Sarcastic Captions for Selfies on Instagram

What is selfie captions for a family best friend or lover? If you are going to take some selfies on your family trip, then you have to think of selfie captions. The selfie caption is the caption that is being put in your picture when you post it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.


Selfies are a great and amazing way to express yourself. You can share your thoughts and desires with the people that you love the most, while still remaining as anonymous as you’d like. The following funny selfies with captions are definitely going to make you giggle and smile, as well as wishing there were people in your life who knew how to take selfies like this.


Selfies have been all over the internet for the past few years. There are some selfies that can make you laugh out loud. Captions for a family selfie, selfie for a lover is recently becoming a sensation. Check out the collection of captions and images for the latest photos of yourself.


Sarcastic Captions for Selfies


1. I’m pretty sure he’s just doing all of those things because there’s a selfie at the end of it.

2. I don’t know what your caption for a selfie is…but I’m pretty sure this is mine 😈

3. Wish you were here so I’ll take a selfie with you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  #selfieselfie

4. Can’t wait to spend my summer tanning at home on Netflix and chilling. Finally have time for myself. #me #selfie

5. What goes better together than a selfie with your squad and a cup of coffee from your fave local roaster.

6. It’s official: selfies are art.

7. A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.

8. When you realize the only #selfie that matters is the one with your best girl ❤️

9. I have a GoPro camera so my selfies are extra rad.

10. It’s time for a selfie pic with mom.

11. And I swear I had this selfie planned out and I put the phone down on the bed and then you and your sister came in for the perfect nosebleed background and now my hair is a mess but whatever, it’s like not that

12. Sarcastic Selfie Caption for a girl named Loretta

13. Perfect Sunday for a walk in the park with my twin. But ¯_(ツ)_/¯ what’s this doing in my shot? #selfie #whowroteyournamesonthesand

14. ‘When you look at yourself, the universe looks at you too.’ – Paulo Coelho #life #selfie

15. This is my go-to selfie pose, to make sure that I look like an approachable and warm person. My strong eye contact helps convey my inner confidence and personality—that’s what a good selfie is all about!

16. A selfie without filters is like walks without bonnets– a big dang deal. ☝🏻

17. I took a selfie… …to remember how good I look.

18. We know what you are thinking 🤔 you never take selfies. We get it. But we think you should change that bc your 🏳️‍🌈 is *fierce* [emoji]

19. That moment when you try to filter your bad selfie, and it still looks terrible😑

20. A selfie for you, a selfie with you, my selfies with you. You’re lovely to my selfies.

21. Sorry for this selfie guys 🙄 😢

22. I think I can take a pretty good selfie, here’s how am doing 😎

23. I think I can get more likes if I pose more of my selfie photos.

24. What a guy–I get you some vintage wares and you get me a whole new outfit. #selfie

25. Show the world how much good stuff you got on your phone 😂

26. #SelfieSundayWho else loves Sunday as much as we do?

27. Hold my beer while I take a vertical selfie.😂

28. Look at us 😳 and we are perfectly framed.

29. I’m crazy for this mirror selfie idea! __________

30. I threw a sassy caption in this one to see if you were still paying attention. Did it work? Good. 😅

31. We don’t ALWAYS have to take a selfie with our phones

32. Everybody smile…because I need 25 likes on this selfie

33. I’m sorry about this selfie… but it was for a really good cause.

34. Eat.Sleep.SelfieRepeat

35. That awkward moment when the bathroom mirror was made for selfies not checking your teeth.

36. Sarcastic, Funny Captions for Selfies. Quotes About Selfie

37. When people ask you to take a selfie but they have no idea how to operate the camera. 😒 #selfieoftheday

38. If you love me, let me take a selfie.

39. Excited to be taking a selfie on the couch at my house later #Netflixandchill

40. I’m so happy that we finally took this selfie together. Now I can report you to the police as the leading cause of death in my area.

41. Pardon me while I take my selfie.

42. Sarcastic captions for the selfie that everyone hates- with friends or love. Waiting is too hard, make it short and sweet. Give them something they won’t hate on in a snap.

43. So fortunate 😍. You’re so pretty 😘. We match 😉 #selfie

44. Just stop what you’re doing right now and look at this amazing selfie we’re in, right now. Thank you for being here with me. 🤗🎉

45. I know how to take a good selfie. Let’s be friends. #selfie #lol

46. A week from now you’ll wish you were taking a selfie with me today😉

47. When your kid leans on you for a hug while you’re laying down trying to take a selfie. #daddyshame

48. I’m not a morning person. But I get up early for my morning workouts to look this good. #selfie

49. Enough with the selfies already! ☕️

50. No biggie … just trying to capture the picture-perfect moment of true happiness. 😓

51. I couldn’t pick a better time to get over my selfie anxiety.

52. If you look good, I look good too on my selfie. ❤️

53. I love my family when we’re all in the same room together. #thatsdarling

54. Am I doing this selfie thing right?

55. How to take a selfie in the same position for 10 years straight. #throwbackthursday

56. Taking too many selfies because of a hangover and because  I am tired of living my life in a fishbowl. #youthinkweshould

57. I’ve been staying home all day, drinking wine and taking selfies #prayforus

58. I may fall in love with these new filters. #applephotofix #halloweenies

59. If you take a selfie with the same background, they will be like

60. Smug is the new selfie 😜💃 #[Team Name]

61. If people stare at your selfie too long, that’s the filter talking.

62. Me, waiting for my family to get ready so we can take a family selfie.

63. When you realize that your selfies come out way better with somebody else taking them 👂 @xxxx

64. My selfie game strong; what’s yours? 😁

65. Took a selfie with my twin, he said I was ugly 😐 #mytwin #twinsies

66. Blessed are those who take selfies with no shame.

67. I’m really good at taking pictures… of myself.

68. Husband Selfie ~ I am the best husband in the world! *smile*. Let’s start a War on Poverty, Poverty won’t stand a chance against us.

69. I’m obsessed with this mirror. It’s always making my selfies look better | I wish my baby had your face

70. My sisters had me rolling when they started taking selfies with their feet 🙋

71. He did what? It’s only a harmless selfie…

72. I don’t always take selfies but when I do I make sure to make it good. 😉

73. How many likes for a mirror selfie with ‪#‎doggo‬?

74. Taking selfies with your significant other is the best way to stay connected on the road.

75. Turning a selfie into a painting to get views, likes, and followers. LOL 😖

76. I’m not all about selfies but am quick to tell you that the lighting is perfect. #nofilter

77. 📷 OK, this is the craziest wildest selfie EVER. Either that or I have the weirdest selfie face ever🤔  ~*~

78. I thought I was going to be more popular than this in high school. Oh well, at least I have five friends who watch my every selfie on Instagram.

79. Accidentally photobomb my selfie. Freaky, but great.

80. When the only thing that is missing from your life is that selfie with a galaxy in the background.

81. Taking a selfie on Sunday night while watching Last Week Tonight. Also Netflix and chill shirts 👟👢

82. Oh man’ you could have said something…Fudge. It’s just a selfie 🤷🏻‍♀️

83. Your caption should be able to capture the attention of those who see your IG profile and want to know more about you.

84. My entire life is a selfie. #emo

85. Taking selfies with my family these days is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. I’m just so good at it now that we all feel like losers.

86. I’m just casually taking selfies during the apocalypse

87. Whoops! is an awesome caption for a selfie taken by mistake while texting with your lover or when you’re taking a selfie with other people in it

88. Me, myself, and I ❤️ #selfie

89. Sarcastic selfie even though my family is the best, meanest family in town.

90. Hey girl. Take a selfie with me.

91. Taking selfies because it’s the weekend…

92. When your parents accidentally ask you to take a “family selfie” and you oblige #gooddaughtershamethatshame

93. When you take your selfies on a plane.

94. I make money by taking selfies with a smiling face and introvert soul.

95. When you post a selfie on your timeline but forget to turn the auto-tag off.

96.Can we get a little hint of sun-kissed skin with this selfie? #nofilter

97. Oh my god, we look so amazing in our selfie. So #blessed and #lucky

98. Dear nail polish, stop chipping already 💅 Captions for your travel, vacation selfie or selfies with friends

99. What is it about selfies that make everyone look so much better than they actually are?

100. Hello from the future. I’ve decided to come back in time and take a selfie with my high school-aged self. This is what I thought I looked like then but it was actually just a potato. I also want to let you know

101. I give you permission to squint when taking a selfie because it will translate into better lighting.

102. I look great. A selfie with a hint of sarcasm, for a lipstick company

103. If I had a dollar for every time I told myself to stop taking selfies, I’d still be broke.

104. Put on your selfie face. Don’t you wish everybody was at this party?

105. Saying I love you with a selfie…and that’s all you.

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