingredients.

77. Watch it here first! We’re having a house party tomorrow- join us for the live stream.

78. Join the party and share your e-Ticket for an unforgettable family event!

79. Yes, you do need a reason for a party. You can’t just throw one because it’s a Friday night and there is nothing to do (we tried it once, nobody showed up in the end). However, even if

80. Party Party Party !!!! 👯👯👯 #friendsarefamily

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