130+ Puppy Instagram Captions With Quotes

Instagram captions are extremely important. Your caption is the first thing your followers will see and it can affect the number of likes and comments you receive. I’ve been searching for puppy Instagram captions for a while now just to find that most of the captions are cheesy. So I took my time to compile the best for readers to use.


If you are looking for fun, cute, and sweet puppy Instagram captions and sayings then you just landed in the right place.


Puppy Instagram Captions


1. The caption below would be appropriate both for a puppy and a dog owner who loves to snuggle with his pet.

2. He’s a baby. And a puppy. And that feels good to say.

3. We’re just two little pups who don’t fit in a box. And we don’t want to. Because we never get tired of looking up at our big human for love and help. After all, those fluffy paws were made to be held

4. Lazy days of summer…and then you remember why you wanted a dog in the first place. 🐢

5. Adopted from a shelter last year, he soon became the favorite of everyone in our family. Here is a picture of him in Central Park last summer. We think he inspired these very special Starbucks cups!

6. Watching the leaves change πŸ‚ all you do is follow me around and put paws on your heart β™₯️

7. It’s pupper chill time πŸ‘ Now let’s jump in that pile of leaves! πŸ‚ #smooches #itsthesmallthings

8. Wow! How big are you getting? We can’t believe you’ve already grown into a big boyβ€”and it’s all thanks to your amazing mommy!

9. Fall is my FAVORITE season. I love the cooling weather, the colorful leaves, and the extra cuddles from mom and dad! πŸΆπŸ‚

10. Puppy eyes, but no puppy (grammar mistake) filter.

11. Our puppies will melt your heart! Enter to win your own puppy today ❀️ #adoption

12. All the good things in life start with a puppy. #cantafford

13. Every puppy goes through an awkward phase, but this one is especially cute! 😻

14. Yes, it’s really been a year 😍 We would be honored if you would help us celebrate with 300 treats, balloons, and some puppy love and gifts πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰

15. When you’re ready to eat pizza but the humans aren’t ready for dinner #puppylove

16. It’s a dog’s life when you’re living on a yacht.

17. You like me?! I like you!! Let’s be friends!!!

18. Hey boo πŸ‘‹ We’re back home. Thanks for everything California xoxo 🐾 #happybirthday 😊

19. Mom, are we there yet? I wanna play. It’s so boring to sit here quietly.

20. All this cuteness is sure to make you do witty, sarcastic or nature inspired Instagram captions.

21. M-A-R-Y-K @mahalo_island_retrievers #puppymodel #somuchwoof #puppylove

22. twenty weeks and almost 100 lbs of a puppy.

23. Lazy days and naps. Even when we can’t be at the farm, our puppy will help us feel like we are! #PuppyLove

24. My name is Maximus I am a puppy from the future 🐾πŸ”ͺ

25. It’s a puppy party and you are invited! So join us in this celebration of dalmatians 🐢😚

26. Fall is feeling more like winter out here in California so I’m hunkering down with my coffee and @xxxxxx to check some leaves! #dogvacay #cali #SouthernCalifornia …

27. Ready for a puppy update? It’s so hard to keep your hands off them, but we’re trying!

28. Adults can learn a lot from puppies 🐢 They live in the moment, love playtime, and hate taking a bath πŸ’¦ All they want is to be loved, and for you to pet them. Dogs understand loyalty and that will

29. Awesome captions and topper quotes like these make awesome Instagram captions. These are pretty, but don’t forget that funny Instagram captions are also very popular.

30. Working at PetSmart is a dream come true. Every day I get to care for animals and help improve the lives of our pets and people! #PetsAreFamily

31. It’s a dog eat dog world- they want to make it your #adopted

32. I’m so proud of me! #dogsofinstagram

33. Like petting a unicorn.

34. I’m just so excited about my new life in San Francisco that I can barely contain myself–so don’t even try πŸ–€

35. August *12* “Look who came over to watch a movie with me. #NextMovie”

36. I’ve just seen a shirt that says ‘I do my best thinking when I’m pooped.’ That is me, all the time. – Ann Patchett

37. Sending some puppy love your way 🐢 #dog_lovers

38. It’s an adventure every day with a puppy. 🐢🌲 #funny #puppy

39. So much love for these little balls of fluff. #tbt #puppy #labradorretriever #corgisofinstagram😍

40. Fall is the season to give thanks for the furry friends in your life 🐢 ❀️ Here’s to 50 years of happy tails, #Petco.Β 

41. Wanna go for a walk? 😸🐢 #puppylove 🐢Dogs are the best 🐢

42. Happy Dogs are the Best Dogs 🐢 #dogsofinstagram

43. let’s party! 🐢

44. Grown up dogs: 0. Puppy Dogs: 1

45. When you’re about to make a Grumpy Cat meme…

46. Only two kinds of puppy owners. Those who have been awakened by puppy kisses and those that haven’t lived yet. #cutest #cute #wag

47. When you can’t hang with the puppies at work, bring them home to play. #mystery #knitted

48. Hello. My name is a puppy and I love chewing up 🐢 your shoes when you aren’t looking.

49. When your dog smiles at you, and you just melt. 😻

50. Do you wanna go on an adventure with me? Let’s go on a walk 🐾 #doggo #puppy #puppies

51. Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me anymore. #coffeeshopdog #happydog

52. You’ve met your animal soulmate and now you’re inseparable. ~ Paysonanna Kay

53. I’m writing a new chapter of life with you. 🐾❀️

54. Before you yell at me, just hear me out. #dogsofinstagram

55. Oh, puppy! Whether it’s cuddling with a canine or laughing at one trying to play fetch in the park, we love all our pups! 😽

56. Let’s play puppies!

57. Puppy with heart-shaped mask. Dog loves it.

58. Coffee and puppies, the two things I love. #weekendvibes

59. Pup downtime. 🐢

60. A baby dog is the greatest blessing I have ever received. “Good morning cutie pie” -me.

61. Growing up is hard- it’s enough of a challenge to worry about school, friends, and everything else life throws at you. Now it’s time to learn how to be a grown up with your dog 🐢 πŸ™ˆ

62. Follow your nose home to a big box of October’s most adorable magazine πŸ“– πŸ’• Tags @puppyism #puppyism

63. You’re my puppy crush Friday ❀️

64. Let’s get updates: @xxxxxxx is wearing a bandana around his neck today.”

65. Pups, like humans, are happier when they have a purpose. A purpose that’s fun, like learning something new. Which is why, at TOPSβ„’, we give them toys and treats to do just that. #paws

66. I’m so tired but I cannot fall asleep. I have to keep staring at my owner so they know that they are loved

67. When you’re late for work and your dogs are watching πŸ˜‚

68. Oh hi πŸ‘‹ why am I so cute?

69. *puppy love*

70. So fluffy I’m gonna die.


Puppy Instagram Captions


71. This puppy has no idea what’s in store for it.

72. Hello from the other side 🐾 #cutepuppies

73. Our little puppy enjoys rolling around in the grass and taking long naps in this cool weather. #lovemypuppy #purple

74. We are all a little bit #doggo at times.

75. Life is now complete because I have a puppy.

76. There is no misunderstanding a dog’s love. It’s pure, unconditional, and endlessly forgiving.

77. Sleepy pups are the best.

78. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. – Josh Billings

79. Pardon me, I think I see someone. On the Internet. Who looks a bit like me. Woof!

80. Be the type of person you want to meet.” ― Jess C. Scott, The Earth is Ours

81. What better way to begin a brand new week than with the smile of a puppy.

82. This is real. This is an actual thing that I am about to do right now with a dog. happy hump day! #puppy

83. It’s what they call a baby shower, but it looks more like a puppy party to me 😎 .

84. Life is full of little miracles #puppy

85. I’ll be drinking my pumpkin spice latte from this, that you can’t even tell that I have four legs.

86. Totoro’s adorable day with his new puppy friend. #kawaii #cute #followme #pawsome #cutepuppies #cuteanimals #instapets #madeinjapan

87. Some days you just want to give up. Some days you want to just scream “UNCLE!” and pull out your own fur in frustration. But that’s when you remember…you’re a puppy. And puppies don’t quit. Not on ice

88. These two are pretty pumped for Friday. #fridayfeels

89. puppyhour is starting. And it’s going to be crazy cute. We’re going to miss you during the day but it’s totally worth it because you’ll be back soon!

90. How can I capture business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ attention on Instagram when it comes to puppy supply?

91. We’ve got your back when you need a place to hang with these cute puppies 🐢 β˜€οΈ

92. I’m so excited that it’s #NationalPuppyDay–go ahead and pet me! #dogstagram

93. I used to think I wanted a dog until I realized how much work they are 🐢

94. Being cute and being cool — that’s the goal of every beagle.

95. It’s time to treat him like the king he is, so you won’t have to look any further than our pet collection for a couple of royal looks fit for your new k-9 companion.

96. I’m gonna show you the world… one dog, barn, and sunflower at a time.

97. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our best friend and furry heart-pounder @xxxxxxxx! We love you more than pups can say. 🐢😊 #HappyBirthdayBop

98. To eat a dog is not dishonorable. If you are hungry, eat; if you have had enough, stop.’ – Lao Tzu #dogsofinstagram 🐢#petsofinstagram #petloverproblems

99. When you ask yourself, “is it really puppy dog sweater season already?” The answer is yes. #dogsarebest #puppies4life #ilovemydog #cutepetclub #petstagram

100. With puppy love, there is no such thing as limits. 🐢

101. Getting lost in a book isn’t always recommended, but with these pups, you’ll be glad you did. Puppyhood is fleeting, so here’s to bark all about it πŸ˜‡

102. Heading to the dog park with a pit bull mix, a puggle, and a pink poodle πŸΆπŸ’œ

103. So many things I’d like to do today, but my puppy really wants to lick my face! 😻 #dogsofinstagram

104. Making sure you stay hydrated this summer is easy. Just get paw-positively hydrated with Dippin’ Paws!

105. 🐢 It’s so fluffy I want to bury my face in it.

106. We eat and sleep so you don’t have to. Welcome to the life of puppy. 🐢

107. I dare you to look at this little face and not smile. 🐢 #puppysrule

108. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my puppy waking up in the morning. She’s just so happy and I am too.

109. One week till the best day of my life when we get our puppy!! 😍 🐢

110. With my paws crossed, take me home tonight ✨

111. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach them to fetch a ball and how to sit pretty on your lap. 😘

112. Got a long flight layover ahead of you? Take your pup to playβ€”it helps pass the time. #whyilovebeinganubisowner

113. Every puppy deserves to #GoPro. Follow @xxxxx for more adorable pups and epic travel shots.

114. Thinking about getting a new best friend? Get your application in today! #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofInstagram

115. Everybody wants a little puppy love in their lives. 🐢

116. 🎈🐢 We’re head over paws for our 2017 Puppy Calendar. Who else will be?

117. Let’s go on a puppy adventure today after we finish our coffee β˜• 🐢 #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram

118. Have a good weekend everyone! 🐢 #puppy #weekendadventures #bundleofjoy #thedogpounddaily

119. Just a girl, and her puppy dog 🐢

120. My Aunt thinks she’s joining your family this weekend. We’re just hosting a puppy-palooza. 😎

121. My first pet 🐢

122. Laughing at the cat trying to get outside to enjoy the nice day 🐱

123. When someone says they’re bringing another dog home, Aww, yeah! Or they have a new puppy.

124. Hello πŸ‘‹ If this puppy is following you, then you’re probably pretty special 😍 . #paddypower πŸ‘Ά

125. Puppies are great to cuddle with at the beach, which makes them a perfect summer pet!! πŸ˜Ίβ˜€πŸΆ

126. If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, then you know how much we love octopi and puppies.

127. My pup and I will be hanging out at this park tomorrow – I hope you’re there, too!

128. When you wanna be a dog in like 20 years

129. When you just want to snuggle and stay in bed all day. #couchpotato #SoLazy

130. So many things I want to teach you. But for now, let’s start with a 🐢 face.😜

131. Good things happen when you open your heart. πŸΎπŸ’™

132. Let’s play hide and seek!!🐢 😻

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