50 Sassy Photo Captions

50 Sassy Photo Captions

Everybody loves a great photo, but a memorable photo is one that has sassy captions. Captions add another dimension to your photos that create an emotional response in your viewers.

Captions can make you laugh or cry, they can make you think or smile, they just add a certain something to your photo that makes them awesome. And if you are not using captions, then you are missing out on some amazing opportunities.

Sassy photo captions go well with your photos. Adding a caption to your picture can liven the whole thing up. It helps you to create a story behind every picture you share, which means more engagement and interaction from your followers.

People scour thousands of photo descriptions hoping to find something interesting, something funny, or something snarky that they can share with their friends and/or keep them laughing all day at work.

Having an eye-catching, original photo is great. But don’t let it fall short with a bland and boring photo caption! If you’re looking to create a sassy or funny photo caption, this article is going to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  1. It’s official. I’ve lost all chill after this summer dipping Hot Cheetos into ice cream #SOSO🔥
  2. Making the world better, one compliment at a time.
  3. I’m so over it — this whole “being an adult thing.” I need to go back to my drawing board 😒
  4. Dress in confidence. #shopcacique
  5. A photo of a dog saying it’s hungry
  6. I’m a ghost with my girl @XXXX #nohooligans #lalaland
  7. Life is made up of little moments. Capture those perfect insta moments with your favorite iced drinks from Starbucks.
  8. Fall in love with the fall season. Because the best things happen when you #happyearth More on Happyearth.com
  9. Yes, this is my sad “I don’t go out enough” face.
  10. Dress up and go out.
  11. ♡ Our second date was a lot like the first one. Except she didn’t throw a drink in my face.
  12. I love it when my iPhone takes a selfie.
  13. Isn’t it time to give yourself a little credit? An extra scoop of karma on ice. #SlushieSelfie
  14. Shooting you a quick pic on the way to the studio. On my way! -Hailey
  15. We’ll be out of the office until we come to our senses from all this holiday cheer. JINGLE BELLS, BABY!
  16. I’m not sure whether I should hit you or kiss you.
  17. It’s no secret – I am obsessed with my curls. #curlsonfleek
  18. Be silly. Be honest. Be you. That’s the way, uh huh, I like it! __🎉
  19. How to wear pastels in real life: tell people you just came from a tropical vacation 🌴❤️
  20. Sassy but classy.
  21. Reach for the stars, girl. *👁‍🗨*
  22. Pssst…. the people in your life are lucky to have you as a friend. 🙂
  23. These black lace-up booties deserve some pampering. Treat your feet, and yourself. #happyfeet
  24. Never get caught without a cute pair of sunnies. 😎
  25. Bells and whistles do not a happy life make. What matters most is our family, our friends, and those quiet moments when we’re with just each other.
  26. Allow yourself to be inspired by these beautiful people, places, and things. Take time to get away with our September passport before we head into the fall season. 🌴😍 #passport
  27. Enjoy fall all year round with our pumpkin spice latte. ☕️🍂
  28. Be silly and playful.
  29. I don’t like your mustache but there’s nothing I can do about it 🎩
  30. Price isn’t an option. I’m all about quality. And the same goes for my photos!
  31. Mermaids have lots of great qualities, but they’re not known for being punctual. Use the Insta camera to show off your style skills with the same sort of punctuality and cool factor.
  32. You don’t need anyone to tell you that your hair looks amazing. You feel confident and you own it. You’re a boss babe. Always.
  33. It’s been a good hair day. No, seriously it has because I woke up like this.
  34. Fun fact: I firmly believe it’s possible to rock a high ponytail without looking like a grandma.
  35. Never feel like you “shouldn’t” wear a pair of shorts/dress/miniskirt b/c “it’s too hot”. Own your body. You don’t need to dress for men 👊
  36. All the fun of being part of a big family without the actual family. #birthdaygirl #lifetimebff
  37. “Girl, you do you!”
  38. Admit it – you’ve got a little sass in you.
  39. I’ve found my perfect match in life and that’s you: my husband, my best friend and the love of my life.
  40. They say the best kinds of friends are the ones who get you, and you get them. I think they’re right. Thank you ladies for always being there for me.
  41. Gentlemen, from now on, please don’t compliment my eyes when I’m wearing glasses. The lenses are the windows to my soul, and yours are wide open.
  42. Outfits like this are my favorite kind.
  43. Find your inner MacGyver and you’ll never know what you’re capable of. #nailedit
  44. Put your best eggs forward with our breakfast that bakes up to success. #starbucks #breakfast
  45. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Stick to the ones that fall inside your home. #Sassy
  46. Captioning that pushes the limit of sassiness and humor.
  47. Life is too short to be shy. #picoftheday
  48. Fall is my favorite season. It’s like, what should I do today? Flowers, or leaves?
  49. This is why cinnamon rolls were invented. 👹
  50. Sass up yo’ day with a little bit of attitude and sass.

    Sassy Photo Captions

  51. Sassy, saucy, and kinda spicy.
  52. Having too much fun with the #newfaceofBEAUTY to put down my Snapchat 🌸
  53. I don’t need a man when I have my bestie! Here’s to you, friend.
  54. My coffee is bigger than yours. #coffee #flashesofdelight
  55. *I am not a morning person, but I do enjoy an afternoon delight. *
  56. Sassy’s, get it together.
  57. Alright alright already, we got it: you’re an adult now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Drink wine in style with these sassy wine glasses.
  58. Saying yes to that extra spoonful of fun. 🍫 #breakfastinparadise
  59. Give me all the fall colors. 🍁 🎃 #nofilter #fallisintheair
  60. Sometimes lunch is just a Trojan horse for a girls’ night or date and that’s ok.
  61. “Wanna get out?” Yeah, I do. 😉 #TGIF
  62. No caption required.
  63. How to throw a party fit for a queen and all her lady friends 👑
  64. Every fall, Vogue reminds us to be bold. You can be too. Turn up the volume on one bold piece this season—or do a whole ensemble all at once!
  65. Sending you all the camp vibes! Wishing you a safe and fun summer. 🌴☀
  66. Make me smile ❤
  67. Hey, good-looking! *blush*
  68. Throwback to a time when it felt like summer would never end 🌞 #📸byme #thingswerebetterinmyday__
  69. There are few sights sweeter than a child at play. #magical #childhood
  70. Are you a #girlboss or a real boss?
  71. Go where you never have gone before in this totally cute new shirt from Urban Outfitters #urbexotica
  72. I don’t know what’s more terrifying: a Halloween party haunted by ghosts and goblins or…real life.
  73. Throwback to when it was hard for me to stay still. 🤔 #nomadlife #timeflies
  74. This is what having a bad boyfriend looks like.
  75. This is my favorite lemonade ever. I always get it with Blackberries, making it sweeter and giving it more flavor.
  76. Okay, this one is short and snappy. Simple captions are great when we have already started liking the picture!
  77. Having your wardrobe in order should be on a sassy woman’s to-do list. I’m here to help you make that happen with seven basic items every #sassymama needs.
  78. Sassiness is the true art of survival!
  79. Cutting through the noise, I’m a woman who knows what she wants and likes 😉
  80. Squeezing into this shower, I’m not ready to be an adult yet.
  81. Makeup…check. 🎩👘
  82. A sassy caption for an emoji photo that is supposed to be just a bit of fun.
  83. No matter how you slice it, we all need a lil sass in our lives. 😏🍇
  84. You’re the hottest girl in the whole school, I might say 👏
  85. Then I realized that we had all been captured by the same camera that’s behind this photo of an old lady wearing a bra…
  86. Let’s live in a world where bacon is a verb.
  87. I like my coffee the way I like my men: smooth, sweet, and brewed with care. ☕
  88. Sassy captions for sassy social media photos. Be sassy, be free.
  89. Playing with my hair, getting ready to party all night long with my girlfriends. I’m feeling so sassy!
  90. Post-shower selfie 📸  #nofilter
  91. I won’t sugarcoat it, this dress is looking FAB.
  92. I think, therefore I am. I shop, therefore I am. I drink Starbucks, therefore I am fabulous.
  93. We’re not here to make friends… we’re here for fun & adventure.
  94. Now that’s a power walk!  #TBT
  95. Let’s get sassy! 😍
  96. She’s as sweet as can be…except when she doesn’t WANT to be.
  97. Give me ALL of the syrups. 🙅🏻‍♀️
  98. Good hair day, bad hair day. We don’t care. That’s why we have Olaplex. #BeAGeek #Lifeisfunny
  99. Fashion is trending leopard, so get ready to dress up your closet.
  100. Being around you brightens up my gloomy day.🤤😊

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